Paranormal Activities faced by college students in the rented house

haunted rented house story

A group of college students came into the coffee shop concerned about the amount of paranormal activity going on in the house they rented.

They were wondering if it was possible for residual energy to be responsible for what was going on. The really sad thing is that the house these students are renting has a very violent history which could explain some of the residual energy.

This particular old house is not far from the college. Over the years it had been rented to students who don’t stay for longer than a year. I won’t go in the place. I’ve seen and heard enough while standing on the sidewalk in front.

Students’ experiences in the haunted house

The majority of the violent activity took place in the turret, but other areas of the house had it’s share of violent deaths. These students have been experiencing other things not related to the previously reported disturbances over the years.

“We knew the place was haunted before we signed the lease,” Leslie explained.

“Yes, the owners were very clear about it and warned us about the turret and the stairs,” added Bob.

“I can’t stand what it’s doing to Carl,” Leslie said. “He set up the turret room as an office, but he moved his bed in there. We don’t see him much, just as a shadow.”

Bob explained, “That’s what’s bothering us. We’re not seeing spirits from another time, we’re seeing Carl and others who are very much living, but we know they’re at class or away for the weekend.”

I got a cold chill.

Discovering Residual Energy

Residual energy isn’t a premonition and it doesn’t reflect actions of the living. At least that’s the theory, but we are energy. Why wouldn’t our energy be captured and played out in our regular routine? We are creatures of habit, doing the same tasks at the same time on a daily basis.

If this is true, why wouldn’t schools have energy vibrations of all the students current and past roaming the halls and the classrooms?

Residual energy is attached to those spirits who met violent deaths. That had to be the explanation of what these students were experiencing and what they thought was Carl or one of the others was a spirit that did similar behaviors.

From what I remember about the house, there was a fencing duel over the love of a woman who seemed to have led the two young men on. They decided to have a duel, but not with the traditional pistols. They restricted their duel to the entry, parlor and stairway. And it was on the stairs that one young man met his death.

Rumor has it that the clashing of swords could be heard to this day. Also the screams of the woman who’s affection was fought over. It seemed she did know which man she preferred and he was the one who lost his life. Thus, the duel was fought in vain. The woman did take her life in the turret room by hanging herself a few months later.

Then, there are the numerous others who also took their lives in the turret room, also by hanging.

Activities in the rented house

We’ve all experienced heat ache, loss, embarrassment and failure in some form, but we’ve been able to work it through without resorting to suicide.

For so many similar events to plague that particular house and that particular turret room, makes me wonder if the spirits are attracting others leading them to do the same.

“I’m afraid Carl is next,” Leslie whispered.

It was agreed that they needed to get Carl into therapy and out of the turret room. They also agreed to lock that room off.

Many times spirits show us how they met their death. They’re not persuading or encouraging others to do the same, but there is evil and evil could be in that house and in that turret room messing with Carl.

Several months later I met Carl and here’s his story.

“I loved that turret room,” he said. “It was quiet up there and imagined I was in a tree house. I had one as a kid and those were my happiest days growing up.”

Carl spent so much time in the turret room on his computer, playing games and ignoring his school work that he flunked out of graduate school. He decided to escape in the turret room to avoid the others and the reality of his situation.

“When Leslie and Bob confronted me that day insisting I move out of the turret room and get therapy, I was so mad at them at first, but I knew I needed help to turn my life around. I couldn’t blame it on the video games. I had to face the truth that I made bad decisions and I was the cause of my failure.”

Carl wanted that carefree life of his youth when he spent time in his treehouse. The turret room was his escape, but it also turned into his nightmare.

“Every night I would hear whispers of what a loser I was. I had to agree, but when those whispers got more persistent and harsher, I argued with them, but they mocked me.”

He insisted he would never take his own life and it was for cowards. As he worked on a website, he was in no position to go back to school or get a job. He was too disturbed by the voices. Instead of giving in to them, he decided to show them that he could be successful as an internet marketer.

He stopped playing games and set to work learning all he could about marketing his website. He got affiliates and reviewed their products and promoted them. Little by little he was getting traffic and people were actually buying from his affiliate links.

“The whispers stopped, but I would see hanging bodies,” Carl said quietly. “Why were they messing with me just when I was seeing some success and making some money?”

He didn’t know how therapy was going to help him, but he was desperate to get rid of the spirits around him. He wasn’t thinking clearly enough to move out of the turret room, he attached it to his success on the internet. It may have been a superstition on his part, but we all have convoluted beliefs we cling to out of desperation.

“None of us could afford to move out of the old haunted house, so I built other websites for my friends and housemates.”

By the time their lease was up, they’d be able to find other places to live.

Did the spirits help Carl in his new business? Was there evil in that house?

I’d venture to say there is residual energy in that house with spirits having unfinished business. I would like to believe the spirits were helpful, but I also have to believe there is negative energy there, too, without good intentions.

As I mentioned earlier, I would not step foot in that house. I avoid driving by it and definitely wouldn’t get out of my car and walk around it or the neighborhood. It doesn’t give me good vibrations. That could mean the spirits don’t want me around or it’s my own spirit guides warning me to stay away.

It’s best to follow your own intuition.

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