The Moving Day activities at the Spenser’s Haunted House

Moving in haunted property

Kim and Hank Burrows bought a new house that was rumored to be haunted.

They began with smudging the house thoroughly, then they did repainting inside and out making necessary repairs and improvements along the way before moving in. The workers experienced disturbances and walked off the job on several occasions. Kim wasn’t ready to move in with her two young daughters. Hank entertained the idea of selling the house and looking elsewhere for another one.

They decided to move in and play it by ear. The house was beautiful and inviting on the day they arrived with the moving company van. The girls were excited about their new home and the play area in their backyard. 

It was unusual that they would immediately be having trouble. Usually, there is a grace period most people experience when moving into a haunted house, but the Burrows didn’t experience that — in fact, they never did move in that day. 

Kim allowed the girls to play in the backyard. She would be able to keep an eye on them and also supervise the moving in process with Hank’s help. Kim’s brother and parents arrived to help with the process.

Creepy Activities at the House

Doors began slamming. The girls ran inside to tell their mother of strange people in the backyard telling them to leave. It wasn’t their house and they needed to go away. Kim’s mother felt uncomfortable from the moment she arrived. She couldn’t stay in the house and took her granddaughter’s back to her house.

There was an invisible force that prevented the movers from crossing the threshold of the house. Furniture was left on the lawn. Hank decided to give up and had the movers pack up the van and put their furniture into storage.

The Burrows immediately put the house on the market to sell and stayed with Kim’s parents for a few days until they could find a suitable house to rent.

They learned of a fire that claimed the lives of a previous owner and his family over a hundred years ago. The library archives had pictures of the old farm house and the family that lived there. The girls identified the people in the photographs as the ones they saw in the backyard telling them to leave.

The Moving Day Activities

They were in the process of getting professional paranormal help when they received a call from the realtor late one night that the house was on fire.

Were the moving day activities a warning to the Burrows not to move in and the repeat the tragedy of the previous owners? Was the previous family trying to help or were they the cause of the fire? Was it sinister in nature or a friendly warning?

The Burrows found a house to rent while they were going through all the legal ramifications of their burned up house.

Once they settled into their new home, they did contact a psychic to get to the bottom of the paranormal activity of their burned property. The Spenser’s acquired the property way back in the 1850′s. Mr. Spenser won it in a poker game. He took immediate possession displacing the family that resided there. The woman cursed Mr. Spenser and her husband for losing her home. It was an elaborate curse that brought nothing but hardship to the Spenser’s.

Past accidents on the property

There were several accidents on the property. The night of the fire, Mr. Spenser was in bed with a broken leg and a broken arm. Mrs. Spenser was slowly losing her mind. She complained of hearing voices telling her to harm herself and the children. The children complained of feeling watched all the time. They tried to help their parents, but the crops wouldn’t grow and every meal they tried to make would be spoiled by maggots coming out of the meat and vegetables. Life became a nightmare for the Spenser family.

Mr. Spenser was going to make amends with Mrs. Ferguson and return the house to her when the fire started while everyone was asleep.

Evidently, the curse remained on the property. There was a time, however, when a new house was built and a family was able to live there and raise their family, when they sold their home and another family moved in, there was nothing but trouble for them. And the house and family were destroyed by a fire.

Hank and Kim decided to sell the property. They thought about building a house, but they didn’t want to take a chance that they would lose their lives in a fire.

When construction began on the property, a body was discovered. With all the proper procedures associated with finding human remains, it was surmised that Mrs. Ferguson, way back in the mid 1800′s lost her life in the fire she set while the Spenser’s slept.

Mrs. Ferguson was given a proper burial. Was this the end of the curse? Only time will tell. A house was built on the property and a family moved it. So far all seems to be peaceful for them.

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