5 Most Haunted places in Bihar Where you can actually find Ghosts

List of 5 most haunted places in Bihar

Bihar is one of few proud states of India with a rich religious, dynastic and natural diversity. The most popular kingdoms of India- the Maurya, Gupta and Shungas have arisen from the land of Bihar only. Talking about its natural diversities, Bihar is a potential tourist attraction. This east Indian state has numerous tourist places ranging from Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Patna, Darbhanga and more. Similar is the case when it comes to the field of spook. Bihar incorporates a throng of body shivering destinations that would shock you. In this connotation, today we are talking about some of the most haunted places in Bihar.

List of 5 Most Haunted places in Bihar :

  1. Haunted Lohia Nagar house
  2. Haunted Pond, Basaith
  3. Jalan Museum, Patna
  4. Old Siwan Cemetery
  5. Patna-Aurangabad Road

Haunted House, Patna

Haunted Lohia nagar house in Patna, Bihar

There is a old dilapidated house in the Lohia Nagar of Patna. This house remains isolated and looks absolutely horrid in the dark hours. According to locals, several years ago there lived a family in this house. However, they had to evacuate their residence due to a series of paranormal happenings. Women of their family got possessed by demons and this resulted in their death. As a result, the owners left this place and seems this is going to be its future in the upcoming future. After that incident, the locals avoid passing by this house during night hours, fearing the resident evil of this haunted house in Bihar.

Spooky Pond, Madhubani

Creepy Basaitha Pond in Madhubani, Bihar

Madhubani district of Bihar is associated with hundreds of temples. It is home of the world famous Mithila painting and is considered a prime place for local Hindus residing in the Mithila region. However, there is a haunted pond in the Basaith village of Madhubani which is equipped with several paranormal entities. Years ago, a dire accident took place when a bus full of passengers turned into this pond. This resulted in the death of 50 travellers. Since then, disembodied cries, sobs and noise of people walking in water can be heard coming out of this pond. Due to the presence of a throng of ghouls, this is considered as one of the most haunted places in Bihar.

Jalan Museum, Patna

Jalan Museum aka Quila House in Patna is one of the most haunted places in Bihar

Another listing from state’s capital Patna: the Jalan Museum makes to our list of most haunted places in Bihar. Jalan Museum, also known as the Qila Ghar is possessed by the ghost of a middle aged man. People believe it is the ghoul of the caretaker who wanders frequently in order to protect this property. Many a visitors have encountered the presence of his spirit. If you love ghost hunting, take proper care and peep into this museum.

Haunted Siwan’s Cemetery

This old cemetery in Siwan is haunted by several women ghouls

Erstwhile Bihar’s crime city Siwan has a creepy old graveyard located on the Barhariya road. During night hours, strange paranormal activities take place at the area surrounding this victorian graveyard. According to reports, the apparition of a woman in white can be seen wandering around the graveyard. Along with this, the ghost of a pregnant woman with an infant was seen crossing through the area, producing a substantial amount of scare in locals hearts. During night hours, these ghouls have purportedly caused numerous accidents.

Patna-Aurangabad Road

Haunted Patna-Aurangabad road aka NH 139 is frequented by a woman hitchhiker

Last but not the least in our list of most haunted places in Patna is the haunted road proceeding from Aurangabad towards the Patna city. The NH-139 is frequented by a woman hitchhiker who appears suddenly in front of the moving vehicles and asks for lift. Once you stop your vehicle, she would possess you. If you don’t, she runs after you. In the past years, her sudden appearance has caused numerous accidents on this pathway. This has caused a deep down terror in the hearts of night travellers. In case you get to commute between these region during night hours, beware!

In addition, several other haunted places in Patna are occupied by supernatural entities. For instance, take the Patna’s haunted railway quarter where the wife of railway staff got possessed by the resident evil spirit who was later cured. Since then, that quarter remains empty.

If you are a horror enthusiast residing in Bihar and are looking forward to learn about other haunted places in your locality, drop a comment down below. Meanwhile, learn about several other cities purportedly haunted by paranormal entities:

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