3 of the most haunted Places in Stockholm

Most haunted places in Stockholm

Stockholm is famous for its larger than life museums, marvellous buildings and modern lifestyle. Amidst these huge city halls and creations, there are several haunted places in Stockholm infamous for horrifying ghostly phenomenons and otherworldly creatures. Having said that, wade through these most haunted places in the capital of Sweden-

The Palace of Scheffler

Haunted The Palace of Scheffler in Stockholm

There are many different variations to this, the most popular seem to be the legend about a Dutch ship that sank off the coast of Cape of Good Hope in 1641.

The Captain Van der Decken, feeling pleased about their latest trip was so deep in thought that he failed to notice that the ship was sailing into a fierce storm and only realised when he heard the screams of the lookout. Being a stubborn man he thought that would make it and refused to give up, swearing that they would complete the trip even if it took till doomsday.

So even to this this day especially on stormy nights it is said the ship and its captain can still be seen, but if you do see it is claimed that you are doomed.

People who have reported seeing it says it as a strange red glow which surrounds it.

Stockholm Metro, Sweden

The metro is owned by the Stockholm County Council and has three main lines and 100 stations, 47 of which are below ground. The first part of the metro was opened in 1950 after the light rail line which opened in 1933 was converted. It is also well known for its decoration and as been refered to the longest art gallery in the world.

There is said to be a ghost train that still rides the line The Silverpilen and it as been described as being composed of silver model C5 carriages. There are different versions on when the train can be spotted one is that it is seen going at high speed through the tunnels after midnight.

Some connect the train with the abandoned Kymlinge metro station , which as the reputation of being a ghost station. There is a saying ‘Bara de doda stiger av i Kymlinge’ which means ‘Only the dead get off at Kymlinge’.

Stockholm Palace, Sweden

Haunted Stockholm Palace in Sweden
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The palace is the official residence of the Swedish monarch, and is located in Stadsholmen. The building on the site was a fortress with a core tower which was built in the 13th century.. The fortress grew into a palace known as Tre Kronor ‘Three Crowns’. During the late 16th century much work was done to transform it into a Renaissance style Palace under King John III.

In 1690 It was rebuilt in Baroque style after the designs of Nicodemus Tessin the Younger in 1690. Work began in 1692 and finished in 16997, but that same year most of the palace was destroyed by fire. Again it was rebuilt by Nicodemus, and work carried out over the years which were finally completed in 1830.

The palace is one of the largest in the world which is still used for it original use, and consists of 609 rooms .

The palace is reputed to be haunted by several ghosts including the White Lady who is said to appear when there is going to be a death in the royal family and a grey man who some believe to be Birger Jarl the founder of Stockholm.

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