6 of the most haunted places in Ontario

Most haunted places in Ontario

Ontario is a province in east central Canada which is full of pulchritudinous destinations. It is famous for Niagara falls, Maple syrup and its creepy spooky locations. In this story, we will discuss about some of the extremely haunted places in Ontario that are infamous for the resident ghouls and mishaps.

Bala Bay Inn

Haunted Bala Bay inn in Ontario

The Bala Bay Inn was built in 1910 by E B Sutton. It opened in the same year and was then called The Swastika Hotel. E B Sutton was born in Yorkshire England and emigrated to Canada in 1882. He died in 1917 in one of the hotel rooms. It was renamed Bala Bay In sometime around 1942, which still remains open as a hotel today.

The hotel is known to be haunted and even though things have been reported from different parts of the hotel, a lot of the activity happens on the third floor. Some things that people have witnessed include a shadowy figure that seems to be a man, a ghost of a lady in the lounge, televisions turning off and on by themselves, doorknobs are rattled, footsteps are heard and Sutton is said to have been seen, mainly if you look up at one of the upper windows.

Whitby Psychiatric Hospital

Haunted Whitby Psychiatric Hospital in Ontario

Construction of the Whitby Psychiatric hospital began around 1913. It was designed as a set of 16 cottages and normal looking buildings to help advance the patients return to society. A more humane place for them to stay as other psychiatric hospitals around that time who care was questionable. Most of the buildings were linked via an underground tunnels.

During 1917 and 1919, the hospital became temporarily known as Ontario Military Hospital and it use was for treating soldiers. It returned to its original use in late 1919. Over the years the hospital was home to many patients. During the late 1980s and early 1990s a few of the buildings were condemned, because of the state they were in they were beyond repair.

Due to the grave situation of the old hospital, a new hospital was proposed. This involved the main admittance and treatment buildings being knocked down and a new building constructed. This would be renamed The Whitby Mental Health Centre. Transfer of patients began in December 1995 and by January 1996, all patients and services had been transferred.

One night when all the doctors were leaving for home they were told when they returned the next day to all go to the new building, Later that same same night the powerhouse workers shut off the generator to the old buildings.

Over the time, rest of the buildings that were left were getting more dilapidated, and in 2005 most were torn down and a lakeside condominium was built. As of may 2006, there were only a couple of old buildings left.

Even though most of the old hospital is gone what is left and the area surrounding it is believed to be haunted, noises are said to be heard coming from the tunnels, a shadowy figure as been seen, things are known to move by themselves, and people who go there say they feel as if they are being watched or followed.

Watson Mill

Haunted Watson Mill in Ontario

The mill is in Dickinson Square which is even older than Canada itself. The mill was built out of limestone in 1860 by Moss Kent and his partner Joseph Currier. The mill as had a few different names it was first known as Long Island Flouring Mills, then Long Island Mills and also as Manotick Mills. It became known as Watson Mill in 1946.

Currier sold his share and left in 1861 after the death of his wife. Dickinson continued to operate the mill till 1929 when it was sold to Alex Spratt. Alex died in 1935 but it continued to be run by the Spratt family until 1946. It was then purchased by Harry Watson whom gave it its present name. Harry had worked for the Spratts for most of their time at the mill. The mill was sold again in 1972 to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. They restored one run of millstones and machinery to the original condition it would have been in 1860, and it is still powered by the water turbine.

Some of the things that have been reported to happen at the mill are unexplainable noises and things being moved around, the main ghost known to haunt here is Ann Crosby, she was married to Joseph Currier for only a very short time before she died, she was twenty years old. She died following a tragic accident at the mill when her skirt got caught in a turbine ad she thrown violently against the wall. She died instantly.

White Otter Castle

Haunted White otter castle in Ontario

The ‘castle’ is a three story log building, which was built by eccentric James (Jim or Jimmy) Alexander McOuat. He built it single handedly, with red pine logs which he felled and cut himself. The construction started in 1908 and it was completed in 1914. It was unsure why he decided to build the ‘castle’ where he did in the wilderness, it is thought to be either of two reasons.

James was from Scotland originally and fell in love with his bosses (a squire) daughter, but as he did not have any property marriage was out of the question, so after he moved to Ontario he decided to build a castle of his own or his brother who tried to urge him to go into business with him and James who kept refusing, made the comment that his brother would not make any money in trapping and that he would die in some trappers cottage, so he built his home to prove his brother wrong.

James died at the age of 58 in 1920 by drowning, when his body was eventually found he was buried near to his castle. In 1984 the castle was becoming a ruin it was saved by The White Otter friends who have aided a conservation of the building in order for it to keep going. The castle remains a big tourist attraction with many people visiting each year.

It is believed that the ghost of Jimmy still roams around his ‘castle’ and the surrounding lake. Some say that they have not seen him but his eerie presence can still be felt.

Cornwall Jail

Haunted Cornwall jail in Ontario

This main block of the present jail was built in 1833. Further extensions were added over the years. to accommodate the jailer and reorganisation of the interior at different times for eg to separate the men and women and when the jail was taken over by the provincial government.

There have been many brutal punishments carried out at the jail and many deaths especially during the early years when people would be sentenced to things like being lashed till they bled or tied to a post and whipped, people would also sentenced to death by hanging and some prisoners also committed suicide.

The jail closed in 2002 and a new bigger jail was built in Ottawa.The former jailers residence is now the office for Cornwall and Seaway Valley Tourism, and the jail as been kept as it was in 2002 and is open to the public for tours.

It is believed by many that the jail is haunted some of the things that have been reported are dark figures, footsteps, objects moving, doors opening and closing and banging and rapping sounds.

Skeleton Park

Haunted Skeleton park in Ontario

The land was first a graveyard and opened in 1825 and was known as The Upper burial Grounds, it closed in 1864 due to overcrowding.  Over the next 3 decades the graveyard gradually became a total eyesore.  It was neglected and vandalised. The headstones even became bases for ball games.

In the late 1880’s the church transferred the ground to the council and in 1893 it was changed to a public park.  At first the land was going to be landscaped and to plot out the locations of the graves. But this, the public strongly disagreed with, so it was agreed the graves would be moved.

But this was met with many problems, many markers had disappeared or disintegrated, some graves were really shallow, whilst others were incredibly deep with many caskets and there were signs of grave robbery, the workers would not take these conditions no more and refused to continue. So the second part of the conversion was started.

The ground was levelled and landscaped and it was completed to make it a public park. It opened in 1894 as Frontenac Park, it was renamed McBurney Park in 1965.  It is thought that thousands of bodies remain buried under the grounds. A memorial cross was erected to help remind people of the ones that are still buried there.

As the years continue more and more paranormal incidents are being reported, maybe it is due to the fact that the graves are beginning to come through the grass and the people buried there can no longer truly rest in peace.

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