These are 3 most haunted places in Corn Market, Derby

haunted places in Corn Market Derby

Corn market is situated in the county of Derbyshire in England, UK. It is a beautiful street with lots of stores and amenities. This list includes some of the extremely haunted places in Corn Market and real horror experiences associated with it. So, without further due, let’s get started-

Fish Market alongside Corn Market, Derby

Haunted fish market, Corn Market

Gerald Mannering was the son of a gentleman but was no gentleman himself. Indeed Gerald was the perpetrator of the murder of the only policeman to be killed whilst on active duty in Derby.

Mannering had travelled to Derby after arguing with his father and embarked upon a drinking spree. He was spotted by the police driving a pony and trap whilst drunk and was arrested in the yard of the Traveller’s Rest public house on Ashbourne Road.

He was taken to the police lock-up that stands where the Derby Fish Market is now situated. Unbeknown to the police who had not searched him he was carrying a loaded pistol and whilst in the Charge Room he drew the gun and began to fire wildly. He wounded one Inspector and shot dead PC Moss.

Although found guilty Mannering escaped the death sentence when it was discovered that the jury had been split 50-50 over whether it had been murder or manslaughter, and had drawn lots to decide which jury member would have the casting vote.

Although Mannering had escaped with his life PC Moss hadn’t. Maybe it is because of this reason that the soul of PC Moss has never been able to rest. Many people who have worked at the fish-market have seen a policeman in a “Victorian-style uniform” watching them and have heard phantom footsteps patrolling the yard.

Perhaps PC Moss will forever patrol the old Lock-Up until his spirit can find peace.

Haunted St Peter’s Street in Corn Market

Haunted St Peter's street, corn market, derby

Many of Derby’s current residents are unaware that as they cross the junction of St. Peter’s Street and the Cornmarket, they are in fact walking over the site of Derby’s first County Gaol. This prison was first used in the 16th century and was to operate until 1756.

It was in 1610 that a tragic event took place. The gaol had been built alongside the Market on Brook and after a period of steady rain the water level began to rise. 

Soon the brook had burst its banks and began to flood the gaol. In the case of the 3 prisoners who were in a cell below the water line it was to be a fatal occurrence. With nowhere for the water to escape they suffered the awful death of being slowly drowned in their cell.

Over the years many people have spoken of the ghostly sounds of three men crying vainly for help. A lady who worked at the Mark’s & Spencer’s store on St. Peter’s Street told how she was leaving work late one night when she heard what she believed to be someone injured lying nearby.

Wandering to where the gaol had once stood she realised that the noises were coming from beneath the road which now runs along the course of the Markeaton Brook.

“A ghostly wail”, was how she described the noise. “That night I couldn’t sleep” she remarked. 
“Every time I closed my eyes I could hear the voices of these men pleading for help”.

It was a help that had never arrived for them in their lifetime and it seems that something remains in that area – maybe waiting in eternity for help to finally arrive.

Haunted Clinton Cards in Corn Market

The building that is occupied by Clinton Cards could possibly be haunted by spirits of prisoners that had been held at Derby’s first County Gaol (On the site of St Peter’s Street/Corn market Junction). This prison was first used in the 16th century and was to operate until 1756. However, as the experiences were reported as happening on higher floors in the buildings which were built many years after the Gaols stopped being used, it could be a different spirit.

Real horror experience at the Clinton Cards

I used to work in Clinton Cards at the Cornmarket in Derby, a couple of doors away from the crossing with St Peters Street (The site of the 1610 gaol flooding). 

When I started working for the shop, I was advised never to go onto the top (third) floor alone, as it was haunted and it would upset ‘Freddie’ the ghost. 

At first I thought the other staff were having a joke with the new girl and thought nothing of it. This third floor room was reached by way of a staircase from a big store room at the very back of the second floor. It wasn’t a pleasant room to have to work in, and thankfully I didn’t have cause to use it often. 

One day when I did use it, I began to believe there might actually be something in the stories of a ghost. I took a box of small items into the store room and left them just inside the door while I went to fetch a second box. I didn’t pass anyone on my way downstairs or upstairs again, but when I opened the store room door, the box was empty. The contents seemed to have been scattered throughout the room, and some of them were in such hard to reach places that I felt certain no person could have placed them all in the short time I’d been away from the room.

More disturbingly, a week or so later another member of staff had cause to go into ‘Freddies room’ at the top of the shop. A few hours later, I was sitting in the staff room (which was a short, narrow corridor away from the back store room) when I heard a noise I couldn’t describe.

It was coming from the direction of the back room but got louder and filled the room I was sitting in. It moved around, one minute it was behind me then the next it was coming from the stairs that led down to the shop floor. It could only be described as a wailing or moaning sound, though it wasn’t a noise I could imagine a person ever making and the fact that it moved so much and so randomly seemed to rule out a mechanical or structural sound.

When the noise moved away from the stairs I made a run for the shop floor. I was told I looked very pale, and when I explained what had happened, I was told that it was Freddie expressing his anger at having been disturbed earlier!! I never sat in the staff room alone again, and was relieved when relocation led to me resigning from my job.

I’ve always been interested in finding out who or what was occupying that upper room.

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