5 Most Haunted Places in Ahmedabad for Paranormal Buffs

most haunted places in Ahmedabad

The former capital of India’s business eccentric state, Gujarat is the home to a throng of textile mills, tourist destinations and tons of natural places to chill. This beautiful city is situated near the Sabarmati river. During the daytime you would find this city full of busy streets incorporating a busy lifestyle, but the nights become eerie when you step in to some of the infamous destinations. Doesn’t matter if you are a Gujju or not, you would love to tour these haunted places in Ahmedabad that surely promises tons of adventurous experiences.

List of Top 5 Haunted places in Ahmedabad:

  1. Dumas Beach
  2. Lothal
  3. Sindhrot
  4. Sola Road Apartment
  5. Chandkheda

Dumas Beach, Ahmedabad

Haunted Dumas beach in Ahmedabad
Dark spirits and Black sand are two things we know Dumas Beach for

Dumas Beach is inarguably one of the most haunted places in Ahmedabad and whole of India. It is known for its mysterious black sand beach, which is believed to be formed due to burning of numerable pyres. According to locals, many heirless corpses were burnt here during the British era. As the time proceeds, these spirits began to haunt this beach.

Many of the frequent visitors have reported the presence of shadows during the evening hours while some of them claim of hearing eerie whispers all the time. The weird behaviour of dogs when they are brought for a walk on this beach confirms the presence of the paranormal entities. Because pets like dogs and cats have a strong sixth sense and they can see and sense ghosts; one can easily infer who drives their attention at the deserted Dumas beach.

What makes the Dumas beach so creepy and haunted? Read this story of the haunted Dumas Beach in Gujarat.



Haunted Lothal tale, Ahmedabad
Historic dilapidated Lothal site still boasts of its ancient worn spirits?

If you like old worn places, this should be your favourite ghost hunting destination. Lothal is known to us as one of the most ancient port cities of India. In the 20th century excavations, numerous clue of the presence of mankind was found here. Although there is no proper explanation of their demise and sorrowful death, but locals believe this offbeat tourist destination is surrounded by creepy ghouls who would produce a chill down your spine.

The sheer sensation of being watched, untimely whispers and low pitched screams are the prime characteristics of Lothal which makes us enlist it in this list of top 5 haunted places in Ahmedabad. Next time when you visit this deserted location during dark hours, make sure you take proper precautions. Consider this guide of ghost hunting for newbies prepared by the professional ghoul hunters.


Sindhrot streets remain deserted in night due to the presence of a ghost clan
The deserted streets of Sindhrot depicts its real haunting tale

Sindhrot is a small town which is situated near Vadodara, at a distance of 100 kms from Ahmedabad. During the mid night hours, locals and trespassers have reported of seeing white dressed lady clan. These lady ghouls wander around the street of Sindhrot and upon seeing a traveler, whispers them to leave Sindhrot and never come back. These paranormal activities have become evident during the recent years, leaving the locals afraid and surprised.

Urban legends have it these are the ghosts of the local girls who had committed suicide in the past and have reportedly formed a clan. Locals consider the teenager girls at a higher risk to get demonically possessed by their clan in order to kill them to increase their group of ghost. Fret not if you are a male, for the fact you won’t fit in their clan.

Sola Road Apartment

Mysterious wailing of a woman was heard in this haunted flat at Sola Road, Ahmedabad
Frequent wailing of a woman can be heard emerging from this haunted flat on Sola Road

Next in our list of the most haunted places in Ahmedabad is a haunted flat on Sola Road. There are numerous scary stories surrounding the creepiness of this flat. According to the most famous tale, a Bengali family bought this flat from its existing owner who sold it at heavy discounts giving job transfer excuses. The new owners renovated this house and got shifted in it. However, within a week they began to experience whole lot of paranormal happenings.

During the midnight hours, they would hear wailings of a woman coming out of nowhere. It was full melancholy and creepiness. Upon investigation, they found out that the previous owner had poisoned her wife to death and her soul keeps occupying this flat in search of her murderer. Few days later, the Bengali family went out of guts and vacated the place. However, this incident kept on repeating with the new owners. Now, this flat remains vacant, awaiting its new owner. Are you brave enough to spend a night over there?


A huge Linden tree in ChandKheda, Ahmedabad is home to a number of disastrous spirits
Is this linden tree really a home to numerous vengeful spirits?

The centre of attraction of Chandkheda is a humongous and worn Linden tree that stands tall since ages. It is very ancient and has an array of roots falling from its branches touching the root level. Locals consider it haunted, believing it hosts numerous ghosts, demons and other paranormal entities. For this particular reason, trespassers avoid passing by this haunted tree in Ahmedabad.

Upon asking about the incidents associated with this worn tree, visitors shared their creepy experiences with us. During night hours, they experienced a ray of mystic lights and heard disembodied voices coming out of this tree. Along with it, some locals have even claimed of seeing white shadows lurking around this tree during midnight hours. Due to whole lot of paranormal activities, ChandKheda finds a spot in this list of most haunted places in Ahmedabad.

Few other allegedly Haunted Places in Ahmedabad

Talking about the most haunted places in Ahmedabad, there are few other rumoured spooky destinations that we didn’t find heart-wrenching. Lots of parallel clueless stories run side by side. However, none of these places truly depict the presence of a paranormal entity. However, we have decided to include a brief description of those allegedly haunted places and the stories behind it.

Name of the Haunted PlaceReason of Being Haunted (STORY)
Gujarat Technological UniversityAn employee began having delusional thoughts and eventually went ill after encountering something awkward in the College Lift. What he saw is still a mystery.
Balasinor FarmPeople have reportedly seen semi assembled body walking. A wailing woman also frequents this area that may impart the chilling sensation when you visit this place alone.
Signature FarmSeveral deaths have taken place around this area. During strange hours, few visitors have reported to hear a woman laughing in a pretty weird manner.
Arham BungalowDuring the past, this bungalow witnessed the mass killing of its inhabitant family. After the bloodshed, their vengeful spirits haunt this place.
ManjalpurThere is a haunted building in Manjalpur where abnormal activities begin to happen during evening hours. Flickering of lights, absurd voice and footsteps are some of the common happenings.

Ahmedabad is packed with numerous other haunted places filled with creepiness and mystical vibes. While the aforementioned destinations are infamous for its dark world connections, these are a sweet spot for adventure lovers and horror aficionados. If you are gutsy enough, peep out for a ghost hunt and tell us which of ’em gave you the spookiest feel?

Apart from these haunted places in Ahmedabad, there are numerous other cities with purportedly spooky places. Wade through all these spooky destinations here:

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