12 Most Haunted Places in Oklahoma That Are Gut Wrenching

12 Most Haunted Places in Oklahoma That Are Gut Wrenching

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In this mortal world, there are mysteries as small as stars in the sky – infinite if you count them.  As one gets closer, mysteries start to reveal and show their real side – Giant and frightening. Similar to this, here we have some thoughts before revealing 18 haunted places in Oklahoma for ghost tourism. In the word’s war between skeptic and believers & Science and God, World see every single incident with two different eye. But there is a common thing one can’t ignore.

“Presence of spirit” in this world has certain proofs and skeptics who use to explain everything scientifically are speechless. There are many places in this world that are usually possessed by souls – evil and kind one. In this connotation, today we are going to reveal few real haunted places in Oklahoma.

Haunted Belvidere Mansion

Claremont, Oklahoma

Built in 1902, this Gothic style brick house looks like a classy mansion. On the very first sight, you would never call it haunted. But what the visitors and paranormal researchers experienced will make you think twice before you decide to spend a night in here.

Unexplained noises all around the mansion and Appearance of hazy figures in dim light will be usually a few things that welcome people to this spooky mansion. Hot and cold spots all around this mansion are something ensuring about presence of spirits.

This mansion was built was the owner John M. Bayless. He had a family of 8. Half a year before it could be completely build, Mr. Bayless died due to complications in Appendicitis surgery. After that, Mary Bayless finished the construction and lived there till 1919. This mansion is still said to be haunted by the Bayless family. Since 1991, this place is restored by Roger’s county historical society.

Blanchard Cemetery

Blanchard cemetery located in Oklahoma is haunted by spirit of a tall man engraved here. This cemetery sees many paranormal activities that make it one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. Visitors have experienced unexplained sounds in this cemetery during dark hours. 

Many people have also complained about seeing an apparition of spirit of that tall man whose spirit is supposed to haunt Blanchard cemetery. More detailed inquiry about that ghost got us information about his outfit as visitors usually see his ghost in black pant and dark blue suit. He is said to wave his hand towards people to call them near.

Haunted Bird Creek School

Next on the list of haunted places in Oklahoma is Bird creek school. It is presumed to be haunted due to a mysterious activity that has been reported by many people who took a visit to this school. This one room school house was built for Native American children in 1900’s. 

It is said that if you write something on black board and come back after a few minutes, you will find it wiped by some unknown hands. However there is none such ghost sightings in this school but due to this mysterious thing, you would surely like to have a visit to this place.

Brady Theatre

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brady theatre, located in Oklahoma has a public assembly facility since 1914. In 1920, during his show in this theatre, Enrico Caruso got infected with cold and flu that Later took his life in 1921. It is rumoured that even today his spirit haunts this place.

During dark hours, high pitched opera singing for some seconds terrify the trespassers. Due to visitor’s reports and unexplained noises, this theatre is considered as few most haunted places in Oklahoma.

Blue Belle Saloon

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Haunted Blue Belle Saloon, Guthrie, Oklahoma
MARELBU shared it under CC-BY-3.0

Located on W Harrison Ave in Guthrie, this rugged and creepy structure is one of the top haunted places in Oklahoma. This saloon was used to be a crowdy place full of fashion. It was owned and run by Madame Miss Lizzie and two of her girls Claudia and Estelle.

In past, Saloon’s fate demolished with Claudia as she was beaten to death. When she died, she was buried in the saloon. From that day, this place turned into a rest house of dead. After a few years Miss Lizzie and Estelle were found dead under unclear circumstances.

Residents who live nearby this saloon often report paranormal activities, hazy apparitions that are supposed to be the spirits of Miss Lizzie’s family. Many unexplained noises like crying and gossips of women often frighten people residing nearby. If you plan a visit to few haunted places in Oklahoma to listen spirits singing – we advise you to visit Blue belle saloon.

Haunted Cherokee Strip Museum

Alva, Oklahoma

Haunted Cherokee strip museum, Alva, Oklahoma
Image by Carla Díaz shared under CC BY-SA

Next element of our list of haunted places in Oklahoma is modified Cherokee Strip museum. This museum is situated in Alva, United States. This place was earlier an old hospital which was later converted into a strip museum. The Old Ground floor was added with two floors upwards. There is one unique thing about this place – Only Ground floor section of this museum faces paranormal activities that are scientifically unexplained.

Like other visitors, you may feel cold spots in Ground floor section of this museum. People have heard ghostly voices and piano in the reception area plays itself. In dark hours, one can see strange lights and ghost apparition in this museum. People and few old staffs of this museum assume this to be done by spirits of people who died earlier in the hospital. Due to constant wandering of unsatisfied spirits, this place is called one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma.

Haunted First Christian Church, Oklahoma

If you believe what paranormal experts say, you find out this fact that most of the spirits reside in church rather than the cemeteries. The first Christian church resides by the East Moses Street (in Cushing). It was built across the top of an old burial ground. Usually the white clothed woman’s apparition has been seen walking between pews of the church.

This spirit is also said to roam frequently across hallways of the church. In the absence of living ones during dark hours, lights of this church gets on and off on its own. Few more incidents like playing of church’s organ without any reason have set up fear in hearts of people who take visit to this church.

The Hillside Cemetery

Purcell, Oklahoma

Haunted Hillside cemetery, Purcell, Oklahoma
Image by Suntonova shared under CC BY-SA

The Hillside cemetery is considered to house the grave of a witch who died during early 1990’s. According to locals – whoever tried tampering with this grave suffered dire consequences. Few ruined their lives and had demonic possessions. A boy who died in a car accident in 1970’s is also supposed to haunt this place.

In dark, one can easily see ghost of that guy in white clothes. Also many scary noises like screams and giggles can easily be noticed if you pass nearby. During dark hours, it is strictly recommended not to touch or go near the Witch’s Grave in Hillside Cemetery.

Explore other haunted cemeteries in Oklahoma.


Stone lion Inn

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Haunted stone lion Inn, Guthrie, Oklahoma
Image by MARELBU shared under CC-BY-3.0

Located on W Warner Ave, paranormal investigators love to check in and encounter paranormal activity going out here. Counted as one of the haunted places in Oklahoma, this hotel is haunted by ghost of a child and a middle aged man. Visitors who stay here are told the story of Augusta – female ghost which haunts this place. Ghost of 8 yrs. old Augusta is said to occupy the third floor.

Many people had a feeling of getting touched on their cheeks during night when nobody uses to be there. Ghost of Augusta is said to move objects from one place to another. Another ghost loves smoking and his apparition could be seen with a long pipe during late night hours. Due to continuous paranormal moves this hotel is included in haunted places in Oklahoma.

Haunted McBride House

Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

This abandoned private home is located near Fort Gibson in Oklahoma. It is said to be occupied by numerous ghosts which makes this house few of the top haunted places in Oklahoma. Its former owner has written a book on her experiences in this house.

This place is possessed by first owner of this house along with the builder. Strange noises, gossips and laughter can be heard clearly in this house. Ghosts here call each other by name and move things from one place to another. Due to repeated and frequent ghost activities, McBride House is considered one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s Deer Woman Haunting

Oklahoma's deer woman haunting

One of the most well-known legends or supernatural stories from Oklahoma is the deer woman. Well known among Native Americans the deer woman is commonly seen just off the trail or in the brush. She is normally seen as a beautiful young woman, but has also appeared as an old lady as well. Deer lady is normal in most ways with the exception of her feet which are actually tiny deer hooves.

After she lures young men off the path, she transforms into a strong full size deer and promptly stomps them to death. Native Americans believed the only way to drive her away or break her curse is with tobacco and incantations. Variations on the story have deer woman as half woman half deer or with no discernible feet at all.

Fort Washita, Oklahoma

haunted Fort Washita, Oklahoma
Fort Washita by Narth Ring

In 1842, Fort Washita was established not far from what is now Brown Oklahoma. The fort was overrun by confederate soldiers in 1861. Between these years, the story arose of a woman who was beheaded at the fort and continues to haunt it to this day. No one is precisely sure when or why the woman dubbed Aunt Jane, was killed however several generations of visitors have experienced her presence at the fort, beginning when Charles Colbert, a Chicksaw Indian, was awarded the property. He moved his considerable family, which included 32 dogs onto the property. The very next day every single dog had disappeared! Did Aunt Jane scare away the hounds?

The next inhabitants of the property were a Doctor Steele and his sister. Shortly after moving in, she began to see and hear strange things and though many believed they, were simply a figment of her imagination she suffered a nervous breakdown! Stranger still is the fact that she knew nothing of the stories of Aunt Jane, but still claimed to see a headless woman around the premises.

No one has actually lived on the property since the Steele’s, but it is a popular attraction for reenactments and paranormal researchers. During a living history weekend in the early 90′s women staying in some of the barracks suffered attacks at night, smothering sensations and missing corset strings!


Oklahoma has a varied history and a rich cultural diversity to offer visitors and residents today. They also have their fair share of ghostly apparitions and legend. Deer woman and Fort Washita are a couple of the most prominent, but they are not the only haunted locations you could visit. Consider the Territorial Prison in Guthrie, The Legendary Baker Hotel or Dead Woman’s Crossing. You will also find more than a fair share of crybaby bridges scattered across the landscape.

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