These are 7 most haunted places in Gloucestershire

most haunted places in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire boasts of some magnificent docks, famous cathedral and lavish gothic constructions which became dilapidated over the due course of time. Once full of attire, what spooks these haunted places in Gloucestershire? Let’s find out.

Blackfriars Priory

haunted Blackfriars Priory in Gloucestershire

This is a large Dominican Priory which was built in 1239 with its own church. The friars were preachers, teachers and confessors to the rich. When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in the 16th century, it was sold to Sir Thomas Bell in 1539. He turned it into a private mansion and used the other buildings as a workplace.

In 1780 the great hall was leased to a church and later it became a school. 1930 businesses still used part of the buildings to do do their trade, and the west range became a pub. It now belongs to the English Heritage and is a tourist attraction

Monks are said to haunt this priory, and doors are known to have locked by themselves, and during 1969, when restoration was taking place a unknown cellar was discovered and the skeleton of a young child was found, a particular monk who wears a black robe is said to be seen near this place on many occasions and is thought, there might be some link to the child.

Berkeley Castle

Haunted Berkeley castle in Gloucestershire
Haunted Berkeley castle in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom is frequented by the ghost of Edward II

This magnificent fortress was completed by Maurice Berkeley in 1153 AD. There was an extensive rebuild during 1340-1350 by the 3rd Lord Berkeley Thomas. The castle has always been owned by the same family. But as the years have got on it has been transformed from a savage fortress into beautiful stately home, which can be viewed by the public.

This castle is steeped in history and has witnessed many things, including being stormed by Cromwells troops in 1645, the meeting of the barons before they signed the Magna Carta and the murder of Edward II.

Edward II was thought of a weak king. He was murdered in the dungeons here in 1327, and was partly due to him showing favouritism to men and was instigated by his wife Isabella who at the time also had a lover. He endured lots of torture but ended up dying due to be stabbed with a red hot poker. His ghost is said to be heard screaming and the screams echo around the castle.

Ghost and Hauntings of Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire

Hailes Abbey

Haunted Hailes Abbey in Gloucestershire

The Hailes Abbey was founded in 1246 by Richard Earl of Cornwall. The Cistercian Abbey was once a much celebrated pilgrimage because it was said that it housed a vail of a few drops of Christ’s blood. The Abbey now stand in ruins due to it being demolished during the reign of Henry VIII and the dissolution of the monasteries, the main thing left standing are several arched entrances. 

It is said that monks still haunt this area to continue their chores and to protect the vail of blood.

Little Dean Hall

Haunted Littledean hall in Gloucestershire

This is thought to be the oldest inhabited house in England, the house as Celtic and Saxon remains in the cellar which date to pre 11th century, and is believed to come from the 5th or 6th century. To officers were known to have been put to the sword in the dining room when during the civil war the house became a royalist garrison.

A ghost of a white monk as been seen, a black boy who was a servant murdered by his master, a phantom figure seen in the grounds and also people have reported feeling sick dizzy and having palpitations when they visit.

Owlpen Manor

Haunted Owlpen Manor in Gloucestershire

A stone manor house, church and mill built in the 16th century as a private residence, the deeds for a building on the site go back to 1210. During World War 2 the manor was used to house refugee children. Today it is still a private residence and as been beautifully restored after being left derelict for many years and it may be visited by the public.

The Owlpen manor is haunted and some ghosts which are said to be seen are a grey lady clad in a fir trimmed gown, a mischievous child who runs up and down the stairs and the ghost of a wizard who lived there in Georgian times haunts the attic, also noises are heard and people can smell things, which are not around.

Petty France

Haunted Petty France in Gloucestershire

Petty France is a large white grand building that was constructed in the 18th century. During the reign of Henry VIII it was thought to have been a Huguenot Settlement and during the Napoleonic wars French prisoners of war were kept here.

Other well known people that have been associated with the house are the diarist Parson Woodbridge and Jane Austin.

In 1800 the house was owned by Charles Jenkinson and then in 1808 by his son Robert who was prime minister for 15 years. In 1851 Charles Long lived there with his wife and children as well as their servants and families. Lord and Lady Apsley brought it in 1925, Lord Aplsley tragically died in a flying accident in 1942. It is now a four star hotel.

There are quite a few reports that this hotel is haunted some of the thing witnessed are a very tall man over 6ft seen throughout the house, thought to be Robert Jenkinson, a phantom women in the bedroom, a small child sitting on the staircase, a sad faced old women on one of the beds, people have been touched in the attic and cutlery as been known to fly around.

Woodchester Mansion

haunted woodchester mansion in Gloucestershire

The house originally on this site was called Spring Park which was built at the beginning of the 17th century. The estate was brought by William Leigh in 1845.

Woodchester Mansion which stands incomplete was the work of the architect Benjamin Bucknall and is of a medieval Gothic style. It is unsure when work on the mansion started, but by clock tower had been finished by 1858 and by 1866 the main building had a roof.

William Leigh died in 1873 and his son of the same same (he was known locally as Squire Leigh), took over. Due to funding being scarce the only thing that was really done was the Drawing Room in 1894. 

Vincent Leigh (Squire Leigh’s son) lived in part of the mansion at the turn of the century, but is daughters Blanche and Beatrice lived at Scar Hill which was the lodge by the main gates. It remained with the Leigh family until 1938, when Blanche and Beatrice sold it to Barnwood Trust. They intended to turn it into a mental home but with World War Two, nothing was done and it was abandoned. 

Up until the 1950s the mansion as a varied history including being used by American and Canadian Troops. Then Stroud District Council brought the property and emergency repairs were carried out. But heritage organisation did not take on the mansion fully because the costs were considered to vast.

A local group of people set up Woodchester Mansion Conservation Group in 1988; it became a charitable trust in 1989. In 1992 a new lease was signed by the now called Woodchester Mansion Trust. Their aim is to preserve and repair the mansion which will be kept in its unfinished state. It is open to the public and is also a place where courses are run in architecture, stonemasonry and conservation.

Lots of ghosts have been witnessed included a dwarf, cat and dog. Also different noises and footsteps have been heard and things like pebbles have been thrown, and some people whilst on the property have reported feeling uneasy.

These are the most haunted places in England


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