Story of a person who brought spirits with her after visiting a haunted site

Bringing ghosts back

I’ve been hearing a lot of stories lately about people who have investigated some haunted site and they bring back some spirit or dark entity with them.

Madison went ghost hunting with her friends one night. The next morning, as usual, she went to visit with her grandmother and share quality time over breakfast. On this particular day, her mother was also there. Within three days, Madison’s grandmother passed away and her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Did this have anything to do with her previous night’s ghost hunting exploration?

It’s difficult to know, but that doesn’t help Madison with the guilt she’s feeling. She would conduct an experiment about this, but the consequences were much too serious. She brought up the matter with other ghost hunters. No one openly expressed similar experiences. There were always those who told her about the prayers to say before exploration and after and also telling the spirits not to come with her. Yes, this is all good advice, but do these spirits and entities obey? 

There were also warnings about taking “souvenirs” from haunted places. What Madison appreciated were the numerous private messages she received from “ghost hunters” who had similar experiences and guilt. It seems to be much more common than one may think.

Common experiences of Ghost Hunters

Creepy experience of Mike

Mike shared that he brought home a ghost girl. Early one morning he was awakened by his daughter playing with an invisible girl named Martha Sue. She told his daughter how she didn’t have a house or parents or toys to play with because her family and home were destroyed in a fire. 

Mike did visit a haunted place that was built on the property of a burned down house. There was also a story about the property that their daughter Martha Sue was believed to have set the fire to cover up murdering her little sister while she slept.

It was a horrible story, but what concerned Mike was that his daughter was playing with this ghost child. He felt a cold chill run down his spine. None of his daughter’s friends were named Martha Sue and how in the world would she have picked up on the name out of the blue?

Mike and his wife had their house blessed and instructed their daughter not to talk with or play with Martha Sue. She was to tell her to go away.

This house blessing and instructions to their daughter kept Martha Sue away, until Mike decided to visit the site again. The next morning he didn’t find his daughter playing in her room, but floating face down in the family pool.

To this day, Mike blames himself for bringing Martha Sue into his house. His wife left him after the funeral. There were a dozen or so mourners at his daughter’s funeral who had deaths in their family during that year. Many of them mentioned the name Martha Sue as a playmate to their child. Not all the deaths were children, but other relatives . . . and yes, some were children who became ill and later died.

Spooky experience of Isabelle

Isabelle shared with Madison how after visiting a haunted hospital 6 of her relatives became ill with some sort of virus. She hadn’t visited them, but she still thought it odd since each of these relatives lived in different states and hadn’t had contact with each other. That is, physical contact, but telephone and internet contact. It was too much of a coincidence for Isabelle to ignore.

Isabelle’s fellow ghost hunters also had family members affected in a negative way after the haunted hospital investigation

And the list goes on with even the ghost hunters themselves experiencing illness or feeling odd after visiting their haunted place. Some feel as though they’re not alone or always feeling watched. Some would hear whispers telling them what to do or saying unkind things. 

There were others who felt a definite attachment to the haunted place they visited and had to return — no matter the consequences. 

One couple even bought the property to renovate it into small shops. They were so drawn to the property they thought they would make it into something profitable and also build a little place for them in the back of the property or renovate the top story into a living space. The woman was pushed down the stairs and is now in a wheel chair. Her husband had a massive stroke and is in a nursing home living out his final months.

Some places with violent histories are better off not explored. There are too many stories with unhappy endings to the ghost explorers.  

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