These haunted places in Arizona are full of ghosts and paranormality

Most haunted places in Arizona

The Grand Canyon state is full of scenic as well as spooky destinations. Flickering of lights, heart-wrenching ghouls, disembodied voices and mysterious mists are some dreadful events which constitute these most haunted places in Arizona. Without further ado, wade through each of these infamous locations and if you are looking forward to investigate them- refer to this ghost hunting guide first.

Ghost city Inn, Arizona

Haunted Ghost city Inn in Arizona

The inn was built for lodgings for middle mine management in around 1890. For the majority of time, it has been used as a boarding house but has had many other uses such as being used as a private residence and funeral parlour. It underwent 2 major renovations in 1994 and 2001. 

Many strange things are said to happen at the inn including the slamming of doors and people hear ghostly voices, also a male and female ghost is often seen.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Haunted Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a vast deep sided gorge carved out by the weather and the Colorado River over million of years. It is about 277 miles long; the width at the widest is 18 mile wide and the depth of more than a mile. The first recorded sighting of the canyon was by a Spanish man in 1540 Garcia Lopez de Cardenas. The first expedition was by the explorer John Wesley Powell in the 1860’s. But before this it was inhabited by Native Americans.

It became a national forest preserve in 1893 and in 1908 a National Monument and finally in 1919 it became a National Park. The Grand Canyon is a well known and popular tourist attraction.

Over the years there have been many deaths due to the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas, these include people dying from rescue missions, helicopter accidents, drowning and falling accidents.

A ghost known as the ‘wandering women’ roams the north rim of the canyon, it is thought that she is still searching for her lost family, the legend goes that she committed suicide in one of the lodges in the 1920’s when she learned that her husband and son were killed in a hiking accident.

Also some people have heard the voices of children and have seen them playing on swings. (There used to be a playground, which is no longer there).

Haunted Hermosa Inn, Arizona

Haunted Hermosa Inn in Arizona

It was originally built as a home in the 1930’s by a cowboy turned artist named Alonzo Megargee. He had fallen in love with Paradise Valley, and decided part of it would make the ideal location for his home and studio. He built his home by himself and called it Casa Hermosa meaning beautiful house. To help him gain income he began to run his home as a guest house, but by 1941 in desperate need of money he was forced to sell his home along with some of his furniture and artwork. Today it has been fully restored and continues to run as a guest house.

Alonzo is believed to haunt his former home, and the tall stetson wearing former cowboy is known to often appear in front of guests, it has also been thought he is responsible for the flushing of toilets and the breaking of drink bottles.

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Hassayampa Inn, Arizona

Haunted Hassayampa Inn in Arizona

This 4 story Inn was built in 1927 with money being raised by the residents of Prescott, for People to come and escape the summer heat in a place which was cooler. The building was designed by architect Henry Trost. The inn was restored in 1985 but has kept many original furnishings and still as a vintage hand operated lift.

Not long after the inn opened a newly married couple went to the haunted hotel for their honeymoon, they were staying in the Grand Balcony Suite on the fourth floor. One night her husband went to get cigarettes. After 3 days he still did not return, in despair she hung herself from the bell tower just above the room. 

It is unsure why he did not return, whether something had happened or he decided to leave for some reason. Now the wife Faith haunts the hotel. She as been seen wearing a pink gown, heard crying and her favourite place to be is the Grand Balcony Suite, also she as been known to turn the gas of the stoves in the kitchen and once when a employer said she was going to find out more about Faith her cup of coffee was knocked out of her hands.

London Bridge, Arizona

Haunted London Bridge in Arizona

In Great Britain officials realised that the bridge was sinking into the River Thames thanks to an increase in modern day traffic. They put it up for sale in 1962 and developer from Arizona Robert McCulloch brought it. The bridge was dismantled and coded and shipped to Long Beach California and then trucked to Arizona Lake Havusa. It took 40 craftsmen 4 years to construct the bridge working with a coded diagram and an original 1824 plan. In October 1971 it was opened and dedicated by The Lord Mayor of London.

It seems that is not the only thing that went to Arizona a few British ghosts seemed to have tagged along as well; the most popular being reported is a man and women dressed in old fashioned clothing walking across the bridge seemingly unaware of their surroundings.

Montezuma’s Well, Arizona

Haunted Montezuma’s Well in Arizona

The well is situated in the Verde Valley and is at an elevation of over 3000 feet, it is a collapsed limestone cavern that has filled with water. The well as a continuous flow of water to it, no matter how much research has been done the source of the water can not be found. At the well are found many species of animal and plants that have not been found anywhere else on earth. As well as many native wildlife and season feathered visitors.

The well as been around for many thousands of years and would have been used as a water source for the first settlers there who were Indian farming cultures. It remains a special and sacred place to many others who roots were established there. The well was established in 1906 as a national monument and was brought in 1947 by the National Park Service who as maintained its up keep.

At the well it is said that the spirit of the Indian may be felt, and also occasionally one of two apparitions may be seen.

Riordan Mansion, Arizona

Haunted Riordan Mansion in Arizona

The mansion was built in 1904 by 2 brother Michael and Timothy, who made there money by the lumber business, they married sisters Caroline and Elizabeth Metz and both couples would live at the mansion, each had there own enormous wing which was connected in the centre by a billiards room. Which were the main recreation point for their families and their friends.

In the main stairs landing there is a small chapel where visitings priests would take mass. The brothers were also responsible for building Lake Mary, which provides the city with drinking water. Riordan Mansion now belongs to Arizona State park as the family donated their home and everything in it, to them. It is open for tours.

The upstairs of the mansion is said to be haunted by Caroline and her daughter Anna who have both been seen by staff and visitors.

The Bird Cage Theatre, Arizona

Haunted Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona

The theatre opened in 1881 by William Hutchinson and was first called The Elite Theatre Opera House. In the Elite there were cribs which were small brothel rooms with only a bed and a table, which were suspended from the ceiling. The owner was inspired to change the name to The Bird Cage after Arthur Lamb wrote a song whilst at the bar one night as he thought the ladies who would wear feathers in their hair looked like birds in a gilded cage.

The Bird Cage was opened for 8 years and in that time 26 people died there. Some bullet holes can still been seen in the walls from the shootings that happened there.

The theatre closed in 1889.Due to a downfall n the towns economy. It was boarded up with everything still inside. It then remained abandoned for 46 years.

It opened as a museum in 1934 by the Hunley family. With lots of the things that were sealed inside kept in their original state. The Hunley family still run the museum.

Even though it has been closed for its original use for many years, laughter and music can still be heard, cigar smoke and whiskey can sometimes be smelt and there

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Arizona

Haunted Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Arizona

The Big Nose Kate’s Saloon was originally the Grand Hotel which was built in 1881. The basement area was were the bar was situated and the upper levels were the hotel.

During its time it has played host to many famous people including Doc Holliday and The Clanton gang. Clanton and 2 of the Mclaury brothers were known to have stayed there the night before the O K Corral gunfight. There is still a tunnel which leads to the old mines, which was gradually dug out by the janitor Swamper who used it to gain access to the mine to get silver. It is not sure what he did with it when he got it though. The hotel was destroyed by the fires in 1882 and the only things that remained were the arches, floor joists and long bar.

Since it became Big Nose Kates there have been changes made to it, the bar is now on the first floor and there is a gift shop in the basement. It is said it is named after Kate Elder who was one of Tombstones first Prostitutes, and even though she was pretty she had a prominent nose, hence the nickname.

There are said to be a few ghosts that wander at the saloon including Swamper who still protects his hoard of silver, cowboys, seen throughout the building also there have been cold spots, the sound of music and singing, object falling to the floor, the sound of footsteps and the lights switching on and off.

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