These 7 haunted places in Kent will shiver your guts

Most haunted places in Kent

Kent, famous as the garden of England is infamous for its spooky hills, ghastly caves and creepy castles. Several malevolent ghosts at these haunted places in Kent are known to produce a series of horrible events. Without further ado, start this virtual journey right away-

Blue Bell Hill

Haunted blue bell hill in Kent
Haunted Blue Bell Hill | Wikipedia

There were roman ruins on Blue Bell Hill, but they were not the first to be there. In 455AD, there was the battles of Vortimer. The King of Britons fought the Saxons that were led by Horsa and Hengist. It is reported that Vortimer is buried near this hill. Also the white horse stone which is nearby is said to be where the Kings of Kent were crowned. Moreover, in the recent times car crashes have happened and people have been killed.

This area is said to have many ghosts including the sounds of the battle, a woman who suddenly appears and it seems she gets run over by the oncoming car, but when the person stops and gets out to check nobody is there, and a phantom hitchhiker.

Boys Hall, Kent

Haunted Boys hall in Kent

The hall was built by the Boys family (previously De Bois) in 1616. In nearby Sevington a roundel house called Sevington moat was demolished in 1631 and the bricks and timber from this were used to extend the hall. Further victorian additions were made in 1833. The Boys family lived there for many years and were known as local gentry and farmers, but it is also thought they were involved in smuggling. The hall and gardens are now open to the public and it is also a wedding venue.

There have been a few ghost witnessed at the hall the most popular being John the drunk, a young woman and a stable master named Thomas, also people have been touched and pictures refuse to stay up in some parts of the house.

Chatham Docks

Haunted Chatham docks in Kent

The dockyards were moved to their present location in 1622, and the first dry dock was built in 1600’s. The docks were successfully attacked by the Dutch Fleets, many people were injured and killed. In 1864 the docks were staffed by French prisoners of war.

The dock yards are reported to have many ghosts which include a young girl who is said to be waiting for her lover to return from sea and a female ghost who was a supervisor, she is said to prod workers who are not pulling their weight.

Chislehurst caves

Haunted Chislehurst caves in Kent

The caves are thought to be over 4000 years old and were man made mainly in 3 different periods of time. The oldest section is called druids and is 4000 years old, 2000 years ago the biggest section was done by the Romans and the Saxons did the latest section 1,400 years ago.

Some of the linking tunnels were thought to have been done 200 years ago; the reason for all these excavations was chalk which was used for building work and agriculture. The caves became more well known when they were used during world war two as air raid shelters and over 10,000 Londoners would board a special night train to stop there over night.

Deep within the caves there is a haunted pool where a white lady is seen to float across the water, this is thought to be a lady who was murdered by her husband, also the sound of laughing , drilling and horse whining have been heard

Hever Castle

Haunted Hever castle in Kent

The oldest part of the castle dates back to 1270, it was added to in the early 1500’s when the Bullon family lived there and built a tudor dwelling within the castle walls. It was in this period when Anne Boleyn the most well known resident lived there (later to become Henry VIII’s second wife).

The castle was then bestowed to Henry VIII fourth wife Anne of Cleves after their divorce. From 1557 following Annes death a number of different families lived at the castle including the Walde graves and Meade Waldo family who leased it out to various tenants. The final person to own the castle was American millionaire William Waldof Astor in 1903 who invested his time and money into fully restoring the castle and creating the gardens and lakes. Since 1983 Broad lands Property Limited as owned the castle and opened it to the public.

Anne Boleyn ghost is often seen at the castle and also on the bridge over the river Eden. An unhappy ghost who is not very pleasant also wanders the castle, and in the long gallery a phantom horse as been seen galloping through. As well as the ghost many bumps bangs and groans have been heard.

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Reculver Tower

Haunted Reculver towers in Kent

Reculver Towers is all that remains of a monastery first built in 669AD. The permission to build this was granted by King Egbert, and stood for nearly 300 years before The Vikings almost destroyed it. The church has long since gone but an outline of the building is marked out on the site today of where it once stood. The only surviving part of the church which were two columns were moved to a crypt in Canterbury Cathedral.

The Towers which stand today are the remains of the medieval church of St Mary’s. The Tide has been slowly corroding the cliffs and the risk was thought so great that the rest of the church was demolished and moved to Hillsborough in 1809. It was sanctioned by Reverend Nailor partly due to the fact that he wanted a new vicarage to be built in Hoath. Records show that a lot of the church ended up being used a hardcore for the foundations of Margate pier. A pair of pillars were saved and now stand on a Canterbury Cathedral crypt along side a celtic cross.

In 1970 major strengthening construction of the towers were carried out to stem the collapse. The towers are known s the Two Sisters after Frances and Isabella St Calre who were members of the Faversham Abbey. Francess become ill and vowed if she recovered she would take a pilgrimage to a shrine at St Mary’s at Bradstowe.

This she did with her sister, they set off by boat, but when off Reculver their boat was driven into a sandback, Francess was rescued but Isabella who stayed aboard till light, died of exposure once she was ashore. Frances did continue her trip, but restored the church in Isabellas memory, and had two spires placed on each tower, hence The Two Sisters. The spires were removed at a later date in about 1880.

The towers act as a landmark for shipping, having been saved by Trinity House. The North Sea and the North Wind have continued to prove a real challenge for shipping particular in the days when many things were done by sea, and many boats and ships have been wrecked and many lives have been lost.

The Towers are said to be very haunted and a most eerie place to be even in daylight, hooded figures have been seen, strange cries have been heard, and the towers are said to have a sinister feeling about them, also babies skeletal remains have been found which date back to the Roman time, believed to have been killed for ritualistic meaning.

Sissinghurst Castle

haunted Sissinghurst Castle in Kent

The land was originally owned by the De Saxingherstes until the family line died out in the 13th century. It was then owned by the De Berham family for more 200 years until Henry De Berham decided to move and sold it to Thomas Baker. It was his grandson John who made the first major developments, John was a evil man who became known as ‘bloody baker’ for his part in the executions of hundreds of Protestants.

With his increase in wealth and power he demolished the medieval house and had built a Tudor Courtyard House , it is known that Queen Mary once stayed there in 1557. This was then replaced by a once splendid mansion which was built in the 16th century for Sir Richard Baker John’s son, it was one of the first houses in England to be constructed out of brick. In 1573 Queen Elizabeth I stayed there for three nights.

But by 1661 it had become neglected and remained so for the next 100 years. In 1756 the building was leased to the government for use a prison, during ‘the seven year war’ where the captured French were held. For a few years from 1794 it became a workhouse and not long after parts of the building were demolished leaving fragment of the former house which become barns, stables and cottages which labourers lived in.

Over the years Sissinghurst became more run down and if it was not for Vita Sackville West and her husband Harold Nicolson rescuing it in 1930, it would have become a ruin. They brought it for their home and carefully restored the brick buildings and re opened the entrance archway. They also totally transformed the gardens between the old walls and buildings. Harold made the plans for the garden but Vita did all the work. After they both died, Sissinghurst was and still is now after by the National Trust.

There are said to be a few ghosts at Sissinghurst including an apparition on the stairs and a peaceful looking monk who roams the gardens also footsteps and clicking noises are heard.

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