Haunted Oregon : Top 5 places, Ghosts & Hauntings

Most haunted places in Oregon

America’s 33rd state, the state of Oregon comprises of a throng of mesmerising natural destinations. Oregon has locations to meet the interest of people of every category. In this connotation, there are several haunted places in Oregon where lots of paranormal activities take place. Having said that, wade through the following most haunted places in Oregon, its past and hauntings.

Haunted Pittock Mansion, Oregon

Haunted Pittock Mansion in Oregon

History & Past: The mansion was originally built as a family home for the publisher Henry Pittock and his wife. The home was involved in a scandal in 1911 when Will H Daly made it public that they had a water line construction to the property which was at the cities expense, despite at the time the property being half a mile outside the city limits. Georgina died in 1918 and Henry in 1919. The Pittock family remained at the mansion until 1958.

Peter Gantenbein their grandson tried unsuccessful in trying to sell the house. Lots of damage was done to the mansion in the 1962 Columbus Day Storm, and the owners considered the only option to be demolition, but the community raised $75.000 to help the city purchase the property, the City of Portland agreed about its value as an historic resource and brought the mansion for $225.000. The mansion was restored and opened to the public in 1965.

Ghosts & Hauntings- Things that have been reported at the mansion are the sound of heavy footsteps, the smell of roses, a picture of Henry which is normally on the mantle moves around on its own and a figure of an elderly woman as been seen.

Haunted McLaughlin and Barclay House, Oregon

Haunted McLaughlin and Barclay House in Oregon

History & Past: McLoughlin House is a white two story mansion that was built by Dr John McLoughlin in 1845. He founded the town of Oregon City in 1842. He was the town’s mayor, banker and investor. McLoughlin was a very kind and generous man who would let travellers stay in his home, and after his retirement would still see to charity cases. After his death in 1857, his daughter sold the mansion and it became a hotel. A wool mill owner brought it and up until 1886 it housed Chinese workers. Later it became a brothel and finally it was an apartment which was abandoned and took over by the vagrants. The mansion finally turned into a museum in 1910.

Barclay House was built by Dr Forbes Barclay in 1845 and he lived there with his wife Maria and their 7 children. Dr Barclay has served as a major, school superintendent and the first coroner of Oregon. It was moved to its present location in 1930 when it moved from its former location on the waterfront. It is now a ticket office and gift shop for the McLoughlin House and also one room is available for hire.

Ghosts & Hauntings- The ghosts of McLoughlin House have also been known to wander around the Barclay House which is next door. The spirits started to appear at McLoughlin house when the original owners who were buried by the house at the previous location were transferred to be buried between the two houses where they both now stand.

Some of the ghosts to bee seen are John McLoughlin and his wife Marguerite. In the parlour people feel fearful and the sense of foreboding this is where John died and also it is thought a murder was once committed here, many Chinese spirits have been seen, sometimes in a huddle as if they fear something, also displays have been changed, things disappear and then reappear and knocking sounds have been heard.

Ghosts known to flit between both houses are a little red headed boy, a woman in a beautiful gown and also muddy dog paw prints have been seen.

Haunted White Eagle Saloon, Oregon

Haunted White Eagle Saloon in Oregon

History & Past: The white eagle saloon was built in 1905. It was first opened by 2 Polish immigrants, as a recreational place for men after they had finished their days work. It offered pool, liquor, poker and according to sources, if workers had the right money they had a brothel upstairs and an opium den downstairs what they could use.

The saloon earned the nickname “Bucket of Blood” which was due to the frequent violent brawls that happened in and around the saloon. But by 1916 when Prohibition put a stop to legal drinking, it became the place to get pop and ice cream cones, but if someone wanted a ‘stiff pop’ then this could still be got in the basement.

After the ban was lifted it was once again serving mainly hard working customers, until the 70s and 80’s when bands started to play there. Today as from 1983 as well as a saloon it is a cafe/restaurant and rock & roll hotel and a place which now welcomes families.

Ghosts & Hauntings- The sightings of many apparition have been reported including ‘Rose’ who once worked there, Chinese women and men spirits that seem angered, in the basement things are known to be thrown around and people have been touched.

Haunted Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Oregon

Haunted Tillamook Rock Lighthouse in Oregon

History & Past: A lighthouse was needed and the first place at Tillamook Head was unsuitable. So another place had to be found, 1 mile away a vast rock rose out of the sea, with sheer drops at each sides, the first person to go and see if it was possible in 1879 was a lighthouse engineer but he could not get off his boat as the sea was to fierce, but he thought it was possible to build the lighthouse there. 

The first surveyor John Trewaves and his assistant Cherry accessed the site by jumping from the boat but Trewaves slipped and fell in the sea, Cherry did try to save him but was unable to and his body was never found. His replacement was Charles Ballantyne. No local workers could be found for the build as they thought it was foolish, so he brought in people who did not know the area and kept them away from the locals as not to scare them. Work started in late 1879. 

For the first 2 weeks they were exposed to the weather as they was yet no shelter. In January 1880 a fierce storm hit and most of their tools and provisions were swept away the workers hid in their shelter till it passed, help arrived 16 days later and the circumstances were dire. But they soon had tools and provisions provided for them once again. The hump of the rock was finally flattened in May and work could begin on the lighthouse. The lighthouse was finished and first lit in January 1881. 

It became known as Terrible Tilly. The time a keeper was kept at the lighthouse was changed from 3 months work and 2 weeks off to 42 days on and 21 days off as the conditions were both physically and mentally difficult. As there were always 4 keepers posted there a lot of the time things would become very strained between them, if a keeper was showing signs of unsuitability he was quickly removed. Repairs to the lighthouse were also constant as debris was often thrown through the roof and windows by the storms Seaweed clogged the fog signal and it often became flooded. 

Ghosts & Hauntings- The lighthouse was used until 1857 when the last keeper Oswald Alik finally turned off the light. It was then sold on numerous times to many different people until a woman brought in 1980 and turned it into Eternity at Sea Columbarium, where people can choose to have their ashes put.

This lighthouse as never been a place for the public and probably never will be, but there are still many stories about strange things that have happened there such as the keepers feeling things go past them, the sound of footsteps being heard and strange shadows in the dark.

Lonely Ghost of the Heceta Road Lighthouse in Oregon


Haunted Heath man Hotel, Oregon

Haunted Heath man Hotel in Oregon

History & Past: The Hotel was opened in 1927 in an Italian Renaissance style, and was seen at the time as Portland’s most modern hotel. During the 1950s Portland suffered a downfall and was almost forgotten as businesses and entertainment moved to the suburbs.

But by the 1980’s a cultural Renaissance had began and the hotel was seen as a focal point to the success of the district. It had major renovations in the public spaces and the exterior was restored and after two years was reopened in 1984. In 2002 more renovations were carried out and in 2005 all the guest rooms were done as well.

Ghosts & Hauntings- The hauntings and strange happenings seem to happen in a column of rooms ending in 03 (703, 803, 1003) especially room 703, cold spots are felt, rapping sounds are heard, objects move by themselves, sometimes a distorted face appears and stares at you and guests have left the room tidy only to return to it as if it as been used, but there is no sign of the electronic key being used.

These most haunted places in America are frequented by numerous ghosts.


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