35 Most Haunted Places In the World And Their Chilling Stories

Most haunted places in the world and their stories

Paranormal is a word that creates a spark in almost everyone of us. A deep urge to know this term thoroughly allures us towards a world of mysteries. There are many ambiguities in this world that are still unexplained by science. In this post we will talk about some of the most haunted places in the world and their haunted stories that will thrill you to death. Each of these places are reported to hold dire incidents and are believed to be hideous since ages.

This list include different locations and various ghosts that have created stories in themselves and can be credited to turn those spots absolutely haunted. If you are a brave soul, if you truly are, you would definitely like to take a visit at some of these spots in dark. Wonder why? Because days escalate us human and night encourages dark spirits. While you make a mood to peep in some of these places, we will tell you their haunted stories to clear out how dangerous these venue are.

1. Aokigahara, Japan

Located at the Mt. Fugi base, Aokigahara is an internationally famed suicide forest of Japan. A majority of people arrive here to die every year. Police usually take assistance from the locals in order to locate the bodies every year. Police deliberately avoid publicizing the actual number of bodies discovered by keeping in consideration that such steps could augur more suicides.

According to estimates, 108 people had committed suicide at this place in 2004 itself. Local police has taken steps to convince the suicides through signboards placed at many locations to reconsider before taking their own lives. You can find slogans with messages like- “Your life is a precious gift to your parents” and “Please consult with the police before you decide to die”.

Majority believes though that the whole forest has ultimately been trapped by the souls of people having died here earlier and therefore, it has turned into a haunted place now. Other stories contradict about the origination of haunting cases. One version of the story is that while famine engulfed Japan in the ancient era and large chunk of families couldn’t be fed, they were abandoned in Aokigahara to die of starvation. The forest is haunted by their ghost souls, says this version of story.

2. Lulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania

Haunted Lulia Hasdeu Castle Romania

Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu built the Lulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina, Romania after the death of his 19-year-old daughter, Lulia. It grieved him so much that he literally dedicated the castle and his own life to Lulia. To get reconnected to her spirit, he chose the way of spiritualism. One particular room of his castle was especially developed for this purpose so that he could continue with his daily spiritual practices. Room’s walls were painted in black where one can see her shadows. Even today, Lulia haunts this castle. She has been seen in white dresses and daisies in hand while walking in the castle courtyard. You can also listen to her playing piano every night in the castle premises.


Located in Norphauk region of England, the Raynham hall is known as the house of absolute bizarre incidents. Eight decades ago, In 1936, a photographer had caught a mystic apparition while filming this location. Later when the reel was developed, a lady was seen wearing brown coloured dress whilst the mansion was vacant. It is said that, this is the ghost of Lady Dorothy, the second wife of Charles Townshend.

Mrs. Charles was a sexaholic person and often entertained herself from  other people offering physical pleasures. Later, when her affairs became apparent, she was forcefully bolted in a room of this mansion. Months later, the lady died out of starvation and guilt. Talking about people who had seen her ghost,  there is George V who had also claimed to see her dire apparition. Since then, there are many people who encountered her spirit in Brown. The Brown lady of the abandoned Raynham hall and its haunted stories were published in a column of “Life Magazine”.


The Bachelor grove cemetery is the hub of supernatural phenomenon. It is known for its ghosts and other creepy happenings. This scary Chicago graveyard was closed down a day when a cemetery staff experienced encountered with the creepy vibes here. Scary screams during mid night hours and the hard bangs on the door often creeped us out, a former worker said.

Till date, there are many ghost hunts conducted over here. In 1999, during the ghost investigation, the ghost research society caught the apparition of a middle aged woman in an infrared camera. If you take a close look at the photograph, you would find her in white sitting atop the graves.  Among other ghouls of the Bachelor grove cemetery, there is the ghost of a young girl who often possesses the entrants.


You might have heard about ghost sightings at ramshackle buildings and creepy houses but here, the story is different. It is of 1963 when a 9 foot tall ghoul was captured in the Neuby church of North Yorkshire in England. However there was no one in the church as you can see the place is almost vacant except for a terrible apparition that haunt this church. Although no paranormal activity has been reported yet at the church but, there are many haunted stories that blame this ghost to be of a person who was murdered brutally on a street beside the church and hence, haunting this particular section till date.


The oldest hotel of the country of Romania, The Disabel is known to surprise people with the mysteries associated with its past. It is believed that this hotel is build upon a centuries old treasure. Many haunted stories are famous about the cryptic Disabel hotel and Locals believe a black shadow protects the treasure and may harm a person who intend to reveal it. The floating rumors found a pillar of truth when Victoria Ivon, a european lady captured a black shadowed lady ghost in the premises of this hotel.


The Wherstead church is notorious due to the presence of a lady soul in white that haunt the whole structure. One among many horror stories famous about the church represents the Berthlot family. Berthlot family visited the church every evening to offer prayers. During those days, Mrs. Berthlot was on Antibiotics. One fine evening when she was praying while sitting on the bench, her husband noticed a blurred figure behind. He took a picture and when it developed, it left everyone speechless. Behind Mrs. Berthlot, there was an unknown entity in white. Since then, visitors usually believe that his spirit remains present near person who bends down to pray in this church.


Image Courtesy Saad Akhtar

A ruined fort with hundreds of inbounded spirits truly defines the Bhangarh. But how many of you knew there was a reason for turning down this place haunted. Well, here we will reveal the actual haunted story of Bhangarh fort, which finds a place amongst the most haunted places in the world. Years ago, during the reign of Raja Madho singh, there used to live a princess Ratnawati. She was famous for her magnificent beauty. One evening when she was out to wander the main market, a wizard Scindia saw her. There, he developed a strong lust for her.

He did a black magic on a perfume bottle the princess had purchased in order to make her fall in love with him. Accidentally the bottle slipped on a huge rock nearby. Out of the magic power, the rock started rolling towards the magician and crushed him to death. During his last moments, he cursed the whole kingdom to diminish within a short span of time. He also cursed that after their death, they can not achieve eternity. Shortly after that, in a war with the neighbour kingdom, the royal family was defeated to death and their spirits is believed to haunt the whole fort.


There is a scary Farm in Hertfordshire of England where many spiteful ghouls reside. Locals believe that these spirits are of the people who were killed in a police encounter near the farm. In 2008, a photographer Neel Shandback captured few pictures at the farm, previously a wedding location. Later what he found out was amazing. He saw the sparkling figure of a child’s ghost while the farm was completely vacant. Except this, the ghost of a woman can be spotted here during night hours. Her creepy giggles can also be heard during night hours. Due to the creepy phenomenon, it is enlisted amongst the most haunted places in the world.


Generally San Antonio has a number of scary places to visit and thus, many haunted stories associated with them. Here we are talking about one such place. There is a railroad crossing that is famous for the presence of a creepy woman. A bus of school children met with an accident there, locals say. The absolute macabre resulted in death of those school children. Since then, train drivers and trespassers often notice a middle aged woman in a night dress walking beside the tracks. Sometimes, she is spotted with a teddy bear and dog toy in her hands. Stories reveal that this is the spirit of relatives of one of the children who died here.


This black sand occupied beach in Surat is notorious due to the paranormal activities during night hours. It is said that, in dark, people who visit this seashore experience whisper sound and see mysterious apparitions. Legends blame old generations who used to burn deceased people here. The tortured spirit of people who died from accidents started to haunt the beach. Today, there have been many awkward experiences felt by people at this scary beach. It includes scary screams, crying noises and disembodied push.

12. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Haunted Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Australia
Image by Evan Thomas

Australia gives you unique experience as much as it entertains with interesting locations. Abandoned asylums are perhaps the scary stones in Australia besides beauty of this area. Located in Australia’s Victoria region, renowned Beechworth Lunatic Asylum was originally famous as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum. It remained a site of mental hospital from a long period from 1867 to 1995 and the hospital easily accommodated 1200 patients in one go. Such capacity made it huge hospital area. In a history of 130 years, approximately 9,000 patients have died in its premises. It is assumed that out of the so many people died, several souls of them still haunt this location each passing of the day. Often many visitors are augured to have a nighttime ghost tour here which is a bit difficult task to accept.


Kuldhara is a spooky village in Rajasthan, India that is known for its disturbing history and mysterious environment you’d find here. Today, this village is completely deserted but there is a reason behind turning the Kuldhara into an abandoned haunted location. Well, the story goes like once upon a time, a communicable disease ceased few children’s lives. After that, the ghost of those infants demonically possessed their relatives and in the same manner, most of the villagers died. Since then, nobody lives here. It is also believed that there is a God’s curse on this village that makes it one of some absolutely spooky places in Rajasthan.

14. The Stones of Charlemagne, France

In ancient times this was the area of the Heathen temple and a place for burial. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) who was King of the Franks forced the Christian faith upon the people of this area and his forces killed priests and disgraced the graves. It is rumoured that Charlemagne broke the largest altar stone to prove that the Christian god was supreme.

Strange orbs have been seen, screams can be heard and blood stains are said to appear on the stones around the area where the priests were killed.

15. Alcatraz, USA

haunted Alcatraz Museum in California

Alcatraz is on an island out in San Francisco Bay. Before it was discovered by Europeans it was know as La Isla de los Alcatraces Spanish for Island of the Pelicans. It was not till 1850 that it was realized it would make a great defensive position incase of attack.

In 1854 The Army Corps of Engineers began the construction of an impenetrable structure. Most of the labourers were reluctant workers; they only worked there because they were unable to gain a job in the gold fields.

Because of the extensive work needed to be done, lives were lost, the first known to lose there lives here were Daniel Pewter aged 50 and Jacob Unger aged 25. 1859 Alcatraz became operational as a fortress and prison and received its first 11 prisoners who were kept in the basement cell.

In 1861 it became the official military prison for the entire department of the pacific. Alcatraz was grim, sanitary conditions were almost non existent, men slept in very close proximity to each other on stone floors and disease was rife. In 1876 Alcatraz became a prison for military convicts and malcontents of society.

There were many escape attempts non successful all surrendered or captured. In 1911 it became an official army prison, but due to the increase of crime sweeping across America in 1933 it was passed over to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and in 1934 it became a maximum security prison which was escape proof where only the most hardened prisoner were brought.

The first prisoner was Frank Bolt who got five years for sodomy; the first famous prisoner was Al Capone in August 1934. Most of the time Alcatraz was an end to a criminal career and also an end to a life. It was very isolated and full of deprivation, rules and routine. In March 1963 it was officially closed by Attorney General Robert Kennedy and up until 1969 remained empty. It is now run by the Golden Gate Recreational Area and a became widely popular with many visitors.

It is no wonder that with a history like that it become a place with strange goings Before anything was built there the Native Americans avoided the place saying it was full of evil spirits, and many ghosts roam around some not very nice, many people have reported being uneasy whilst there, and hearing moans, sobbing, clanking of chains and the feeling of not being alone.

There have been numerous sightings of ghosts a lot around cell block ‘D’, other places they have been seen is in the Wardens Office and laundry room. One ghost is said to appear with glowing eyes.

16. The Catacombs, Paris

The official name for the what is better known as the catacombs is ‘les carriers de Paris’ (the quarries of Paris). They are underground tunnels what were lime stone quarries in the roman era, and in the late 18th century they were turned into mass graves. This was ordered by Monsieur Thiroux de Crosne who at the time was a Lt General of Police and by an inspector of the quarries Monsieur Guillaumot.

It was decided mainly because the district Les Halles was suffering from the spread of disease due to contamination which was being caused by improper burials and mass graves. So it was decided to remove the bones and to place them in the disused quarries. Among the first to be removed were those from the Saint Nicholas des Champs cemetery.

Due to the problems caused by the amount of underground tunnels and the possible threat of them caving in, in 1777 the Inspection generale des Carrieres (General inspection of the quarries) was established by the government to monitor the quarries. This still continues today as now there are not just the catacombs but also subways, railway tunnels and sewers to be taken into consideration as well.

You are allowed to visit the catacombs on official visits, these tours are only a small part of what is a vast network of underground tunnels, it is illegal though to enter without an official guide and as been since 1955, and a fine will be enforced if you are caught.

The catacombs are said to be haunted, and even in the light are not a place for the faint hearted, it is said that there are few ghosts that still roam the tunnels and sometimes blue mists can be seen swirling around.

17. Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

The bridge we can see today was built in the 13th century by Peter Parler, King Charles IV favourite architect; originally it was mainly for the use of knight tournaments. For many years the only decoration on the bridge was that a crucifix. During 1600 and 1800 the Catholics desire for decoration resulted in the erection of 30 statues. Now most of the statues are copies due to different disasters happening over the years. Altogether there now stands 75 statues, the oldest one being of John of Nepomuk who was the King Wencelas IV priest.

Today it is a very busy tourist attraction, with many stalls and entertainers lining the bridge, and is the main pedestrian link from Old Town to Mala Strana.

Ten lords who were executed in the middle ages were beheaded and their heads were put on poles and displayed at the bridge, these lords are said to haunt the bridge, also it is reported that a goblin lives under the bridge and he collects the souls of the dead who have died from drowning after throwing themselves from the bridge.

18. Bran Castle, Czech Republic

Originally known as Dietrichstein it was built as a fortress in 1212 by the knights of the teutonic order. Toward the end if the 13th century it was taken over by the Saxons to protect the city of Brasov, which was an important trade centre. It is well known for the alleged reports that Vlad the impaler lived there, but this as not been proven. The last people to own it were Princess Ileana of Romania; she had inherited from her mother Queen Marie.

The Communist government of Romania seized the castle in 1948 and only erratically tended to it. It was restored in the 1980s and after the revolution in 1989 it became a tourist attraction. In 2006 the Romanian Government returned it to its rightful owner, the legal heir, who was the princesses’ son Dominic von Habsburg. It is known as Dracula’s castle even though the real Dracula castle lies in ruins by the Arges River.

Because of the links to Vlad the Impaler, Bran Castle is said to be a very haunted place because of how evil he was and the awful acts that he carried out towards other people.

19. Philippine Military Academy

Officer’s Academy of the Philippine Constabulary was opened in 1905 at Intramuros, Manila. It was relocated in 1908 to Baguio City.It was renamed The Philippine Constabulary Academy in 1926. Also at this time training course were lengthened from 9 months to 3 years.

WWII disrupted the academy and classes from 1942 and 1943 were graduated early to be assigned to combat. In 1947 the academy was re opened at Camp Henry T Allen. But needs were increasing for bigger grounds so it was moved again to its present location at Fort Del Pilar.
In 1993 the academy admitted its first female cadets.

There are said to be several ghosts that haunt the academy and grounds including a cadet in the locker rooms and a white lady. Also late at night sometimes the sound of a platoon can be heard marching.

20. Vimy Ridge, France

This was the site of the Battle of Arras in the WW1. It was controlled by the Germans. The area was fortified with tunnels, 3 rows of trenches which were behind barbed wire and had a huge amount of artillery. Previous attempts by the British and French army had failed to take the land over. In 1917 it was decided another attack would be launched.

All 4 divisions of the Canadian Corps were brought together along with the British 5th Infantry Division. After months of planning the attack was enforced and they succeeded. It started on April 2nd and the last ridge was controlled by the 12th April. Thousand of men lost their lives during this battle and many more thousands were wounded.

In recognition of the great sacrifice the Canadians made the French Government formally gave Canada a portion of the ridge in perpetuity. Also a memorial stands on hill 145 to commemorate the battle.

Many ghosts of soldiers have been seen on this site both German and Canadian and the sound of heavy breathing and the rustling of their gear as been heard. Also people have reported to being touched and shoved, and warned to leave the area quickly.

21. Kasteel Doorwerth castle, Netherlands

There was originally a wooden fortress on this site in 1260 which was totally destroyed. It was rebuilt 20 years later out of stone but again was destroyed and redone. From the 15th century the castle was continually added to and increased in size, it became what we see today by 1640. Throughout its history it as been constantly destroyed, restored or rebuilt and left unhabited for long periods of time. The worst of the damage was done in 1944 during The Battle of Arnhem. After this extensive renovations were carried out and lasted until 1983.By then it was owned by The Friends of the Castle of Gelderland and back in its 18th century state. It is now opened as a museum.

There has been a number of ghosts seen at the castle including a man in the dungeons, an unhappy servant, and a witch like woman, also other misty figures have been noticed.

22. Haunted Colosseum, Rome

Originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre, it was built in the middle of Rome between 72 AD and 80 AD, and was capable of seating 45.000 – 50.000 spectators.It was used for public spectacles including gladiator contests. The amphitheatre was the biggest ever built in the Roman Empire. The Colosseum was used for nearly five hundred, the last recorded games that were held there were in the 6th Century.

After it ceased to be used for entertainment purposes, it was used for things like workshops, a fortress and a quarry.

It is now in a severely ruined state due to stone robbers and earthquakes, but is still seen as a iconic symbol of Imperial Rome. It still as good connections with the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope and on each Good Friday a ‘Way of the Cross’ procession is led to the amphitheatre by the Pope.

The Colosseum is believed to be haunted, maybe due to the fact that gladiators thought that if a fallen gladiator was not given a proper burial they would roam the earth as a ghost, so there a maybe a few still wandering around.

23. Haunted Mount Everest, Nepal

The mountain is the highest one on Earth and is part of the Himalaya range. It was given its English name by Andrew Waugh the British surveyor general of India in 1865 who named it after George Everest his chief and predecessor. The Tibetan name for it is Chomolungma (Mother of the Universe). English 19th century records show the name as Deodungha (Holy Mountain). In the 1960’s the Government of Nepal gave it its official Nepali name of Sagarmatha (Head of the Sky) which was invented by Baburam Acharya.

The measurements of the mountain varies depending on time it was done and the method used. It can vary between 29,000 feet and 29,035 feet. It is the highest mountain measured fom above sea level but is not the largest from its base.

The mountain is popular with climbers and as 2 main routes, the southeast ridge from Nepal and the northeast ridge from Tibet. There are others but these are climbed less.

One of the earliest climbs was in 1924 by British George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, they never returned. Malllory’s body was found in 1999 by a research expedition near the old Chinese camp. Arguments have been raised whether they made ascent before the first one that was officially confirmed. Generally it is believed they did not.

The first successful ascent and descent was in 1953 by a British expedition led by John Hunt, who had 2 climbing pairs, the first were unsuccessful, the second pair Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay from Nepal were successful.

The mountain has claimed many lives up till 2006 there have been 203 deaths, many are left were they fell because of the difficulty of the conditions on the mountain.

Mount Everest is said to be haunted by some of the spirits of the people who have died there. The main one people see is thought to be that of Andrew Irvine, a friendly ghost whose presence gives encouragement to the climbers.

24. Haunted Rasnov Citadel, Romania

The citadel is situated on a hilltop in the Carpathian Mountains and was built in about 1215, yet the first mention of it was not until 1331.

This castle fortress differs from the norm in that it was built as a defence to protect the commoners from seiges, and because of this it had houses, school, chapel and other common buildings.

There was only one successful seige at the citadel by Gabriel Bathory in 1612 when the people surrendered after their secret water supply was found. After two failed attempts a ransom was paid in order to get it back.

A well was built inside the fortess after the water supply no longer remained a secret so there was no need to leave to fetch it during a seige. The well was built by two Turkish prisoners who were promised their freedom if they did the task. Work started in 1623 and took 17 years to complete, due to the fact where the well was it meant digging through 146 metres of solid rock. It remained in use until 1850 when the wheel broke. The fortress was last used as a refuge in 1848 during the revolution.

It as since undergone some restoration and renovations and is now a tourist attraction which among other things houses a museum.

There is lots of ghostly activity and mysteries surrounding the fortress, some things that have been reported are noises such as footsteps and voices and many entities have been seen including one of a nasty man and a young woman.

25. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

It was built in the 1930’s, but was not originally intended to be a hospital and at first was used as a military command quarters and barracks. It was first used as a hospital for the military during the war, when Changi was targeted by the Japanese army, and was a place that treated many injured soldiers and civilians.

Also it is thought many people were tortured here as the rest of the hospital is open planned but one room is enclosed and as a door, the walls seem thicker and there seems to be evidence of chains where people may have been tied up.Many people died at the hospital. After the war it was converted to a public hospital with a military ward on the third floor. The hospital was closed in 1997 and the facility was replaced by the Changi General Hospital.

The hospital is known to be haunted by many ghosts from different nationals and all races, from the time it was used as a military hospital and there have been many strange sounds and items appearing that were not there before.

26. Larnach Castle, New Zealand

The castle started to be built in 1871 by William Larnach for his first wife. The shell took 3 years to build, and craftsmen took 12 years embellishing the interior. No expense was spared and only the finest materials were used. After the death of Larnach is will was unsigned and the family was pulled apart by the fighting and arguments, due to this the castle was sold on.

The castle as always been privately owned but as had different uses besides being a home. Between 1900 and 1957 some of the uses were as a lunatic asylum, a nuns retreat and once the ballroom was a holding pen for sheep. For the past 40 years it as been with the Barker family. The ballroom is hired out for celebrations and functions among other things.

There are thought to be a few ghosts at the castle, including a female on the third floor believed to be the first wife, a child in one of the bedrooms and Mr Larnach himself.

27. Lucedio Abbey Trinio, Italy

The abbey was founded in 1124 when Renier Marques of Monferraro provided an extensive lot of land known as Locez. It is believed that for many years the abbey was a place where many murders were carried out lots of people were tortured. After the abbey was secularised in 1784, it had many different owners and uses including Napoleon Bonaparte who gave it to Camillo Borghese in exchange for a large amount of artwork. Today the building is incorporated into a rice farm.

The paranormal activity reported at the abbey is, a column that is said to get wet from weeping because of the horrors it as witnessed, under the church there is a crypt where the abbots were buried and that they were buried there to guard something that is evil, and this evil presence can be strongly felt by those that enter the crypt, also there is sometimes a strange fog that mysteriously appears and rises in the Prinipato building and tower.

28. Davali’s Cave, Greece

The official name for the cave is simply Cave of Pendeli, it is known as Daveli’s cave cave because it is believed that an infamous thief from the 19th century used it as one of his hideout, yet this is still not verifiable.

The cave was first noticed in the 5th century, the surrounding areas were being quarried for marble for the Acrolopis and the cave was discovered by chance.

The cave as been used for many different religious purposes including a place of worship for the followers of the nymphs, a small orthodox church and was and maybe at times still is used by occultists. Also many times throughout its history the cave as been used as shelter for civilians.

There have been many reports of strange goings on at the cave including apparitions been seen, noises being hears, and odd balls of light floating and darting around the cave.

29. Belvedre Fort, Italy

The fort was built between 1590 and 1595 for Grand Duke Ferdinando l de Medici and was designed by Bernado Buontalenti. It was built to protect the city and the Medici rule, it was also used to hold the Medici treasury. The fort was connected to the Palazza Vecchio via the Vasari Corridor and paths in the Boboli Gardens.

Inside the fort a villa was built as a place for the Grand Duke to use during times of unrest, the villa was a luxurious palace and was unlike the rest of the fort. This area was also a place where witches used to be burned at the stake. Today it is open to the public and is used for many different things such as exhibitions.

There have been many strange things happen in and around the fort such as the sound of children laughing, singing, people talking and also several ghosts have been sighted.

30. St James Theatre, England

The theatre was built as Her Majesty’s Theatre in 1912, and was the first entirely steel framed and reinforced concrete theatre in that part of the world. It was designed so that the audience and production on stage would be closer, and the auditorium was highly ornamental with things like cherubs and gilded art work.

The theatre came under threat of demolition in the 1980’s but the community was not willing to see it go and fought for its upkeep.  The Wellington City Council Charitable Trust donated some money towards refurbishment as did other groups such as the Lottery Grants Board. In 1988 the trust gathered most of the money needed.

St James Theatre now refurbished is a permanent home for The Royal New Zealand Ballet. And continues to stage many productions. It has also been recognised as Category 1 building of outstanding cultural and historical significance by The New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

Many ghosts have been seen at the theatre the most popular being a male named Yuri who fell from the flies above the stage, he is known to like turning lights back on after people especially the cleaners turn them off. Also there is a wailing woman and  a man at the back corridor who is often heard wheezing.

31. Castle of Good hope, South Africa

The ‘castle’ is actually a defensive fort and was built between 1666 and 1679.  Although the sea is now a distance away when it was built it was on the beach. It was done the way so that when the tide came in it would fill the moat. But also if there were prisoners in the dungeon they were a strong possibility that if there were huge waves it would fill the dungeon and they would drown.

Also the fort was used as an execution site where slaves, convicts etc were hung. Inside the walls it had many of its own facilities such as a bakery, church and workshops.  It is the oldest structure in South Africa, and now is the headquarters for the Western Province Army Command; it also houses the William Fehr collection of Africana, and parts are a museum. 

There are a few ghost that are said to wander around the castle for e.g. a tall glowing figure, a curly haired women thought to be Lady Ann Barnard, a male ghost that is Pieter Gysbert van Noodt ans also footsteps can often be heard when no one else is around.

32. The Gronvik mansion, Finland

The mansion was built around 1780 for Judge of appeal Johan Casimir de la Chapelle. When it was used as the main building for the glassworks in the 19th century new floors were added. The Gronberg family who ran the glassworks lived there for 3 generations, then the von Troils for 3 generations and was brought by the Hastbacka family in the 1990’s.

There have been many reports about paranormal activity here, which include the sightings of several ghosts.

33. Forbidden Plateau, British Colombia

This is a small hilly plateau in the East of the Vancouver Island Ranges. The terrain has mainly sub alpines which is broken by small rugged hills and small lakes. Much of the land is contained within Strathcona Provincial Park.

The legend of the plateau came about after the Comox people were facing raids by other coastal tribes. They took their women and children there to keep them safe. Once during a raid from the Cowichan all the women and children vanished without a trace. So it as become believed that it is inhabited by an evil spirit who consumes those that get sent there.

34. Haunted Flying Dutchman

There are many different variations to this, the most popular seem to be the legend about a Dutch ship that sank off the coast of Cape of Good Hope in 1641.

The Captain Van der Decken, feeling pleased about their latest trip was so deep in thought that he failed to notice that the ship was sailing into a fierce storm and only realised when he heard the screams of the lookout. Being a stubborn man he thought that would make it and refused to give up, swearing that they would complete the trip even if it took till doomsday.

So even to this this day especially on stormy nights it is said the ship and its captain can still be seen, but if you do see it is claimed that you are doomed.

People who have reported seeing it says it as a strange red glow which surrounds it.

35. House of the Binns, Scotland

The house built in 1612, always belonged to the same family the Dalyells. The first being butter merchant Thomas. The building shows changes from a strong hold to a more spacious home. It was considerably extended in the 18th century.

One of the most famous Dalyell’s was Royalist Sir Thomas (junior)  known as Tam, who defeated the Covenanters at the Battle of Rullion Green in 1666. The last residents gifted it to the National Trust in 1944 along with all its contents and adjoining parkland. 

The house is haunted by a few ghost included that of Tam who as been seen in the house and grounds, there are a few legends that surround him, including one where he played a game of cards with the devil and won, in anger the devil threw the marble table at Tam who ducked, the table went thro8ugh the window and landed in the pond, where it is said it was found some 2 hundred years later in 1885 after a drought.

36. San Pietro in Vincova, Italy

The church was built in 432 over the ruins of an imperial villa to house the chains that bound St Peter when he was imprisoned in Jerusalem.  According to the legend these chains along with ones that were used during his imprisonment in Mamertime, fused together when Pope Leo I compared them.

The building has gone through several restorations and rebuilding. It was restored between 772 – 795 by Pope Adrian I and rebuilt between 1471 – 1484 by Pope Sixtus IV and 1503 – 1513 by Pope Julius II. It has been owned by the Italian state since 1970, and is now deconsecrated.   It is said that it was used by some as a place to practice dark arts and rituals.

Dark shadows are often seen here, the main one thought to be a Russian princess who is seem wearing a black veil over her face. Also strange noises are heard and objects are moved.

37. Princess Theatre, Australia

The Princess Theatre is amongst the most haunted places in the world

In another location in Australia you can see haunted Princess Theatre that is assumed to be an eerie of Frederici ghost. The history explains about erstwhile Italian baritone singer, Frederici or Frederick Baker having died on the stage in 1888 while concluding a performance as Mephistopheles in Faust. It was then said that he died on the stage due to a trapdoor dropping beneath his feet that caused him to fall from the stage just to die of heart attack shock. Princess Theater continued the tradition to save a seat for Frederic during opening-night performances every year for several decades.

These were the most notorious destinations in the world of paranormal. If you are a horror aficionado and want to take a visit of any of these most haunted places in the world, take proper precautions. Also, don’t forget to tell us which of the above spots appeared most frightening to you.

List of most haunted places in Australia

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