5 Most Haunted Places in Udaipur that are Nerve Wrecking

List of 5 most haunted places in Udaipur

The city of lakes, Udaipur is known for its array of majestic eye alluring destinations. The historic capital of the kingdom of Mewar is famous for its royal past, astonishing natural locations and giant ancient structures. But deep down, those historic structures hide within the elements of absolutely macabre past. It is believed that those dilapidated buildings boast of numerous ghouls and evil vengeful spirits. Having said that, we are going to discuss some of the most haunted places in Udaipur that will give you a nerve wrecking experience. Enough said. Be ready to tour down these spooky locations of Udaipur.

List of 5 Most Haunted places in Udaipur

  1. Chandni Village
  2. Sajjangarh Fort
  3. Ajmer-Udaipur Highway
  4. Chirwa Valley
  5. Gulab Bagh

1. Chandni Village

A vengeful woman’s spirit lurks around this village during night hours, terrifying the locals and tourists.

Haunted Chandni Village in Udaipur

The Chandni village is a top tourist destination of Udaipur. A lot of greenery actually surrounds this village which lies in the outskirts of Udaipur. Located at 23 Kms away from Udaipur, this scenic attraction has a spooky association. According to locals, the spirit of a vengeful woman possesses Chandni village. She was purportedly killed near the river passing by this river. Post her death, she lurks around the whole area during dark night hours. Henceforth, the locals strictly warn the tourists to evacuate this place before it gets dark. In the past, several people have seen her apparition in a silver dress, thus confirming her presence making Chandi village one of the most haunted places in Udaipur.

2. Sajjangarh Fort

The spirit of prisoners who had died in a pathetic situation, now possess the underground vault of the Sajjangarh Fort.

Haunted Sajjangarh fort in Udaipur consists of numerous prisoners ghosts

Located near Eklavya Colony, Sajjangarh fort is rated amongst the most haunted places in Udaipur. It’s basement is said to be host the ghouls of prisoners who had died miserably under mysterious circumstances. It is believed that the prisoners were kept here in dire situations, thus leading to a poor hygiene and slow death. Visitors report of feeling eerie vibes and mysterious apparitions while they visit those rooms situated in the basement. After certain complaints, the authorities blocked access to the underground vault for visitors. Due to hauntings at peak, visitors aren’t allowed to stay in the premises after early evening hours.

3. Ajmer-Udaipur Highway

A mother-daughter ghost duo suddenly appears after the daily commuters, screaming and asking for help.

Haunted Ajmer Udaipur highway NH 79 consists of a woman-daughter ghoul.

The National highway 79 leading from Ajmer to Udaipur is considered as one of the top spooky highways in India. According to reports, a woman, while trying to save her daughter from child marriage eloped with her. While they were running by the highway, they got hit by a passing vehicle and eventually died. Now, during strange night hours, truck drivers often cite their encounter with the duo spirit. Many commuters also complained of seeing their ghost asking for help from them. They never stopped. Would you?

4. Chirwa Valley

A throng of paranormal entities and scary apparitions are to blame for the accident prone Chirwa Ghati in Udaipur.

Haunted Chirwa Valley in Udaipur is a top haunted places in Udaipur

One of the most accident prone zones of the state, the Chirwa valley is supposedly haunted by the people who met their evil fate. Slowly and steadily, the number of deaths are increasing and so does the number of paranormal entities. It is widely believed that the presence of evil negative powers cause these mishaps widely taking place in the tunnel. However, if you stop by a temple before entering the tunnel and offer prayers to the prime deity, you won’t be harmed by those dark world creatures. If not, you are at a high risk of meeting those unfortunate accidents.

5. Gulab Bagh

Numerous exorcisms in the past have set spirits free who are now lurking for their new prey. Screams and sobs can be heard during night hours.

Haunted Gulab Bagh in Udaipur has several spooky mosques.

Gulab Bagh is a beautiful garden lying in the heart of Udaipur. Similar to the Chandni village, it facilitates a lot of natural vegetation and is a joy to take the visit. However, the locals claim this garden to be haunted by several horrible ghouls who keep wandering around the garden for a valid reason. When you visit this scenic park, you would notice few mosques standing firm in its centre. In the past, possessed men and women were brought in these mosques to complete exorcisms. They were freed from those evil spirits, including Jinnat, Chudails and several other mythical creatures. People believe that those evil creatures are still lurking in the search of their next prey.

During night, you can easily hear male and female screams coming out of the Gulab Bagh. Due to the extreme paranormal disturbances, the local authority have prohibited visitors from entering the garden after sunset.

These were the 5 most haunted places in Udaipur city. There are several other creepy destinations like Rani Road where unknown entities stop the running vehicles. In addition, there is a Natni Ka Chabutra where the ghoul of a tightrope walker wanders. There are several other haunted cities in India that are reportedly haunted by paranormal entities. Wade through some of these:

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