Enough guts to visit these 7 most haunted places in Cornwall?

most haunted places in Cornwall

Cornwall, a county in South West England is famous for its magnificent coastline and welcoming inhabitants. This Celtic area is infamous for several ghostly phenomenon and mysterious occurrences. Do not believe us? Wade through these most haunted places in Cornwall.

Bodmin Gaol, Cornwall

Haunted Bodmin Gaol in Cornwall

This is a stone built prison which was the first to hold prisoners in individual cells. The first jail was built in 1779 and the present one in 1860, very little of the original prison was left, but it is likely that some materials were used for the new prison.

During its 150 years of being a used prison people were being executed by hanging.

The prison was built to hold 100 people during 1779 it held only 13 people but by 1840 there were 155 including some women, as punishment people were made to work, with the people serving the longest time doing the hardest jobs.

In 1911 the women’s part was closed and in 1916 the civil prison was closed, it ceased being a prison of any kind in 1927.

As the prison held many executions, and was also a place of suffering they is said to be many hauntings including Matthew Weekes who was executed for murdering his girlfriend, because he was innocent.

Anne Jefferies who was ordered to starve to death until she admitted to being a witch, she lasted 3 months.

Also things are said to move by themselves, the rattling of keys can be heard, orbs have been seen, and people can be heard. People have also said loud bangs can be heard from outside the prison even though there is no one inside.

Dockacre House, Cornwall

The Dockacre house is a 16th century Elizabethan mansion, and has had different owners over the years, the present owner moved in in the 1990s.

It has been a tradition at the house that the owner gives a walking stick to their successor, there are now thirteen sticks and one is said to be made from a previous owners flute.

In 1714 Nicholas and Elizabeth Herle lived there, on Christmas day that year Elizabeth died. It is said that Nicholas either shot her or starved her to death. Nicholas died in August 1728.

This is when it is said that the haunting’s began, when Nicholas appears he is playing a flute and always plays the same tune, his wife appears in the drawing room wearing a grey dress, but it is not known why she appears to be content but he is not.

Jaimaca Inn, Cornwall

Haunted Jamaica Inn in Cornwall

This coaching inn was built in 1750 a place for weary travellers to rest after crossing the wild and treacherous moor. Some of the travellers to stop there were not very respectable and they used the inn to hide the contraband they had smuggled ashore. It was a popular spot because it was isolated.

In 1778 the inn was extended to include a coach house, stables and tack room.

The inn is said to have a few ghosts including a figure who is seen sitting on the outside wall, a man in a hat and cloak seen in the restaurant and on moon lit nights the sounds of hooves and the metal rim of wheels on cobbles can be heard.

Pengersick Castle, Cornwall

Haunted Pengersick Castle in Cornwall

The original family possessed the land in the 12th century and took their name from the place, their history there is extensive and as been proven through archaeological and geophysical evidence. The Pengersicks were one of the most notorious families in the country and there exploits have given way to many legends. Through marriages other names associated with the castle are Killigrews and Godolphins. The castle had a reputation for sorcery, black magic and wickedness.

The castle was rebuilt as a fortified manor house in the 1500s. Lots of the castle is no longer there and other parts lie in ruins it is the tower of the manor that remains intact, and is a private dwelling, public are allowed to go and visit and will be given a guided tour but it is strictly by appointment.

The ghosts that are said to roam here are a lady in one of the bedrooms, a black-dog by a bedroom fireplace and sailors and monks in the grounds.

Prideaux place, Cornwall

Haunted Prideaux place in Cornwall

Prideaux Place is a vast stately home which as many windows and chimneys, it was built in the tudor period when the family had inherited the land in the 16th century. The house as been owned by the Prideaux family for 14 generations the records say as Lord of Prideaux Castle at Luxulyan in 1066. The house as 46 bedrooms but only 6 are habitable because the rest have been left exactly as the American Army left them at the end of Worlds War II, they stayed there prior to being dispatched to Omaha beach.

The ghosts that have said to been seen are a scullery boy, a women sitting in a chair sewing and a grey lady on the main staircase. And many visitors do not like the Grenville room as it as an oppressive atmosphere.

Penfound Manor, Cornwall

The manor which was originally a Saxon dwelling given by William the Conquerer to Robert Count of Mortain. It was occupied by the Penfound family from the 12th century.

Kate Penfound had fallen in love with John Trebarfoot, but her family were against it, the couple decided to elope, but were caught before having the chance to do so, Kate’s father Arthur caught them and came at John with a sword in hand, a fight pursued and John was killed, Kate also died it is said she was stabbed accidentally by her father when she came between the two men to try and stop them, Arthur died later due to his injuries.

Since this as happened strange things have been seen at the manor, Kate his seen in her bedroom and on the staircase and on April 26th the anniversary of the fight, all three are said to be seen, and sometimes the replay of the duel can be witnessed.

Wellington Hotel, Cornwall

Photo by Geograph

A 16th century building that was originally a coaching inn and is now a hotel, it is c listed building. It used to be called Bos Castle Hotel but was renamed Wellington Hotel in 1852 after the late Duke of Wellington. The building was extended in 1860.

It has a fairly quiet history and some prominent people have been known to have stayed there including Edward VII, Thomas Hardy and Sir Henry Irving.

The spirits that are said to walk here are a little old lady, a young girl seen on the landing and a frock coated figure.

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