Paranormal Activity in the Haunted Hostel – A Mysterious Incident

paranormal activity in haunted hostel room

This is the true ghost story of a Girls hostel and the haunted room within it. Read this mysterious yet scary story to reveal the paranormal activity going out in the haunted hostel. This story is narrated to us by Vinnie, a student who was actually living there.

This story was told by my roommate. So, I am narrating it in her context !!

My Haunted Hostel Room Story

I was studying in college. It was my 1st year. In my hostel I was was given room No. 17. It is my lucky number. Everything was going awesome. I was sharing my room with nobody. And it was on ground floor so sometimes my boyfriend used to come to meet me. I was very happy with him. But all went wrong in 2nd year.

Now I was not alone. I had a company. A Bengali girl became my roommate. She was good. I told her about my love life and she was happy for me.

After sharing my room with her, my boyfriend still used to visit me. We were happy. we played together. Everything was well in place. But after few days. I saw something weird in my room.

One day when I returned from my classes. I saw that all of my stuffs were spread here and there. I was confused as the door was locked and my friend did not come back too. My room was looking like a mess. And only one side of my room was disturbed. It looked like if somebody was searching for something. I ignored it. What else I could do?

Paranormal Activities in the Hostel

Another incident happened that day. It was midnight and I was fast asleep. Suddenly I felt somebody tapped me on my leg!! I woke up and I found my room full of smoke. I was unable to breath. So, I rushed to another side of the room to wake up my friend. I was amazed to find that she saw nothing. There was no smoke there. She was not suffocating either!!

The third incident made me mad. I was about to sleep when I heard a scream outside my window. So, I ran quickly in the direction of the scream source. The place was like nobody ever existed there. However, when I turned I saw someone sitting on my bed. Then she slowly lied down straight. After few moments, she turned her face towards me. I ran like hell as i was alone in my room. She could not be my friend. I stayed all night in one of my friends room. And in the morning I asked the administration to shift my room. I was not strong enough to handle these things anymore.

So I changed my room. After that, I didn’t see that scary figure again.

The Tragedy

After a week, a tragedy happened. My roommate who was living with me in that room died. I was sure now that this was the work of that spirit. I was fully numb and scared. My friend burnt herself and ran like hell in the room-said the postmortem reports.

It was a suicide. But the matter was not exposed much. However, I noticed a weird thing again. I found my boyfriend’s watch on her mirror. I was shocked as I did gift the watch to him on his birthday. However, I never saw him again after that. Later, my seniors said that a girl committed suicide in room number 17 long ago by setting herself on fire. As his boyfriend betrayed her and was linked with her own best friend. I don’t know what is the truth. but may be, she was on my side.


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