3 Most Haunted Places in Darjeeling that are Absolutely Macabre

3 most haunted places in Darjeeling

Darjeeling, the former summer capital of India under the Dalhousie’s era is now established as a top tourist destination. Due to the range of numerous hill stations which offer a scintillating view, this city has a lot of tourists who come here in search of peace and adventure. Darjeeling is a delight to tourists of every age. In the adventure niche, Darjeeling offers a variety of mountain sports like skiing, paragliding, rope climbing and many others. However, the city of hills boasts of a rich amount of spook too. Having said that, there are top haunted places in Darjeeling that are surrounded by scary spirits. In this connotation, here we are going to talk about 3 of the absolutely macabre locations in Darjeeling.

List of 3 Allegedly Haunted Places in Darjeeling

  1. Kurseong Down Hill Forest
  2. Victoria Boys High School
  3. Pineridge Hotel

1. Kurseong Dow Hill Forest

During night hours, the ghost duo at the Dow Hill Forest pathway troubles the locals and visitors, causing illusions and mental unbalance to them.

The haunted Kurseong Dow Hill forest in Darjeeling contains a ghost duo.

Situated at just 30 kilometres from Darjeeling, the Kurseong Dow Hill is home to beautiful sceneries, widespread tea plantations, orchid gardens and majestic vistas. However, it has a dark side as well. The Dow Hill of Kurseong is filled with several creepy spirits. According to reports, these greeneries of the Down Hill is frequented by the ghoul of a headless boy who keeps wandering between the Dow Hill road and the Forest office. During afternoon hours, visitors had complained of being followed by an unseen entity. On the other hand, labours and woodcutters often report of a headless body wandering around the woods. As darkness approach, you may even confront the ghoul of a lady in the classic grey dress.

Locals blame this ghost duo to cause a mental unbalance to the lone visitors. During past years, several tourists have met with severe illusion. Some have even committed suicide. As a result, daily workers and tourist guides enter this forest in groups. Due to the vengeful ghost duo, the Kurseong Dow Hill forest is in our list of most haunted places in Darjeeling.

2. Haunted School, Kurseong

During night hours, sound of footsteps, whispers and screams can be heard coming out of the Victoria Boys High school.

The Victoria Boys high school in Kurseong is a top haunted place in Darjeeling

Few metres away from the Dow Hill forest, there is this haunted Victoria Boys High School. This victorian structure has a close impact of the negative energy of the forest lying nearby. During night hours, locals have heard disembodied footsteps and giggles coming out of no where. The intensity of paranormal activities at this school hasten during the winter vacations. Between December to March, you can easily hear loud whisperings, screams, boot sounds and heart wrenching sobs coming out of this school. Nobody has dared to step inside the school during night hours to check on the ghosts haunting this structure; but people surely blame the ghouls of a boy’s spirit for these mishaps.

3. Pineridge Hotel

People blame the ghost of owner’s deceased son for causing unexplained movement of objects during midnight.

The allegedly haunted Pineridge hotel is frequented by several paranormal activities.

Located on the Nehru Road, the Pineridge hotel is considered amongst the top haunted places in Darjeeling. This dilapidated structure speaks of its historic past and correlated unknown phenomena resulting in the creepiness of this hotel. We have had many reports of visitors who had complained of hearing disembodied voices and unexplained movements on the first storey of this worn hotel. According to locals, the owner’s son who had passed away inside this building, now haunts this structure.

Talking about the paranormal phenomenon, a night boarder complained of her child falling sick for no reason. Creepy whispers, frequent movement of objects during night hours and the sound of footsteps are something which go hand in hand with the claims of the haunted Pineridge hotel. On being asked, the incumbent hotel owners call it a hoax, blaming their competitors for creating these tales. If you are looking forward to unleash the truth, it would be equally adventurous to spend a night over here.

While there are several other spooky stories and tales about Darjeeling, we will continue extending this article in the nearby future. Did you find these haunted places in Darjeeling thrilling? Let us know in the comments down below.

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