9 of the Most Haunted Places in Utah To Thrill You

Most haunted places in Utah

One of the most loved states of USA by the tourists, the state of Utah isn’t very different when it comes to paranormal stories. Here, we bring to you some of the most haunted places in Utah. These are scattered around the entire state that are sure to give you goose bumps. In this list, we have a spooky train depot, few dilapidated mansions, a notorious college and farmhouse and many other chilling places.

The state of Utah is known for many things. In addition to being a great state for hunting and fishing, it has a reputation for maintaining an enjoyable metropolitan experience in its major cities. But, did you know that Utah is also known for its unique ghost stories? This may seem like a shock to some as Utah is not commonly associated with ghosts and supernatural events. Yet, a brief look at its history will reveal that shocking and spooky tales have long since been abounding in this wonderful western state. For those interested in all things ghostly, here are some of the more frequently repeated ghost stories from the state of Utah. Take a read now.


Haunted DOVE CREEK CAMP in Utah

As Utah was being conquered by the railways many immigrants were brought in to, drive spikes and build the tracks that would open the west up to commerce and travelers. Dove Creek is the site of one of the Chinese labor camps. At the site today, it is said the voices and sounds of the men who died in this camp can still be heard today. Throughout the area are sinkholes designating where many of the workers huts once sat. Strange lights have also been encountered; some say it is the phantom lights of the steam engines that used to traverse the tracks.


The Indian Schools were originally built as a dormitory cum high school for the Indians in Northern Utah. The school was also used as a Hospital for wounded soldiers during WWII. It had many underground tunnels built to support evacuation. In today’s scenario, most of the buildings have transformed into apartments, rented storage or have been abandoned.

The tunnels believed to have been closed, were open and used for satanic rituals. Rooms have blood hangs on walls, “alter” in the middle of the room, paintings of demonic clowns with knives and sharp objects painted on the walls. Passer-by’s and visitors report the sounds of windows breaking, flying objects, doors opening and shutting on their own and ghost sightings. Police warns locals to not go up there as human satanic activities have been verified.


The gathering ground for ghosts- Trolley house is the home to the famous ghost-the bus barn painter. Claimed to be the ghost of a man who died in the 1920s in a fire or after sustaining and injury for too long, he is often sighted near the north doors of the shopping center, by the locals.

The story says the man was injured at his place of work, yet continue to work, died shortly after and then came back to the location to stay. He frequently wanders around at the trolley square, spooking the visitors with his hazy apparition.



When you think of haunting the most common image is an old rattle trap house at the end of a long dark street or the old boarded up farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Not often do you think of a park as a place for ghosts. However, Canyonlands is an area of Utah steeped in mystery and strange occurrences. Over 30,000 square miles calls to many spiritualists and new age believers to come and meditate near the sandstone columns of Chesler Park. If its ghosts you are seeking make a trip to Dead Horse Point, where the restless spirits of wild mustangs still roam free. The legend says this is the area where hundreds of wild horses were penned with no access to water, all perished.


The book, “Specters in Doorways, The History & Hauntings of Utah,” mentions the story of this Inn, previously known as the International Dunes Hotel. Immanuel David had committed suicide  by carbon-monoxide poisoning and persuaded his wife- Rachel David. He wanted his wife to follow him to the afterlife by killing all of their children and herself. She rented a room on the 11th or 12th floor of the Inn. She put some of her children off the ledge while some willingly jumped off and she followed. The oldest daughter survived the incident only to be confined to a wheelchair.

The hotel is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a woman and a child. They are suspected to be Rachel Davis and one of her children. Guests often report of hearing laughter coming from the first floor pool area when no one is in the area, as well as a pinball machine in the game room spontaneously turning on and playing.


An old woman is said to haunt this location, playing the organ sometimes deep into the night. The story goes that a young man, who was sure he was alone in the ward house suddenly, heard the organ playing. He quickly ran up to the chapel to find no one around, but the organ played on! Each key depressed in front of his eyes by unseen hands! When the playing finally stopped the silhouette of an old woman floated away from the organ.


The Westminster College is no exception to the old universities known for the paranormal activities. It hosts several ghosts, seven of whom are prominent. A woman donning white haunts the Converse Hall- the first building built on the campus. She is said to be the ghost of a bride who killed in an unfortunate incident while on a honeymoon. She was married in Gunston Memorial Chapel near where Westminster stands today.

Her ghoul still hasn’t left the place where she was married. A mother and another ghost inhabit the Nunemaker Hall and the freshmen hall. Hogle Hall, the science building- Foster Hall and Ferry Hall are all haunted. One of the ghosts haunting Westminster is believed to be Jeanette Hollister Ferry or her daughter Mary Hollister Hancock. Ferry was a driving force behind establishing Westminster. Due to the hauntings, it is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Utah.



Just outside of Kaysville Utah, there is a massive cross, approximately 20 feet in length by 13 feet in width. There are two local stories about the cross, some say it was placed there by an early polygamist who after suffering the derision of the townspeople went mad and killed all of his wives. The story also varies from one teller to the next on how he buried the wives, it is rumored he buried six around the cross and one standing upright at the base. Other stories state it was simply an early settler who left on business only to return and find his entire family had been murdered. Angry specters of the wives, family or the settler himself are said to guard the cross.

In the not too distant past the cross at Kaysville was the victim of an explosion which sent pieces of the cross flying in many directions. No one was ever charged with the crime and many believe people who were tired of teenage shenanigans on the property were responsible. If so, the plan backfired, as there is ample evidence that it is still a local hangout.


The Old Dairy Farmhouse is about 130 years old now and sits right on Pineview dam. The foundation of the barn still lies in the back. Although the barn was moved a short distance and is now a hotel- Jackson Fork Inn. The master bedroom at the back is uncomfortably cold all around the yea. People using the bedroom regularly have been reported to develop serious illnesses. When the bedroom is shifted, the diseases get cured. Bizarre noises are common throughout the house. Doors and windows open and shut on their own, even in the absence of any storm. 

One of the owners used the house as a summer home. They once sent their son to study in the home in the winter. One year he committed suicide in the house. Very clear and dominant ghost of a young man walking through the house have been reported by all the owners. Soon after they were awoken to a violent earthquake. An old couple once had this place as their home. One morning, he woke up to a violent earthquake with objects falling from the walls and the bed bouncing on the floor. When it subsided, they got to know that only their house was affected by the “local earthquake”. No one in the vicinity felt the same.

Other haunted places in Utah

These are but a few of the many haunted places you can visit in beautiful Utah. There are few other locations you might find interesting. It includes the Layton Hills Mall, which was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. You can also consider visiting the Honeyville Crystal Hot Springs and the Mendon Witch Tree.

This was our list of top most haunted places in Utah you must take out some time to take a visit. If you have visited any of these, please comment with your experiences.

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