This lady from Cambridge has all her previous life knowledge & OOBE

True past life experience story of Jacky

Past life recall is a fascinating area of unexplained human phenomena. As yet, science has been unable to prove or disprove its existence. Many people are unsure whether it is a previous life or a collection of historical information stored in our subconscious. You hear a number of cases where people recall past lives when under hypnosis, but we meet up with a lady from Cambridge called Jacky, who had knowledge of previous life times.

Meeting with Jacky

On Tuesday 17th June 2003, three members of Super Paranormal society (Dave, Martin & Julie) met up with Jacky, to discuss her memories of her past lives.

As her mom was a medium, she was brought up with the knowledge of past lives, and did not find it at all strange. Jacky believes that everybody has had past lives, but not everyone knows how to tune into themselves (their soul) to retrieve the information. She speaks of the soul as a separate entity and believes that all souls eventually becomes one. Also she knows that she shares her soul with a man that she has met in this life. Jacky admits to not being very good with history or geography and doesn’t know of the exact dates but knows she has had many past lives.

Past Life Memories

Jacky completely remembers a couple of her memories.

Some years ago Jacky moved into a town called Ely, but the problem was she hated it as soon as she arrived. It was because she had memories of living as a Monk there many, many years before. As a monk she knows that she had a very bad and unhappy time. It took her over a year to except the place and this knowledge which, she said, was very difficult. She is happy to say that although she couldn’t live there again, she now does like Ely.

Jacky believes (not believes, knows) that she has been with her eldest son before in a past life when they were living in poverty, probably in Edwardian times. Although being a single parent (her husband had died) and being frowned upon by others, she remembers being very happy at this time.

She went on to say that she thought that she was on her last life as she had done all that she was here to do and learn. For example: – Lessons about excepting love, gifts and achieving inner peace. She believes that we choose to be reborn and that we take with us from every life a small bit of knowledge, to help fulfil our lessons.

Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) of Jacky

Real Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) of Jacky
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She has also had out of body experiences (OOBE). She remembers floating up; All is dark around her with very bright star like dots. And having the feeling of great/deep love and inner peace, (this is such an incredible feeling that it is hard for her to explain). She said she didn’t need to look around to see herself, as she knew she was lying below. One particular occasion she came back down with a jolt as her ex-husband snored and interrupted her concentration. For a few days after this time, she had no concept of time.

Do we get a glimpse of our past lives through some of our unexplained dreams? A number of people have had vivid dreams, sometimes reoccurring. I personally have had many unexplained dreams, a couple of which scare me to think that they could be past lives.. How could I of been so horrible.

I don’t remember the beginning of this particular dream, I just remember having to fight to stay alive. I was a man walking around guarding a fenced in building. Unfortunately to my deepest sorrow, I think this was a concentration camp. Looking around to my right there was the building, the walls were made of glass/see through (or was it that I had already seen what was on the other side). There was lots of very thin, naked, dead bodies piled high. I felt guilty and deep sadness. I don’t think that I was a German. I don’t remember seeing a uniform or anything. Was I a Jew, just trying to survive?

Sometime later I had another dream which was very similar, like a carry on from the last dream. I was a man. I was holding the door open of a small brick building (like a brick shed) and ushering in men, women and children. It was a gas chamber. The middle of this dream is very vague, but towards the end I too was taken into the gas chamber, I didn’t feel scared to die, as I knew that I deserved to be there, because of what I had done to the other’s. Inside with me were people I knew today, I’m not sure if seeing people I now knew changed the dream somewhat, because I was now a woman with my husband, we didn’t die, the door was opened and we were freed. I last remember running.

Were these past lives or just bad dreams?

Have you had similar experiences? Do you remember a past life? comment down below.

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