Real Afterlife Experience Story Of Neurosurgeon Doctor Alexander

Real afterlife experience story

Famous neurosurgeon Doctor Eben Alexander has written a book entitled “Proof Of Heaven” which has set turmoil in the whole world. What happens after death has been always a mystery. Doctor Alexander is one of most respected neurosurgeon of America who has worked in many famous hospitals including Harvard’s popular hospital, as a successful Doctor. Thus, most of the readers find his book true and to the context. Have a glimpse over the real afterlife experience of the doctor.

What Happens After Death- Recognition of Rebirth

Countries on the globe, especially In America and other European countries – Doctors neither believe in rebirth nor they do find the concept of “heaven and hell” True.

After one dies, his story ends that very moment. His corpse is buried or burnt according to his religious practice.

Some of the Asian countries like India, people has been talking paranormal for thousands of years. If you go through Ancient Scriptures, you will find it clearly written.

India’s Father of Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” also used to say – “There is a definite presence of Almighty God in this mortal world. You call him by any name, You will feel his presence around you”

There are many such stories of the dead printed in newspapers in which some people have explained their Afterlife experience. Many met with God & Goddesses and they were commanded to return back to their dead body on earth.

Some people believed on their stories of near death experiences while remaining did not. But their is none has any doubt on Doctor Alexander’s afterlife experience.

News Week, America’s leading weekly has published a summary of Doctor’s book. TV channels of America and other countries have had detailed discussion on this book.

Doctor Alexander utters :

I personally had not believed on God or anything related to afterlife existed until this incident took place.

He adds,

4 years ago, one fine morning I had a terrible headache. My family and neighbors took me to hospital in Virginia where I had practiced as a doctor. They admitted me to Emergency ward where my condition continuously deteriorated.

After this, I was shifted to ICU where I lived in comma for seven Days. Where, Later doctor said he was nearly dead as there was no motion in his body.

The Real Afterlife Experience

During this, I experienced weird and peculiar very few people feel. I felt if I am flying beyond clouds with pink fog and the surrounding looked very pleasant.

Soon I felt that I am not flying alone but there is a young girl with me and both of us were sitting on an enormous butterfly. This woman was fairy and looked like a Goddess, for sure.

Looking at her gathered boundless reverence. That fairy took me to a place where there was millions of butterfly. Their flutter turned the environment dainty. There were pouring many waterfalls of soft water. 

Suddenly A voice from backstage rung – you don’t need to fear as you have reached a safe place. Almighty is giving you love and care. As you have not committed any mistake.

So, you don’t need to worry. But, at last, you will have to go back from this place. Where i will go at last ? – my question remained unanswered.

After this, there appeared atrocious dark and soon that place was well lit up. I was continuously assured that the unknown place I am in, is free from fear.

Doctor says, when he told this experience to their friends, 50% people did not believe him. He says, the place he had reached was definitely heaven from where he could see his dead body.

For 7 days, Team of qualified doctors tried their best to give that lifeless body a new life but, they failed. Later they decided to take off oxygen tube and declare him dead.

Comeback from the Dead’s world

After doctor’s decision, He got conscious and opened his eyes. Every doctor there, stood amazed. For them, It was a miracle.

It was a history as no any patient could survive after remaining in comma for 7 days.

After returning home, he kept thinking about his paranormal experience. He wrote articles in many news papers discussing his perception.

Later, Mr. Alexander decided to shape his experience into a book after advice of his close friends so to make people believe on the ultimate truth. 

There is heaven above this universe and people who sanctified deserve heaven. It is doubtless that doctor Alexander has created a debate on old Indian recognition of afterlife experience. This has also solved mystery of what happens after death.

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