5 Holy Objects which remove Negative Energy From Your House

Objects that ward off negative energy

This huge universe has many hidden truth and secrets that our science would never be able to reveal completely. We live in the milky way galaxy and there are trillions of such galaxies equivalent to one single star in the sky you see during night. Moreover, above any hypothetical facts, there is only one thing that is common to every new evolution and that is nothing but pure energy. Energies in either form changes one’s vision and the approach to different things. On a wide basis, we divide energy in two vital category, positive and negative energy. Know how to remove negative energy and the objects that do negative energy cleansing.

Objects that remove Negative Energy

When I was little, I went to the Sahara desert and met an older woman with beautiful earrings that came all the way down to her stomach. She told me, ‘For us Tuareg, jewellery is not meant for decoration. It absorbs negative energy that comes your way.’ So, there are many a things that could get you rid of negative energy. – Sofia Boutella

While positive energy put a good impact on people’s health, thinking and daily approach, the dark side of energy can become hazardous. Parapsychologists consider ghosts and evil paranormal entities as the form of negative energy. We have seen many cases where residence and work office of many people had a large impact from negative energy. In this post, we are talking about 5 holy articles that helps you to get rid of negative energy and brings more positive energy to your house, in case your residence has no evil soul wandering in. These elements are of the basic element form and we will tell you the spots where you should place them for the best results.


Objects that ward off negative energy

One of the nature’s four basic element, Air plays an important role in balancing energies. Wind chime pipes work on the principle of Air and it works in a sustainable way with the wind flow that produces a melodious sound. The parapsychology uses these type of sound waves around a demonic presence to ward it off. People also use it to attract positive vibes. You should buy a set of wind chime pipes, one for the main entrance gate of your house and another for your bedroom door.

The best idea is to hang them on door for the best productivity. The Feng Sui Metal and wooden wind chime pipe would be the best option. Please note that the trust of Feng Sui methodology is supreme in psychic world. The mix of metal with non metal helps to secure your sweet home from both the types of negative energies. It does not only eliminate evil souls but also multiplies positive energy and rises up your mood.



crystals ward off negative energies

In paranormal science and calculations, crystals play a dynamic role. People consider it to be a part of earth, one of the five basic elements in the nature. If you find yourself in a surrounding where creepiness revolves around you, you need to place these crystal rocks to their appropriate place. There are a variety of quartz’s available today but few of them works. 

Amethyst, clear quartz, Citrine and black obsidian are few of the earth- yielded crystals that are not only suggested for an effective transformation of any hideous place but to spread a quanta of positive vigor around that particular location. If you are one who is planning to decorate your home with one of these sparkling rocks, we have chosen a citrine crystal for you, the best crystals among all. These crystals usually have sharp edges that soak negative vibes and transforms it immediately. For the best result, we suggest you to place it near main entrance door, or in the corner of the haunted room, if any.

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Himalayan salt lamp

Another gift from the nature earth- salts are not simply an edible necessity but these are used for many other purpose. One of the secondary use is to clear out energy misbalance and to carry away negative vibes. Generally you can use all form of salts- regular, sea or rock salt for purifying your mansion but, rock salt should always be preferred, says Dr. Satyanand Murthi, a parapsychologist from Trichy.

Rock salt are the purest form of salt and are more powerful due to presence of minerals and earthly substances. After you get your bag of rock salt delivered, pour a small amount of salt in a dish and place it near an unobtrusive corner of your house. You may also spread it on the carpets throughout your house. Leave it for a few hour and clean it up. Repeat this procedure for a positive result. Here we are suggesting you a  handpicked rock salt pack that meets the quality and is serene enough to be used in holy chores.

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The second image is of the Himalayan rock salt lamp that works on the phenomenon of intermixing two basic elements of nature, fire and earth. This is highly beneficiary to get rid from evil ghouls. The rock salt allures negative energy, soaks it and then, the burning fire destroys it all. If you are looking for a replacement of rock salt and sacred candles, you would surely like to buy this lamp that add stars to your home decoration too.

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Holy water to ward off negative energy

Water is an universal solvent and also an important part of our life. It does not only dissolve chemical substances but also negative vibes and evil waves around it. Holy water is considered supreme to cure a demonic possession and remove negative energy. It is also used to bless people and spraying it fills a person with a positive liveliness. You can order a bottle of holy water or get it from a church or temple. The best way to implement this procedure is to gush it around every room of your house few minutes before the sunrise, as suggested by Feng Sui. Here we are referring to holy water bottles that is prepared systematically and with special aroma perfect for this special purpose.

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sacred candles eliminate negative energies

Since the discovery of fire, its raging heat has helped mankind to pursue a range of works, from household chores to lighting up a place. Because it eliminates darkness, the synonym of negativity, a scorching fire is considered an effective element to get rid of negative energies. According to the psychic world, it is a nice idea to get a fireplace in your home. You can set a roaring fire after offering a prayer. The other way of warding off atrocious vibrations outta your house is to light up a sacred candle.

Right after darkness falls, light up a candle and pray the almighty. After devoting, walk to every room of your house with the lighting candle in your hands. Meanwhile you can meditate in front of lighting candles for eliminating mental stress and to gain positivity. It is also to be noted that the candles should be sacred and of the pleasant odor. Here we are referring a candle pack that fulfils the Feng Sui criteria of negativity elimination and would get you the best result.

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To remove negative energy, you can use one or all of these objects. These articles do not only eliminate negative energy but checks it from appearing again. It is also to be noted that the above pictures represent the actual products mentioned over here. We wish you a jubilant soul and your home full of positivism.

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