The 35 Super Most Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Most haunted places in Pennsylvania

Known as the Keystone state, Pennsylvania is famous for its dense forests, major cities and chocolate factories. It is one of the original colonies of the united states and houses several worn ancient structures. Having said that, It is no wonder to find some mysterious spirits lurking from the halls, dark world creatures wandering into the jungles and ghouls awaiting the visitors at the dilapidated houses in Pennsylvania. Being a horror aficionado, it is the high time you confront these malevolent anomalies at some of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

Amity Hall, Pennsylvania

Watts Township, PA

The Amity Hall hotel was constructed in the 1800s. However, it was abandoned for some time and fell into disrepair. Many reports claim that the hotel was transformed into a hospital during the civil war.

There were several reports of gruesome murders in the inn. Some people say that a woman was beaten to death in the woods. On the other hand, others claim a mysterious explosion with a high death toll. The most famous story involves a resident of the inn going mad, murdering his children and wife, and then hanging himself in the attic. 

People have reported strange lights and faces in the windows, dark anomalous shapes in the surrounding area, blood stains on the floor of the attic, the shape of a woman walking through the nearby woods and a malevolent ghoul that tends to act out against male trespassers. This place is full of activities including “bad vibes”, strange drops in temperature and sounds of footsteps or doors slamming inside the building.

Unfortunately this place has burned down. However, since many of the reports claim activity outside the inn, it would probably still be worth checking out. Just be aware: NO TRESPASSING.

Packsaddle Gap, Pennsylvania

East of Blairsville, PA

Haunted Packsaddle Gap, East of Blairsville, PA

The gap’s excellent game is the source of it’s ghost. A hunter who accidentally shot his girlfriend when he was hunting for deer, haunts this valley. Although this accident happened at the turn of the century, his guilt keeps him there, perhaps to warn others.

Please heed the following warning if you go hiking there or looking for the ghost: During the peak deer season (November 15 – December 15, except Sundays), you must “wear a minimum of 250 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange-colored material on the head, chest and back combined or, in lieu thereof, a hat of the same colored material. The material shall be worn so it is visible in a 360° arc”.

Johnstown Incline, Pennsylvania

711 Edgehill Drive, Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905

Haunted Johnstown Incline at Edgehill drive, PA

This is, according to the Guinness Book of World records, the world’s steepest vehicular inclined plane. It is probably the only haunted one, too. Over 100 coal miners were buried alive here when it collapsed in 1902. Since that time, visitors to the incline have reported seeing miners working and walking around the site.

Baker Mansion, Pennsylvania

3419 Oak Lane, Altoona, PA 16603

Haunted Baker Mansion, Altoona, PA

This mansion, now a museum, was once the home of Elias Baker. He owned iron mills and a large chunk of what is now Altoona. The story goes that his daughter, Anna, fell in love with one of the mill workers. The match was completely unacceptable to her father, who forbid the relationship to continue. Anna refused to marry anyone other than her true love and she died unmarried.

The historical society took over the mansion. They have turned it into a museum, and that’s when the rumors of it being creepy came into glance. Due to several spooky stories, locals name it one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

The Harmony Inn, Pennsylvania

230 Mercer Street, Harmony

Haunted Harmony Inn, Mercer street

Television and radio stations, and print media from all over Western Pennsylvania have reported on the haunting of the inn. Friendly entities have been attributed to unexplained air movements and electrical impulses, sensations of a warm presence, and furniture and other inanimate objects that have been moved in seemingly no other way.

The Smurl House, Pennsylvania

West Pittston, Pennsylvania

Creepy Smurl house Pennsylvania

This is a famous case, documented in a book called “The Haunted”, which was not bad. It was also dramatized in a movie, which was kind of bad, mostly due to cheesy special effects. As Warrens investigated this case, demons were, of course, blamed for the phenomena. Since the exorcisms were ineffective, I suspect the spirits were likely not demons or demonic in nature.

This was after the Warrens and the Smurls went public, claiming that in spite of repeated attempts at exorcism, they were unable to end the phenomena. So, you can’t neglect the following reasons-

  1. Pittston is an area full of coal mines, underground caverns, and sink holes. Conduction of zero geographic survey took place to determine if this caused some of the phenomena.
  2. Nobody inspected the plumbing in the house for leaks, nor did they inspect the sewer line as a possible cause for settling, leaks, etc.
  3. Admittedly, this is remote, but it is possible that one of the above things cause some phenomena which people often mistake for ghosts- and then hysteria took over.

Gravity Hill, Pennsylvania

Bedford County, PA

Gravity Hill, Bedford county, PA

If you put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, and turn off the ignition, you will hear horse galloping and your car will start to move up the hill.

There used to be railroad tracks at the bottom of the road. One day a school bus filled with children was crossing the tracks and it stalled. All the kids died in an ensuing collision between the oncoming train and the bus. Supposedly, if you go to this road and put your car in neutral the kids push you back up the hill. When you get to the top, get out of your car and you will see the handprints of children on your bumper.

There are claims that nobody knows for sure what the cause is, or that it could be a gravity warp in the earth, but a more widespread explanation is that it is an illusion found in a number of places such as the Electric Brae in Scotland and Magnetic Hill in Canada which also have a “gravity hill”.

In Bedford County, a “GH” spray-painted on the road tells you when you’ve found the spot where you can stop your car, shift it into neutral, then watch as it seems to slowly roll uphill. If you’re still not convinced, just pour water on the road – and watch as it flows uphill!

These “gravity hills” are places where gravity itself seems to be backwards or warped. Our perceptions of up, down, straight and crooked are confused by what some say are powerful gravitational anomalies and dizzying magnetic vortexes. Others say it is something paranormal – those spirits of children, soldiers, or accident victims that push the car uphill. Is that the case, or are our senses being fooled by natural optical illusions?

St. David’s Episcopal Church Cemetery, Pennsylvania

Radnor, PA

St David's Episcopal church cemetery, Radnor, PA

The origin of this story is a rather macabre event that took place in 1809. The ghost that appears in this cemetery is none other than General “Mad Anthony” Wayne. Before his death in 1796, he requested that he be buried in a plain oak coffin near Erie, PA. His wishes were carried out.

For some reason, 13 years later, his son, Isaac, decided to move his father’s remains to the family plot in Radnor, PA. Although this was clearly against the wishes of this remarkable patriot, for some reason his son was permitted to exhume his father’s body. Isaac’s plan had been to reduce the body to smaller parcels that would fit in his carriage.

When the body was exhumed, however, it was found to be in an unusually good state of preservation. The original plan was abandoned, and a new one was born. Isaac had his father’s body boiled in an iron kettle to remove the flesh from the bone

This plan was carried out, and Isaac returned to Radnor with his father’s bones. The flesh that had been removed from the bones as well as the knives used in the operation were reburied in the original grave near Erie.

All the makings of a ghost story! Well, make one it did. Every year, or so the story goes, General Wayne’s ghost leaves his grave, searching for his missing flesh- or does he? Read about the paranormal phenomena encountered here in “Philly’s Main Line Haunts”.

Old Carbon County Jail, Pennsylvania

Jim Thorpe, PA

Haunted Old Carbon county jail, PA

The Old Jail is similar in design to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, and was designed by the son of the architect who designed Eastern State.

Prior to 1979, solitary cells were located in the basement. The basement is very damp, dark and spooky. Lighting had to be installed before it was opened for tours, and the electrician who was hired to install the lights swore that he would never go back down there again. There are shackles still attached to some of the walls.

Until the laws were changed in 1979, prisoners were held in these dark, cold cells for up to two weeks at a time. It is so cold down there that tours cannot be held in winter. Only one of the eight basement cells has a toilet. Two of the Molly Maguire are believed to have been held in these basement cells; James Kerrigan and Edward Kelly.

Back in the main cellblock, in front of the reconstructed gallows, you can see Cell 17 on your left. On The wall of this cell bears the legendary handprint. Apparently the handprint was left by one of the accused Molly Maguires, either Alexander Campbell or Thomas Fisher. Before the execution, the man put his hand on the dirt floor, then pressed it against the wall. 

He then stated that the mark would remain there forever as a sign of his innocence. The handprint on the wall was first noticed after the execution. Since then, it has been washed, painted over, dug out and plastered over, but it always returns. The handprint has also been examined by a geologist and analyzed using a gas chromatograph. The only material that was detected was the paint on the wall.

Rusty Nail Bar, Pennsylvania

Cindy’s Rusty Nail, 939 Mauch Chunk Rd. (Hazard Road), Palmerton, PA

The story with this place is that the image of a former owners face can be seen in a leather- covered cabinet door here. Supposedly, his face appeared after he committed suicide there. The cabinet is located in the bar, under the cash register.

They weren’t too open about the paranormal aspect of this – and I have now noticed that there is apparently new management. I hope they haven’t gotten rid of the cabinet! Honestly, from what I saw, it was a suggestion of a face and didn’t resemble anyone in particular. Still…the legend is there.

Indian Echo Caverns, Pennsylvania

Hummelstown, PA

Haunted Indian echo caverns, Hummelstown, PA

These caverns were used by the Susquehannock Indians until they vanished in the 1670’s. It is believed that they used the caverns as a refuge during inclement weather because of the constant temperature. They may have used the Ballroom for initiation ceremonies and felt that good spirits inhabited crystal lake. (pictured above) The Susquehannock believed the Rainbow Room was the abode of evil spirits and rarely entered that area.

A century later, the caverns were used as a refuge by William Wilson, the hermit who lived on a ledge for 19 years after the tragic death by hanging of his only sister in 1785.

So who is the glaring Indian that is seen holding the severed head of a bearded white man in the Rainbow Room? Legends don’t tell us whether this is the source of the evil spirits or was caused by the evil spirits believed to reside there.

Red Ford Plantation, Pennsylvania

Rockford Road, Lancaster, PA

Haunted red ford plantation, Lancaster, PA

This mansion was the home of an Irish immigrant and American Patriot, General Edward Hand. Hand came to America (See- Most haunted places in America) after studying medicine at Trinity College in Dublin.

In 1775, he joined the Continental Army as Lieutenant Colonel of the first Battalion of Pennsylvania Riflemen. He became Adjutant General to Washington in 1781. After the war, he returned home to Lancaster and remained active in local politics. In 1794, he moved to Rock Ford and lived there until his death in 1802.

The Plantation was built in 1794. The mansion contains a furnishings and artifacts from the time period – some are from the Hand family and some have been donated.

After Edward Hand died, his family remained in the house until 1810, at which time the family sold the property. It was then operated as a tenant farm into the 20th century. The house has been known as a “haunted” house since the Hand family experienced some misfortune and unhappiness there.

During the second half of this century, the house was turned into a museum and the ghosts of Rock Ford have been documented in Ghost: Investigating the Other Side.

The Rexmont Inn, Pennsylvania

299 Rexmont Road, Lebanon, PA

Haunted Rexmont Inn, Lebanon, Pa

Cyrus Rex, a financier who bankrolled the town that bears his name, never married and spent much of his time traveling abroad with his longtime companion, Dr. Andrew M. Gleninger. The couple, fearing scandal, never occupied the magnificent mansion the millionaire built in 1875.

Dead for more than a century, Rex apparently never left home. Guests staying at his former residence, when it was a bed and breakfast, claim the ghost they’ve seen in Victorian gowns is actually a man and the manor’s original lord. He’s said to be a friendly spirit. I am unsure of the status of this place; last check showed that it was now a private home.

Wickerham Inn, Pennsylvania

Old Route 30, Cashtown PA, Adams county

Haunted Wickerham Inn in Adams county

The inn was built in 1797. During the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War, the inn became the Confederate Headquarters of General A.P. Hill.

Today, the ghost of a Civil War soldier may be seen walking the halls of the inn. His footsteps have been heard in the attic as well, and he has been known to knock at the door of Room 4 in the middle of the night.

Eisenhower House, Pennsylvania

Taneytown Road, Gettysburg

Haunted Eissenhower house Gettysburg PA

This home was bought by Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower as a place to relax and they retired here after his term as president. Apparently Mamie like it so much she never left! She lived in the house until her death in 1979. Three years later, some strange occurrences cause some National Park Employees to threaten to resign.

Mamie’s ghost most often appears in a corner of the living room and near a window in her bedroom. A psychic who visited the house at the request of park service employees was apparently able to contact the spirit of Mamie. She was upset that the Park Service was going to destroy part of the property to make a parking lot. The Park Service subsequently cancelled those plans.

Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania

300 North Washington street, Gettysburg

Pennsylvania hall of the Gettysburg college is allegedly haunted
Image Source

Ghosts of Civil War soldiers have been seen in Pennsylvania Hall. There is a story of two staff members who took the elevator one night and the elevator went past their stop to the basement of the building, where the doors opened to a scene of horror.

They saw a Civil War era hospital full of wounded soldiers. In one corner, there is a pile of amputated limbs. A surgeon in blood-drenched clothing began to approach them and they began to panic and push all of the elevator buttons. The doors closed and they never found out exactly what he wanted.

Ghosts of children have been seen in Stevens Hall. A spirit of a young girl gazes at her own reflection in mirrors here. The ghost of a blue boy has also been seen. The college was a children’s school from 1911 – 1935.

The college’s Theatre, Brua Hall, is haunted by a ghost called “The General”. He is an aged Civil War officer seen reclining in a ghostly chair at centerstage. he has also been seen looking out an eastern window of the building.

Farnsworth House, Pennsylvania

Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA

Haunted Fransworth house in Pennsylvania

This Bed & Breakfast claims several active ghosts, including a Confederate soldier in the attic. Farnsworth house legend claims that he was the one who fired the bullet that killed Jennie Wade. The sounds of a tune being played on a flute or similar instrument have been heard in the attic as well.

The upstairs (second floor) has a female ghost called Mary. Guest have reported feeling a pressure on their bed, as if someone has sat down on it.

Enoch Brown Park, Pennsylvania

Antrim Township, Franklin County

Haunted Enoch Brown park in Franklin County Pa

This park was the site of the Enoch Brown School massacre that took place on July 26, 1764 during the Pontiac Wars. A common grave and monument mark the site of this tragic historical event where eleven school children and their teacher were attacked by Indians. There was only one survivor, a student, Archie McCullough, who told how the schoolmaster had offered his own life in exchange for the lives of his class.

The victims were buried in a common grave and a monument was erected. In 1843 the grave was excavated to determine the location and number of bodies. The monument lists the names of those murdered here as follows:

  • Enoch Brown, schoolmaster
  • Dean, two brothers
  • Dunstan, George
  • Hale, Ruth
  • Hart, Ruth
  • Taylor, Eben
  • unknown (four)

It is said that the sound of children’s voices are heard here when there are no children around.

Easton Public Library, Pennsylvania

Northampton County

Easton Public library, Northampton County, PA

In 1901, it was decided that the Easton Library needed to be larger. The best site for the new library turned out to be the largest graveyard. It was conveniently no longer in use. The building was completed in 1903, and in the process of construction 514 graves had been disturbed. Most of the bodies were moved to other cemeteries, but at least thirty were unclaimed.

Two former citizens, Elizabeth Bell “Mammy” Morgan and William Parsons, were reburied in graves with markers on the library grounds. Mammy Morgan is buried on the west lawn and Parsons is buried on the front lawn. The other corpses, and any unidentified pieces of bodies, were just dumped into an underground vault on the property.

Today, the library is said to be haunted by these misplaced souls. Doors slam shut and open suddenly, filing cabinet drawers swing open for no reason, and unseen hands run through the hair or touch the shoulders of patrons and staff. And over the years, many people have reported the ghost of Mammy Morgan, roaming the library grounds.

The Leithsville Inn, Pennsylvania

Leithsville Rd, Hellertown, PA

Haunted Leithsville inn PA

A man was hanged in the barn in the eighteenth century, for committing a crime. However, it is not known what that crime was or, what the exact date of the execution was. The hanging spot is now a garage. Visitors to the inn, as well as the owners, have experienced a presence that they believe to be the ghost of this man.

State Theatre Centre for the Arts, Pennsylvania

453 Northampton Street, Easton, PA

haunted State Theatre Centre for the Arts, Easton, PA

This building was originally a bank when it was built in 1873. It was then turned into a vaudeville theater in 1910, then a movie theater a few years later. Finally, in 1989, the true calling of the theatre appeared to be found and it has been a premier venue for the performing arts since then.

Somehow along the way, the theater acquired a ghost. It is the spirit of Fred Osterstock, who was the manager from 1926 – 1956. He has been seen by theater goers, staff, and board members. The theater company acknowledges his presence freely and even named an award after him!

Fred really first became noticed during the incarnation as a rock show venue. Performances at the State Theatre were irregular, so it was apparent that there was a presence no one could account for. When the theatre was empty, maintenance workers would glimpse a man at the back of the theatre, just standing, or entering one of the utility closets. The police was called and never found anyone in the building. Once, the police dogs reacted to something, but the officers couldn’t see anything.

Historian Ken Klabunde is the one who convinced everyone the ghost was Fred. One night, he saw someone walk off the empty stage while closing for the evening. Later he found a photograph of Osterstock and recognized him as the man he had seen.

Monroe County

Indian Ladder Falls, Pennsylvania

Buck Hill Falls, PA

Haunted Indian Ladder Falls, PA

These falls near the Skytop Lodge host the spirits of Native Americans who did escape white pursuers by climbing the falls in the 1700’s.

The Trout Stream Trail leads from Skytop Lodge about 1.75 miles to Indian Ladder Falls. Many of these legends around the various waterfalls of the Poconos are just that, legends. Most waterfalls in the Poconos have one, usually about Native Americans haunting the falls.

We believe that the falls were likely places that the Indo-Americans consider special or sacred, which may have led to these legends – or it may just be a ploy to get tourists there. In any case, they are beautiful places – worth a visit even if they aren’t creepy!

The Inn at Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania

35 Falls Drive, Buck Hill Falls, PA

Haunted Inn at Buck Hill Falls, PA

The Buck Hill Inn was a mountain getaway for Philadelphia Quakers, who founded it in 1901. The original Inn, built in 1901 had 18 rooms. Over the decades that followed, visitors built homes nearby, and eventually the five-story inn was available to outside guests. Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ted Kennedy, and Thurgood Marshall had stayed at the Inn.

The inn fell into disrepair in the 1980s and closed in 1990. In 2001, the “reality” MTV show “Fear” featured this Inn. Contestants wandered the dark, abandoned inn, terrified. They portrayed the inn as full of ghosts with a ghastly history of murder and madness.

It is hard to sort out the fact from fiction with this inn. It is private property and there is NO TRESPASSING. If you enter this property, you will be arrested. Supposedly an anomaly haunts the second and third floors of this inn. The ghoul also confronted maids and security people during night hours, reports say.

Pines Hotel, Pennsylvania

Evergreen Road, Canadensis, PA

Haunted Pines Hotel, Evergreen Road, Canadensis, PA

The maids who clean the cottages here have reported being confronted by a tall, well-dressed gentleman. His identity is completely unknown. The hotel emerged in 1908, surrounding an old cemetery – possibly the origin of the ghost occupying this place. Due to several creepy phenomenons on repetition, we have this hotel in our list of most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

Shawnee Inn on the Delaware, Pennsylvania

One River Road, PA

Haunted Shawnee Inn on the Delaware, PA

Originally called The Buckwood Inn, the seasonal resort was designed and constructed by C.C. Worthington, a wealthy New York engineer and business owner, in 1910 and 1911. A year before his death at age 91, Worthington sold the Inn to famous entertainer Fred Waring in 1943. 

Waring renamed the resort The Shawnee Inn. Many of Waring’s friends who were celebrities in golf and entertainment came to Shawnee as guests. Jackie Gleason learned to golf at Shawnee and Arnold Palmer met his wife here. Other famous guests included Lucille Ball, Art Carney, Perry Como, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Eddie Fisher, George Gobel and Ed Sullivan.

Fred Waring sold Shawnee to Karl Hope, a Philadelphia real estate developer, in 1974. Hope opened Shawnee Village, the first timesharing development in Pennsylvania, and one of the first in the U.S. It is still a big resort today, with all kinds of activities including golf, hiking, and skiing.

So what makes it a top creepy spot? Well, the legend says that the Fort Deputy building on River Road was built on the site of an old fort from the 1700’s. The area was, and still is, haunted by the ghost of a woman. The security guards have seen her apparition on numerous occasion.

Another building was located where the Shawnee Ski Area sign is now. The spirit of a man who hanged himself on the back porch, ocularly haunts this place. It is unclear whether his spirit is still there.

Bradford County

Burial Mounds, Pennsylvania

Sayre, PA

Creepy Burial mounds, Sayre, PA

Back in the 1880s, a burial mound was discovered near Sayre. But instead of Indian bodies, W.K. Morehead, Dr. G.P. Donehoo and A.B. Skinner of Philadelphia’s American Investigating Museum dug out skeletons. The skeletons did either vanish or, somebody stole them from the Philadelphia Investigating Museum. According to reports, these were seven feet tall with 4″ horns protruding from their brows. Several trespassers did see the apparitions of the creatures roaming the area. 

The bones supposedly dates back to 1200 AD. They were sent to the Philadephia museum, where according to legend they disappeared. Some spoilsports claim that the skulls were actually tribal masks and the horns were antlers.

These horned giants, which could easily be likened to the mythological Satyr were discovered in a town called Sayre – coincidence? Horned creatures have association with ‘Gods’ across the world, from Norse mythology to esoteric philosophy. Knights Templar, for example, worshipped Baphomet; and the Vikings wore symbolic horns on their helmets. Giants, in the form of alien-human hybrids known as the Nephilim, also form an important element of the Old Testament.

Burlington Methodist Church, Pennsylvania

West Burlington, Bradford County, PA

The church was built in 1822, over the site of two former chapels and a schoolhouse. And boy, does it put fear of the Lord in you. The Bibles in the pews all turn to the same page, when they’re not being thrown around the church. One can hear footsteps coming from the empty upstairs area. A green mist rises by the pulpit, and spooks have been seen in the church. The nearby graveyard has spirits walking through it. A ghost hunter went there to investigate, and the spirit threw him against the wall. He later heard on tape an eerie voice that said “You’re being too loud.”

Coloumbia County

Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania

400 E 2nd St, Bloomsburg, PA

Old Bloomsburg University, PA

Delta Phi Epsilon House: the malevolent spirit of a woman haunts this 200 year old sorority house. The lady spook does all the poltegeist stuff – stealing things, opening & closing doors, and turning the TV on. She taps people on the shoulder and even push them down the stairs. She’s been seen standing at the foot of beds looking down at the sisters, even shaking the bed. You can hear her at night, singing a sad song. It’s thought the spirit is of a woman that fell down the steps and broke her neck in the early 1900s.

Catawissa Cemetery, Pennsylvania

Catawissa, Pennsylvania

Haunted Catawissa Cemetery, Pennsylvania

Look for a tomb in front of a cage that surrounds a smaller stone. It says “Sarah Ann – died June 18, 1852”. The reason the cage is there is because her parents thought she died from a vampire bite. So, they caged her grave so that she couldn’t get out and join the undead. There’s supposed to be a tree right behind the cage, green and growing on the right side and dead on the left.

Mt. Zion methodist church used this cemetery until they built their new church and cemetery in 1874.

The cages look like birdcages fitted over the graves. There are actually two graves(in cage) in this small, rural cemetery. One is on the grave of Sara Ann, wife of Ransloe Boone. The other is over the grave of Asenath, wife of John F. Thomas. There was also a third cage here. According to a news article, the cemetery authority did remove the third cage in the 1930’s because it was in a dangerous state of disrepair, but it is not clear whose grave it was over.

It was probably over the grave of Rebecca Clayton. She died a few weeks before Sara and Asenath and was related to them.

Some say that this iron cage is there to deter body snatchers. In addition, you will find no other graves that has a similar kind of protection. This leads us to the local legend that Sarah was a witch and that the cage over her grave is to stop her from rising! The grave is in the north side of the churchyard and that was traditionally the infamous area for suicides and wrongdoers. But would a witch be buried in consecrated ground?

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Columbia county, Pennsylvania

Haunted centralia, PA

A work crew set some trash on fire in 1962 and accidentally ignited a coal vein. They tried to solve it by digging out the burning coal, but they couldn’t put the fire out, and ended up aerating and spreading it. The government bought everyone’s property and forced the relocation of the town. It was cheaper to move the townsfolk and raze their homes than to put out the fire, which they expected, would last to last another century. Fewer than a dozen people remain in Centralia today. Or are there?

Visitors have heard footsteps, voices, lights and shadows and seen in completely deserted houses. The spirits also tend to congregate around the cemetery, near the original fire location. One pair of visitors saw a couple of figures wearing miner’s hardhats walk out of the large hole just outside the cemetery.

As they approached, both of the men slowly disintegrated into the smoky haze surrounding the town. Even eerier, there’s a report of voices from the cemetery saying “Leave here” and “Why did you do that?” Are they spirits still trying to stop the work crew from spreading the disastrous fire, or are they just trying to shoo away the curious?

Lehigh County

Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania

Allentown, PA

Haunted Cedar crest college, Allentown PA
Image Source

A ghost named Wanda allegedly haunts the Butz Hall of the Cedar Crest College. The legend goes that she committed suicide in the 50’s. Since that time, her ghost has been seen walking the halls. Many students and caretakers did claim to see her ghoul wandering around this campus. Due to the ocular ghost sightings, we have it in our list of most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

King George Inn, Pennsylvania

Hamilton Blvd. Allentown, PA

Haunted King George Inn, Allentown, PA

A woman and a young child dressed in colonial clothing have been seen walking from the entrance into the dining room. Many have heard a baby’s cry emerging from an old well in the basement. We know of no excavations made in the well or near the front of the restaurant, or if the woman and child has any connection to the baby’s cry.

Inn at Maple Grove, Pennsylvania

State St. Alburtis, PA

Haunted Inn at Maple Grove, PA

A Native American buried under the hearthstone, people believe. Lighting a fire in the hearth stirs him up. Legend has it that he did undergo multiple lynching for showing affection to a white girl. Few days later, he was hanged in what is currently the main dining area of the inn. The Maple grove ghosts and their stories are also featured on the menus.

Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant, Pennsylvania

2204 Village Rd, Orefield, PA

This restaurant got its name from the resident ghost! Magnolia Evans was the daughter of a Union major-general. She found a wounded Confederate soldier in the vineyard behind her house and nursed him back to health. During his convalescence, she fell in love with him. When he recovered, he left her to return to his duties, but swore to return after the war. She also swore to wait for him. When the war ended, Magnolia waited by Jordan creek , their agreed-upon rendezvous. He never returned. People still see her ghoul standing there, by the creek, still waiting for her lost love.

Moravian College, Pennsylvania

Main Street, Bethehem, PA

Haunted Moravian College, Bethehem, PA

This college was founded in 1742, which makes it America’s sixth oldest college. The building that houses the music department at Moravian College, the Brethren’s House, was originally the residence of the single men of the Moravian Community. The building did later turn into a hospital during the Revolutionary War. George Washington himself came to visit in 1783!

Ghosts reportedly roam the building at night. People also believe that the spirits of deceased soldiers who lived their final moments in the Brethren’s House, cause the ghostly activities. Ghost of a Revolutionary War nurse also resides in the Brethren’s House. Other haunted buildings on this campus are:

  • Main Hall- Spirits of an elderly couple, sitting on the sofa in this women’s dorm, haunt this hall.
  • Comenius Hall – Haunted by the ghost of a soldier who died in WWI.
  • Phi Mu Epsilon Sorority – Ghost of Alicia haunts this sorority. She was perished after being pushed down the stairs while arguing with her boyfriend. Visitors have seen her in the attic rooms.

This was the exclusive list of some of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania. While this is not a complete list of all creepy destinations within the state, we have broken down the state list. In this connotation, you will find some of the famous counties in Pennsylvania and the haunted places associated with them. Wade through these most haunted places in Pennsylvania and don’t forget to tell us your favorite one. Happy Haunting.

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