5 Most Haunted Places In Jaipur Circle For Ghost Sighting

most haunted places in Jaipur

Jaipur is the heart of the desert state Rajasthan located in India. It is also known as India’s pink city for the beautiful monuments and magnificent natural places to see. Unlike some of the other spots in Rajasthan, there are few most haunted places that are spooky and heart rendering. In this article, we are talking about 5 most haunted places in Jaipur Circle to encounter ghosts. In the content list, there is a densely populated area, an eminent worn fort, a creepy road and a hideous heritage hotel that add ingredient of fear to the juiciness of horror. Well then, Let us get started now.

List of Top 5 Haunted Places In Jaipur Circle

  1. Jagat Pura
  2. Jai Mahal
  3. Rana Kumbha Palace
  4. Brij Raj Bhawan
  5. Nahargarh Fort

JagatPura, Jaipur

Jagatpura in Jaipur is haunted by a female spirit.

Very few are locations where you find ghosts in a dense populated area. It is a myth that enforces us to correlate the phantoms and a deserted quiet area. Well, to break this myth, we have a spot in the listing of most haunted places in Jaipur where ghosts wander frequently.

Located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Jagatpura is a residential area that is populated above average. It is believed that during night, witches wander frequently around the roads in Jagatpura. We have talked to many witnesses to collect their particular hideous experiences. Many of them cited women dressed in white while the others had seen white smoky apparition thinning into air. Noises such as women’s laughter and sudden outcries penetrate the fresh midnight environment. There are no clues behind Jagatpura haunting but, resident around this area are fear struck and do not step outside their own houses in late night hours. Due to frequent ghastly activities, Jagatpura is indeed one of the most haunted places in Jaipur Circle to encounter ghosts.

Jai Mahal, Jaipur

Jai Mahal is considered as one of the most haunted places in Jaipur.

The pink city’s one of the most astonishing tourist destination isn’t left standalone from the rumours of ghost possession. This abandoned palace is a five storey building, out of which four remain submerged inside the Man Sagar Lake. Only the fifth and top storey lurks out of water. With the sunset, strange activities start taking place here. Paranormal noises and screams can be heard coming from the palace and if you are lucky, you may even spot few dusky apparitions walking on the terrace of this astonishing Jai Mahal.

Today, Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh’s Jai Mahal looks dilapidated. It is slowly losing its vigour and lustre due to poor maintenance and drainage issues- making it old, eerie and creepy. This probably justify the presence of spirits here.

Rana Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh

Soul of Rani Padmavati lurks in the ruins of the haunted Rana Kumbha palace in Chittorgarh.

The Rana Kumbha Palace in Chittorgarh holds an utmost importance in the Indian history. It is the very same place where Queen Padmini along with thousands other women sacrificed themselves in burning fire after sensing the nearing defeat from Alauddin Khilji, the evil king of the Delhi Sultanate.

After the massive suicide, the spirits of all who met with the tragic death, haunt the Rana Kumbha palace, making it one of the most haunted places in Jaipur circle. During night hours, guards report of hearing sudden outcries and screams asking for help. The sound of slow sobs and murmuring can also be heard here during strange night hours. Along with this, people also complaint of seeing faded apparitions of women in royal dresses. Probably the Queen and her companions? In case you are looking forward to a Sunday drive, it is just 6 hours from Jaipur.

Brij Raj Bhawan, Kota

Meet the phantom of Major Charles Burton at the Brij Raj Bhawan in Kota

The Brij Raj Bhawan, once a colonial palace stands in the economic hub of Rajasthan- Kota. This is now converted into a heritage hotel. According to local tales and urban legends, the spirit of Major Charles Burton haunt this victorian palace. Major Burton was massacred in the 1857 mutiny by Indian soldiers.

Today, the Brij Raj Bhawan is counted amongst the most haunted places in Jaipur Circle. Talking about the paranormal happenings, visitors have reported of hearing disembodied laughter, sound of heavy boots and loud manly noises. Major’s phantom is all to blame for tight slaps the visitors face if they don’t follow the cleanliness routine. So, in case you are planning to take a visit to this ancient structure, beware of some basic cleanliness strategies.

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

The spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia lurks in the remains of the haunted Nahargarh fort in Jaipur

Last but not the least, Nahargarh fort is in our list of top 5 most haunted places in Jaipur circle. This Rajput-Mughal mixed form of structure is purportedly haunted by the ghoul of Nahar Singh Bhomia. Later, Maharaja Sawai Singh tried to reconstruct this fort but the whole construction work had to be stopped several times due to the disturbances created by the resident evil.

Nahar’s malevolent spirit creates a lot of hurdles for visitors after dark and hence, tourists are strictly advised not to peep in this structure alone. Off late, an unidentified man was found hanging in the fort under mysterious circumstances. Reportedly, he had gone to tour the dilapidated structure when it was isolated. Locals blame Nahar’s ghost behind the death of the man. As of now, the entrance is not permitted here after sunset.

There are several other creepy destinations other than Jaipur which are purportedly possessed by numerous spirits. Have a look at few of them-

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