These 8 Most Haunted Places in Idaho will give you creepy vibes

Most haunted places in Idaho

Behold, the sun coming down the mountain! This is thought to be the Native American inspiration for the name Idaho. Mountains, rivers and vast wilderness territories make up this entirely landlocked state and it is considered one of the fastest growing states in the Union. However, animals and people are not its only inhabitants. You could say there is more than gold in them thar hills, there are also ghosts and plenty of haunted places in Idaho.

Idaho remains one of the quieter states in the union. This is not to suggest that the state is dull. Rather, it has a quiet nature to it that is in accordance with the laid back attitude its populace presents.

There will be instances, however, when the residents of Idaho are jarred out of their laid back attitude. Once such instance would be when a resident comes face to face with a ghost! No, this is not stated as an attempt at humor.

The state of Idaho has a long history of ghostly tales and events. While somewhat overlooked, these ghostly tales do deserve a mention as they reflect the unique spooky history of the Midwest. Here are a few of the more famous ghostly legends associated with the state of Idaho.

There are a lot of mysterious spots situated in the largest cities everyone knows about, and some are situated in tiny towns that only locals know about.

Idaho has a few haunted houses and labyrinths of corn which will send shivers down your spine. Today we are going to be looking at one of them.

The Haunted World, Idaho

the haunted world, Idaho

There so many wonderful haunted attractions to choose from in our state, but there’s only one that scared us for almost 20 years. Haunted World is known as one of the most eerie Halloween destinations in the us, and for very good reason.

This huge 35-acre outdoor haunt is bound to scare the wits out of you — of course, in the best possible way. It’s just a must for any scare enthusiast but maybe frightened cats want to stay away! Your backbone. 

The Haunted World has three different places to enjoy but the highlight of all of them is the 35-acre outdoor haunt. Visitors will travel in this portion of the attraction through a cornfield, into an underground maze, and through a barnyard. Also, there’s something waiting to jump out at every corner of you!

For 17 years the Haunted World has been around and many tourists will tell you that this spooky attraction has mastered the art of terror. It’s the state’s biggest haunted attraction, providing more scary entertainment than you may be able to handle. Typical weekdays visit last 11⁄2 hours, and weekends about 2 hours.

If you are wondering how to spend the Halloween, trust me, The Haunted World is typically not for the faint-hearted.

Haunted Boise State University

haunted Boise state university

Next to our list of most haunted places in Idaho, the Boise State University is also home to a host of haunts. Some of these haunted tales are far from lighthearted. For example, the communications department is haunted by a ghost named Dinah. Dinah had committed suicide decades earlier in the student union and now her tortured soul harasses those who wander the halls of the communications department.

Harms Memorial Hospital, Idaho

Harms Memorial Hospital is the main hospital in American Falls, Idaho. It is also a hospital known for housing a ghost. Having said that, it is not just any ghost that haunts these hallowed halls. It is the ghost of Dr. Frank Harms whom the hospital is named after.

The good doctor is said to still wander the halls at night leaving a trail of cigar smoke behind him much to the frightened chagrin of the hospital staff. No such notorious incidents have taken place at the Harms Memorial till date.

Haunted Idaho State Penitentiary, Boise

haunted Idaho state Penitentiary site, Boise

The Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise is notorious for the various tales of ghosts that refuse to leave the confines of the prison and enter into the afterlife.

Of all the regions inside the prison, it should come as no surprise that the most heightened instances of paranormal activity are in the execution room. This should come as no surprise since tortured and premature deaths lead to the most common instances of ghostly appearances.

But, the execution room is not the only place that ghostly activity occurs. The truth of the matter is the sounds of the walking and talking dead occur through the entire prison!

The Kraft House, Pocatello

The Kraft House in Pocatello, Idaho has been haunted since 1984. This “house” is actually a warehouse and a young woman was reportedly murdered here. In additional to haunting the warehouse, this ghost is known for using the warehouse phones to call 911 for help. Due to several creepy phenomenon, the Kraft house finds a spot amongst the most haunted places in Idaho.

Pioneer Boothill Cemetery

haunted pioneer Boothill cemetery

Boot Hill Cemetery in Idaho City is a legendary cemetery that was originally built in the late 19th century when Idaho drew in scores of prospectors looking to capitalize on the gold boom. Sadly, not all of the people venturing into Idaho City were pure of heart.

In the small town of Idaho city, just a short trip from Boise there is a cemetery where the dead do not always stay in their graves. You see during the gold rush days this was a booming area with little in the way of law enforcement and whiskey flowed cheaper than water!

As you might imagine this led to many, a saloon brawl and high noon shoot out. Even once the gold rush died down and the population shrank fires, disease and childbirth also decimated the population.

Today the town boasts around 300 residents and the Pioneer Boothill Cemetery. Sightings in the cemetery have included an old prospector, a young Chinese girl and many more.

Several “outlaw types” ventured into the state and many were hung without trial. Today, their ghosts haunt the hallowed grounds of Boot Hill Cemetery.

Of course, the cemeteries are not the only place lost souls like to visit, Diamond Lil’s the oldest saloon has customers of both the living and dead variety!

Genesee- Joyce Building

At 206 walnut st, there stands a single story brick building dating back to the late 1800′s. It is named for a previous owner, Sarah Joyce, who purchased the house in 1974.

Immediately after acquiring the property, the family began to notice strange happenings. An elderly gentleman ghost actually appeared to Sarah late one evening, asking, Do you see me?

Other ghosts in residence included a large silver rat and a young lady with long black hair who apparently preferred to sleep with the guests!

The Lot- Idaho Falls

haunted lot Idaho falls

You often hear of haunted houses and even haunted pieces of land but what about a lot haunted by the previous tenants and the house they lived in? So, what is it that makes the falls one of the most haunted places in Idaho?

In Idaho Falls, there is a vacant lot, which used to be the location of a large home. People believe that a father murdered his entire family in this house.

The fenced in and hidden lot has been the subject of much ghostly discussion. People swear they have seen lights through the trees as if the house still stood, even though there are no utilities currently on the property.

A couple of braver young men actually scaled the fence one evening to explore the lot. Soon they were terrorized by the sounds of screaming and scrambled to leave the place, during which time one young man knocked over the ladder.

He desperately tried to scale the fence by hand feeling nails digging into his flesh, he still bears the scars. His brother finally righted the ladder, the pair escaped, and upon later inspection, they discovered there were no nails or holes in the fence!

Visitors to the area have also seen an apparition of the house itself with lights and shadows in the windows!


Idaho has a lot to offer travelers, windswept mountains, lakes, streams and of course haunted houses and parks. If you are looking for a scary good time in a cemetery, woodland park or even downtown there are many haunted places in Idaho that fit the bill.

Yes, there are many instances of ghostly sightings and events in the state of Idaho. The ones listed here are just a few of them. Maybe if you visit Idaho in the near future, you may be able to add your own tale of supernatural experiences. While you are there, you could always take a day off to ski!

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