9 Most Haunted places in Missouri to make everyone’s blood run cold

Most haunted places in Missouri

Missouri has long been a state that is surrounded in mystery, and has a vast number of towns, and cities that are haunted. Due to Missouri’s location many battles were fought here, and many great men lost their lives. Not only did the American Civil War fight here, but also French and Spanish colonist battles. Many of the buildings and areas throughout Missouri are believed to have had a number of sightings leading to the belief that there are ghosts and spirits present. Having said that, take a verbal tour of these most haunted places in Missouri.

The Lemp Mansion, St Louis

The Lemp mansion in St Louis is reported to be the most haunted building in Missouri, and in fact ranks ninth as the most haunted building in the US. Over the years there has been four reported suicides from owners of this eerie mansion. Visitors to the building report a feeling of someone watching them at all times, and other paranormal activity has been recorded. Many people feel that the ghost watching them is the former owner Charles Kemp who was the first to commit suicide.

Haunted Roosevelt High School, Missouri

Haunted Roosevelt high school, Missouri

Another haunted area in St Louis is the Roosevelt High School that was built on the grounds of a former cemetery. The actual headstones were removed and relocated; however, everything else remains under the school. Many people claim to see figures watching over the grounds, and then simply vanishing into thin air. There was also a fire on the fourth floor which killed both students, and firefighters. People have claimed that they can hear the sound of the students screaming, and banging on the walls in this area.

Haunted Jane Chin Hospital

In Webb City the Jane Chin hospital is now abandoned, and has a long history of being haunted by several of the former patients. There are many strange noises that come from the many floors, and areas within the hospital walls. Some people have also reported the noises of the hospital gurneys being wheeled along the surgery route. Although there are several sightings of different ghosts within the old hospital the strangest one is of a man and his dog.

There are many more fascinating places of interest that have reported sightings, and haunting over the years. Maybe they are due to the high level of death that has occurred throughout the state, or maybe it is simply because the people of Missouri are more open to paranormal activity.

Haunted Missouri State Penitentiary

haunted Missouri state Penitentiary

The Missouri state penitentiary was once the largest prison in the united states. It is spread in the 47 acres and housed a vibrant campus, containing 5200 inmates at its peak. During the past, a victim of the 1954 prison riot was awarded to death in the gas chamber. His spirit is believed to haunt the Penitentiary, producing several paranormal disturbances.

During night hours, ghost shadows and creepy noises can be heard in this structure. Few paranormal investigators have also reported several cold spots and ghost orbs in the inner section of this penitentiary. Due to the presence of a malevolent spirit, it is considered amongst most haunted places in Missouri.

The Bass County Inn

The Bass County Inn in Springfield has recently been closed down; however, no one will confirm if this is due to the sightings of the resident ghost. A former bus boy at the old coaching Inn roams the corridors, and areas of the hotel. Many members of staff have reported his presence, and although he appears to be harmless many guests have been scared of him. He is often seen lurking in the kitchen, and many of the staff members have come to live with this boy’s presence.

Union Station, Kansas City

The Kansas city train station was built in 1914 was a prime centre of travel cross-through. It used to be a busy spot in the past when passengers would gather at the station for commuting purposes. It facilitated hundreds of passengers trains, carrying several thousand commuters on a daily basis.

However, the situation turns straight 360 degrees with the arrival of the dark. During night hours, the station employees claim of seeing a woman’s apparition. This black dressed woman would appear from nowhere, climb the stairs and thin into air. There are several stories about the woman. Few people also believe that she died from an accident taking place in here.

There are few other ghosts evident at the union station. Having said that, staffs have reported of encountering mystical apparitions of travellers in black suit with suitcases wandering in the halls. Due to the presence of ghouls and their chilling stories, this place is enlisted amongst top haunted destinations in Missouri.

The Zombie Road, Wildwood

haunted zombie road, Wildwood

The zombie road in wildwood is actually a fraction of the Rock hollow trail, old railroad tracks. It opens half an hour before sunrise and closes half hour post sunset. This 2.5 mile stretch is one of the largest native American burial mounds. So, what makes it one of the most haunted places in Missouri?

According to several stories, several earthbound spirits haunt this road. In addition, there are few other ghosts who have reported to have died in accidents. During night hours, numerous ghost shadows can be seen lurking at this road.

As the name suggests, this road is infamous for housing numerous graves, in which people who had died in accidents or, killed in a brutal manner are cremated here. Frequent wandering of spirits in this locality makes its name perfect in this context.

Phelps Grove park, Springfield

Phelps Grove Park in Springfield has a vast and detailed history as it was once the tribal ground for an Indian tribe. Although the park, and surrounding area is very old, the haunting stem from a more recent incident. It is also believed that as a newly married couple drove through the park their car lost control, and they were both killed. The dramatic image of the bride, in her wedding dress is claimed to be seen under the third bridge in the park. Her face and features are often reported to be missing, and all that is there is darkness.

The Haunted Pythian Castle

Haunted Pythian castle, Missouri
Photographed by Klotz

The Pythian castle is situated in Springfield and is known as one of the most haunted places in Missouri. This 50 rooms structure was earlier an orphanage where abandoned children were kept. It was plagued by torture and suicide and thus, infected with malevolent spirits who create a lot of paranormal activities. Later, this site was emptied and occupied by the US Military services.

Years later, several reports originated from nowhere about the spookiness of this castle. As a result, this news lured many paranormal societies and ghost hunters to the Pythian castle. Zak Bagan’s “Ghost Adventures” toured this ancient castle and reported of few cold spots and few mysterious high pitched voices. Off late, it was investigated by the Ozark society and the Paranormal task force. They reported of seeing dusky apparitions of children and heard slow murmurs.

After it was declared a top spooky destination, the Pythian castle was opened to visitors for ghost tours. Are you the one willing to pay a hefty amount for investigating this 40,000 square foot castle? We neither.

Other Haunted Places in Missouri

Talking about the other haunted places in Missouri, there is this peace church cemetery where the malevolent ghost of a murderer Billy resides. In addition, the haunted Kendrik house in Carthage is a home to the child ghost of Carol who died of polio. Even the education institutions aren’t far behind. Take a tour of the State university and you will find a female phantom in the Freddy house.

There are numerous spooky locations in the state of Missouri, which make it one of the most haunted places in America. Next time when you visit these place, tell us about your horror stories in the comments below. Happy haunting.

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