These are 3 Most Haunted Places in Allahabad

List of most haunted places in Allahabad

Allahabad is one of the most prominent cities of Uttar Pradesh which is the centre of attraction for Hindus. It is also known as Prayagraj and during Mahakumbh billions of Hindu devotees gather at the holy river junction to seek blessings from the Almighty. Allahabad is known for numerous temples, mosques, natural destinations and adventurous activities like boating and other water sports. However, the city of God is no less when it comes to creepy activities. The evil surely lurks in the corner amidst the holy vibes. In this article, we are going to discuss about such macabre destinations. Enough said, let’s wade through 3 of the most haunted places in Allahabad that are no less than a nightmare-

List of Most Haunted Places in Allahabad

  1. Agricultural University, Naini
  2. Bhoot Bungalow, Rajapur
  3. Kydganj Colony

1. Agricultural University, Naini

The female dormitory of the Agricultural university in Naini is rumoured to be haunted by a woman ghoul, causing lots of paranormal activities.

The girls hostel of the Agricultural university in Naini, Allahabad is haunted by a girls spirit.

Located in Naini in Allahabad, the Allahabad agricultural university is purportedly haunted by the spirit of a girl. According to reports, a female hostler died here under mysterious circumstances. She is now believed to lurk in the girls’ hostel during night hours. There are several stories involving her spirits. According to one such story, a girl woke up during midnight went out and fainted seeing a girly apparition fly. During late night hours, creepy murmurs, sobs, cries and disembodied footsteps can be sensed here. Though her ghoul hasn’t harmed anyone, still her presence keep the hostellers afraid. Due to several otherworldly phenomenon, we rate it amongst the most haunted places in Allahabad.

2. Bhoot Bangla, Rajapur

Trespassers have to face the wrath of the lover ghost duo who were killed long before.

The Bhoot bungalow in Rajapur, Allahabad is haunted by a lover ghost duo

Rajapur is one of the most ancient localities of Allahabad which is crowded mostly by the villagers. There is an ancient isolated bungalow in Rajapur which is believed to be haunted by a girl-boy duo. According to past tales, they used to be loving couple. However, their inter faith relationship created a lot of anger amongst their parents. The furious girl’s father shot the boy one day. After a couple of days, the girl committed suicide.

Due to the fact that the couples used to meet at the Bungalow itself, their spirits now haunt this worn structure. The malevolent spirit duo seem to be searching for the culprits. They reportedly trouble the trespassers. During afternoon, there have been reports of loud male voice growling in pain coming out of the isolated house. Due to a range of spooky activities, locals have named it the Bhoot Bungalow. If you are an Allahabad resident who is looking for a scare dare, try having a visit to this deserted Mansion.

3. Haunted Kydganj Colony, Allahabad

A malevolent female witch can be seen amidst the road asking for lift during night hours and vanishes on her own.

Haunted Kydganj Colony in Allahabad is haunted by a malevolent witch

Kydganj, one of the old township in Allahabad is rumoured to be haunted by a harridan. These stories emerged when a couple of lads were returning from a marriage ceremony. They saw a girl standing amidst the road during midnight hours asking for lift. One of those boys gave her lift and tried to be naughty with her. She warned them to stop the bike. Once the stopped, the girl slapped them and vanished in a jiffy. Few days later, the guy purportedly became demonically possessed and died. Since then, the locals are deeply scared of the witch. One darkness arrive, the wayfarers change their path. Due to hag’s fear, residents avoid peeping out of their houses during night.

There are several stories of ghost sighting in the Kydganj colony, making it one of the most haunted places in Allahabad. If you were the Kydganj resident, what were you going to do?

Did you find these were 3 most haunted places in Allahabad scary? Let us know in the comments down below. In addition, there are numerous haunted cities that are purportedly possessed by evil ghouls and other supernatural entities. Wade through some of these below :

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