Real Ghost Experiences- 10 Stories of True horror experiences

Real ghost experiences- Stories of true horror experiences

The world of paranormal is completely mysterious. Like we don’t see the God, yet believe in him; similar is the case with otherworldly incidents. You may not believe in ghosts until you see him. Well, since we can’t make a ghoul appear through some mystical chants, so we choose to share with you few real ghost experiences. Wade through these true horror experiences of people which would establish your belief in supernormal entities.

My Real Ghost Experiences in Egypt

real ghost experiences in Egypt

So this is my story, it happened to me 3 years back when I was in eighth std. We all had gone for a school to Egypt and we all were there in Cairo for 2 days. On the last night in Cairo, we all students had decided to call spirits as we all some queries to clarify. We all had performed all the rituals and we all were at the last stage where on of our friend pissed on the bed because he got scared. So we stopped and proceeded to our respective rooms. 

There were in all 3 girls. Two of them i.e., me and my friend were there while the 3rd one was not well. So, she didn’t come with us. While we all were back on our way to our respective rooms, our room was locked from inside. We called in the room but there was no reply, we banged on the door but no one opened. We were on the opposite side while the teachers were on the other side. 

After some time we could hear noises from our room but the most shocking thing was that there was no T.V. in our room plus we had no balconies. We could hear screaming, shouting and what not thing. Then after 5-10 mins we could see someone approach to open the door but the weird thing was that that it was the shadow of a very fat women with untidy hair while the girl who was inside was slim and had short and straight hair. 

We all got so scared that we all got in the same room where we were performing the spirit calling ritual. Then around 2:45 we all were awaken by a sound which was like someone is growling and knocking badly on our door luckily the room was locked so we all were safe. 

We could see the same shadow which saw outside our room. The hotel was square shaped and there were four rooms on each side so the three room were occupied by us i.e. 3 girls and 6 boys and one room on the extreme right was empty (which was next to the girls room). Through the key hole we could see flickering of the lobby lights, adjacent room doors banging and the shadow had increased from one to two and they were there so that we could open the door. 

One of our friend didn’t believe in ghost so he went to open the door, we tried to stop him but he didn’t stop. After what he saw from the key hole, she was shivering so badly that he had high fever for almost rest of the trip i.e., for the next whole week. He actually saw a women without eyes and her legs were inverted. Although we were scared but it was our main priority to get back to his senses otherwise our trip would have got cancelled. When we revived him back to his senses it was already 5 in the morning and we all were so damn scared that we actually didn’t sleep and at around 9 am after breakfast we left that place.

But before leaving, we inquired the manager that what all had happened in room no. 413. He told us that 20 years back a woman was murdered by her husband there and her spirit haunts there and whosoever tries to call it, she is always there and does trouble them. We all got so damn scared and shouted at him that why the hell he had give us room next to that haunted room but he had apologised that he had no other option because all other rooms were full. 

We all got so damn scared that we didn’t even dare to go back there. Teachers got to know the whole scene, she scolded us but they didn’t cancel the trip (thank god). Our parents didn’t mind the fact but teachers really got pissed off. Even that boy who pissed on the bed had a serious nervous breakdown and till date he’s haunted by spirits. Poor boy, may god save his soul.

My True Horror Experiences during Scouts Camp

true horror experiences during scouts camp

It is a real horror experience during our Scouts Camp to Gangtok during our 10th class summer vacations in 2011. We did departure from Old Delhi Railway Station and arrived at New Jalpaiguri Junction in Northern W.Bengal. Then our sir arranged buses for our stay in a hotel in the middle of Gangtok city, not very far away from the MG Market. 

During our bus trip, we had songs, jokes and much more. Suddenly we heard a folk that a forthcoming place called Kurseong in Sikkim, is to be myth with a Headless Anonymous boy who roams at the forest nearby area, only in the night-evening time. We had a scary-funny moment because listening this made us mind divert – There’s nothing like that and nothing like a ghost does exists. 

Then after like 1 more hour, we reached the hotel. We were staying at the first floor with 3 rooms accompanied by 12 people, 4 in each room. We were getting bored, so they(my other mates and my roommates) rushed to explore the hotel and all acted like mad. I decided to take the night breeze. What I did was that I opened the window and started to shout slang words. 

Now those of my friends who were running insane, suddenly shouted like they had seen a ghost. They suddenly came to the room, closed the door and slammed the windows and pushed me away from it. I didn’t get this and i asked them what actually did happened? As a result, they said that they saw me on the balcony of the window, I replied in negative as i did not approached the balcony. Then their face’s colour went down. I too got confused whether it was just a coincidence or really a ghost incidence. We were all , badly scared after that. Even everyone admitted that they saw a full size guy approaching them that made them run, scream badly. 

As per I saw, there was not even a single cloth lying there then how come a man be there? Then the same night, after half an hour of the incidence, i saw a house from my window that its door started to move madly. I got sure that the spirit of the headless is infiltrating us. Then the next day we we returned home.

My Real Ghost Experiences During the Movie

Real ghost experiences during the movie

I don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural until the August 2015 until I went through some real ghost experiences. Here is one I’m sharing with you.

It was a Friday evening, and Typhoon Soudelor was about to hit Taiwan that very night. People were preparing for the the most intense tropical cyclone of that year. The streets were becoming deserted. Everyone was locking themselves in their homes. People were even hoarding food. The air had that eerie silence before the storm. You could sense that something big was about to happen.

I was inside my top-floor apartment with my girlfriend. My place is quite small, and we were feeling restless. We are both adventurous and spontaneous people. So we decided to go out on the deserted streets, and find an open cinema to watch a movie. It’s not like we would be able to sleep through the noise of the typhoon anyway. Outside, the rain and wind were picking up.

We found one of those cheap cinemas where you have to take an elevator up to the 10th floor, and you watch movies that have already been out for months. It was around midnight when we did enter the empty theatre for the screening. There were only us two, and a group of teenagers. They were sitting in the back row, while we did sit towards the front. The movie starts, and as it plays, we could hear the rumbling and howling of the typhoon outside.

I was holding my girlfriend’s hand, and I could feel how she was gripping my hand tighter and tighter. I ask if she was okay. She looked at me and nodded nervously. I did figure that she might be reacting to the howling storm outside, so I thought nothing of it. Then she suddenly jumped in her seat. I did ask her again if she is okay. She said she was scared. I assured her we’re safe.

Then she tugged at my arm and asked me: “Did you see it?”

“See what?” She glanced past me towards the empty seats on my right. I looked in that direction and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

I went back to watching the movie. Meanwhile, I felt that my girlfriend was shaking. I also noticed some sort of red colour in my periphery vision. I disregard this. It must be the lights from the movie.

All of a sudden my girlfriend pulled me close to her, and I see that she is extremely frightened. She has gone pale. “We have to leave. Now!”

“What? Really? But we are in the middle of the movie…”

“We need to leave right now.” She immediately got up and ran out the theatre. I did grab our stuff and went after her.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

She didn’t answer. She ran to the elevator. Once we were in the elevator, she told me everything.

“In the beginning of the movie, I felt someone touching my back. I looked in the seat behind us, but there was no one there. I saw those teenagers in the back, so it wasn’t them. And it wasn’t you either. Then the touching became more intense. Like someone was massaging my back very hard. It made me jump.”

“Then I saw something next to you. I asked you if you saw it too. It was right there. It was standing right next to you. She was a girl. She was staring at the screen. Her face was burnt. She was wearing a red dress. She was right there! I swear! After that I couldn’t take it anymore…”

Keep in mind that her heart was racing when telling me this. She was pacing around the elevator. I was stunned and was not sure what to think. I believed she must have seen something. She couldn’t be making this all up.

At this point, the storm was very intense outside, so we took a taxi home. Once we got home, she was still very much affected by what just happened. She was still in fear. We did decide to research this cinema. Maybe other people had experienced something too. Maybe we can find an explanation. And we did.

Many people have reported seeing unexplained things at that cinema. Some people saw figures and shadows of people inside the theatre. A couple took the elevator once, and it would stop on every floor. They would feel people entering and leaving the elevator. But they saw no one. We also found out that this building has had fires. That there were accidents in the past. And there were casualties.

So, what my girlfriend saw was a girl who died in one of those fires? Perhaps the red colour I saw in my periphery was that girl? And who was touching her back so forcibly?

Even till date, I have no logical answers.

True scary experience on New Year Eve

True scary experiences

This incident happened on 31st December 2014. I along with 5 other friends had arranged a small party for celebrating New Year. Every thing was going well before midnight. After our meal we decided to spend the night on the roof. We were listening to music and were playing cards. All of a sudden, some weird activities started.

It was all dark and the only light we had was emerging from a bulb and the speaker. We felt uneasy. I personally felt if someone is watching me. At first I avoided it but then I heard sound of anklet coming from some distance. Then it continued and we all heard the sound again. We were yet not sure what it was. Thus, we did look everywhere but there was no one visible. We smoked cigarettes and resumed playing. Then again that sound came this time it felt nearer which made us hideous.

I downloaded hanuman Chalisa and played it on speaker. Things got normal and that sound stopped. It was past 2:30 and for the next half an hour, there was no sound but a black cat was constantly coming and going , as the sounds were gone we felt safer but then things became more horrible. The cat that was roaming there came towards us. It looked at us very strangely. We were getting panicked, suddenly it ran as if it was scared we had no clue of the strange behaviour of that cat. Then a friend of mine said it’s too much and he rushed down switching off the lights along with the speaker. We somehow stopped him as we didn’t want to leave another member and we switched the lights again. Then we sat there and started talking.

After nearly 15-20 minutes the speaker became silent but the small light in the speaker was on. I thought someone has called. To confirm it, I checked my phone.  The music player was playing the song. And Guess there was no missed calls and no messages.

That was suspicious how could it be stopped.  Till then we were very scared and were sure that we are in a state of possession. Still we thought of getting a final clue and we decided if that cat comes again or the light gets off we will leave the place. Then that cat showed again we ran down leaving everything behind.The next morning we came to know that there was a teenage girl who was dead a month ago. She was haunting that place. We didn’t offered food to her soul before eating and she felt disrespected and angry.

Meeting with the Ghost

This is a story that my mother did tell me about a real horror experience she had when she was a child. My mom grew up in Chicago in the 1960’s. Her mom, my grandmother, was a nightmare of a person. She was a sociopath and an alcoholic. During the summer my mom started realising that she wasn’t getting very much attention during the day. She would be given lunch, and she then was left to fend for herself all afternoon while her mom drank. So at some point she started wandering away, looking for any place to be besides that house. My grandmother was probably too drunk to even notice (and even if she did notice she wouldn’t have really cared). 

The only rule was to be home for dinner, treating my mom as if she was sixteen instead of eight Eventually this led to my mom being way out of the neighbourhood and near a busy intersection. She was planning to cross the street and go even further. That’s when I believe her guardian stepped in.

She described it as she was walking down the sidewalk thinking about crossing the street. When all the of the sudden she saw a “big kid”, probably ten or eleven years old, walking by her side. He asked her where she was going and she told him, “The other side of that road.” He then explained to her that it was very dangerous and that she needed to walk with him (it’s interesting that he never told her to go home!) 

So he helped her get across the road. When they got to the other side, she looked around and realised he was gone in about one second. The only thing behind them, on that side, was a field. She didn’t seem him run into the field, or go back across the street. She was looking for him but after that day she said she never saw him again, as if he was only meant to be there for that one day.

The Evil wandering around our house

real horror experience of the evil

It happened when i was in class six. I heard it from my parents, uncles, aunties and my elder brother. Ours was a joined family. Luckily when this happened me and my twin counterpart were in a boarding school. The incident goes like this- two young lads who were local mustangs working for a political party were down to death. Both the murders took place in front of our main gate.

Blood stains were there on the gate for long number of days. Our house was on a large area of land(around 27 Kattahs). House building was built on 5 Cottah of land. Rest of the part was like a small forest. So, the environment of our house was always bit spooky. Coming to the murder again, it was so brutal that people stopped coming out of their houses after 7.00 pm for couple of weeks.

Supernatural stuffs started taking place right from the day when such a terrible crime took place. Every midnight we heard some noises like some one walking on the rooftop, stone pelting, door banging & grille shaking. But when my parents and uncles searched for reasons they found none. My elder brother used to stay alone, but after the incident he started staying with my uncle. My Aunt was sent to her mother’s house. One night my uncle kept the TV on.

As usual the grille started shaking and they increased the volume of TV to avoid the unnatural stuff. But the grille shook more & more with the increase in volume. My uncle told me that one night he saw one man crossed the 7 feet boundary wall with a single jump.

He also saw a beautiful dog which was hard to find in the locality. Things like this went for quite number of days until when we came to know that Antim Sanskar(last rituals) of the two dead chaps were done.

My ghost experience in the Hospital

ghost experience in the hospital

While working as a medical intern I had a true horror experience. The hospital had ongoing construction in certain parts. In addition, It was not that heavily populated.

I was posted for a month and had to stay overnight on each Wednesday for that period. After the night rounds were over at around 9 p.m., I did decide to go to my room to eat dinner and rest for the night. I informed the reception that I was going to the interns’ room and he could inform me of any emergency that came. The room was at the far end of the building and at the end of a narrow passage with an incomplete operation theatre room parallel to it.

I ate my dinner and went to sleep at around 11 pm. Around 12 AM I suddenly woke up to a woman screaming, “Tai mala vachva!” (Sister, save me!) I ran outside the room to the reception area to see if an emergency case of a woman with burns wound had arrived. To my horror, the reception area was completely quiet.

On inquiring with the reception, I understood that not a single case had arrived in the hospital since 9 pm. I thought to myself that I must have dreamed and went back to my room. As soon as I switched off the lights and laid on the bed, I could hear the screaming again. This time to my horror, I was wide awake and not hallucinating. It was as if the lady was right there in my room screaming for help. Thus, I switched on the lights and looked outside the window to see if any woman was screaming outside the hospital.

There was a lonely road winding uphill behind the hospital. I didn’t find anyone on the road outside the haunted hospital. Although I was terrified and wanted to sit at the reception with human company, a senior staff member had warned me not to roam in the hospital at night especially around staircases and construction areas. She had heard complaints about certain men working the night shifts drinking.

With no other choice left, I sat the entire night on the corner of my bed with lights on and hearing the screams. At around 6 am in the morning the screams ceased. I had to endure listening the screams on all 4 on-call nights. On inquiring with some hospital staff no one confirmed hearing those screams before.

My Granny’s Real Ghost Experiences

First of all, I should explain that my grandmother instilled a belief in ghosts, spirits, life after death and even demons from childhood. In my country, nearly everyone believes in ghosts. Grandmother used to say that many houses are haunted by souls with unfinished business in this world, or who cling to this reality without moving on. And she always said prayers for the spirits and to protect people from them. I grew up saying the same prayers.

One experience I had during my bachelor life, in the early days of my career as a medical representative reinforced my belief in spirits and ghosts. The work environment of a medical representative was very different in the early eighties . In addition, my first posting was far away from my home town. This necessitated finding a suitable accommodation. After two days of searching, I found accommodation on the first floor of an old house. The owner lived next door.

The owner of my house had an elder sister into her nineties. She was bedridden mainly due to her age rather than any disease. There was nothing doctors could do for her. She used to just lie in her bed and stare at the ceiling and the visitors without speaking.

During the monsoon that year her health deteriorated further and doctor said she was sinking and to expect the death at any moment. I was sad, thinking of her condition, and also disturbed by the thought of a fellow human being so close to the threshold. I used to have occasional dreams about ghosts which never bothered me much. But in that house I was having the dreams every night, all through the night. The dream was always about a woman in white, travelling through clouds and smiling at me or a chariot taking her away from the home. Then on the fourth night since the doctor said she was sinking, it happened.

Waking up from sleep, again after a dream, I felt chilled. A strange wind was howling around the house. The time was 2.30 in the morning, I remember that so clearly. I heard nothing else, just the wind.I tried to go back to sleep, but remain alert and awake. I just felt certain, with a certainty beyond rationality, that I would not see the landlord’s sister the next day. Finally, I dozed after some time. I woke to a knock at the door. When I answered the door, no one was there.

The owner of the house called me and informed about the death of the lady. She had passed away at 2:30 in the morning, exactly when I woke up. I didn’t see anything, outside of my dreams, but the total experience made me believe I encountered her spirit. It was eerie, yet reassuring at the same time. Because, now I know there a spirit after death.

People’s experiences with ghosts

I am from India but a few relatives of mine are living in a small town near London in UK, named Exeter. Last year when I went to visit my cousin we were having a very crazy time. We were drinking alcohol and doing all sorts of stupid things but we did not realise that we were about to make the biggest mistake of our lives.

It was the month of October and it was very cold. I had gone to a nearby bar with my cousin, his girlfriend and his girl friend’s best friend. We were quite drunk when we were about to leave the bar. My cousin’s gf Lisa(name changed) was forcing us all to go to a nearby graveyard. It was very stupid of her and of us to listen to her. But we all went there. We reached a graveyard named Exwick cemetery. It is said to hold around 2000 graves and there have been hauntings reported from that cemetery as well.

Lisa was very drunk and was doing all sorts of disturbing things over there like she tried to summon dead people by calling out there names and we all were just laughing and giggling. My cousin, Dhiraj(name changed) tried to stop her but she was completely whacked out of her mind. I was pretty drunk myself and didn’t know what was happening. I remember, at the time we were leaving, just outside the graveyard we saw behind and Lisa wasn’t there. 

Dhiraj was frightened and we ran back inside the graveyard. We found Lisa lying down unconscious in the graveyard. So, we thought that must have happened because she had been drinking a lot, though her friend had another theory for Lisa’s blackout. She was frightened and said something supernatural was behind Lisa’s blackout, she returned back home.

It was around 2.00 am and now it was Me, my cousin and his gf at my cousins place. She told us that she was not feeling well and wants to sleep, so we put her to bed and started watching TV. Around half an hour later, we heard a shout from her room. Thus, we ran in the room and she was frightened as fu*k. I didn’t know what happened to her. It was something that I experienced first time in my life. She said she saw a completely black face outside the window and we were like wtf, this can’t be. We calmed her down and went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up around 10 and my cousin was still asleep. I went to Lisa’s room to ask for some coffee but she wasn’t there. I asked my cousin whether she had gone back or not. He woke up immediately and we searched the house and we couldn’t find her anywhere. Quite soon, I noticed that the main door was open, i ran out and i saw her lying in the front lawn. She had bruises allover her body and her nose was bleeding. I can never forget that sight. We took her to a nearby hospital and the doctors said that the reason for the bruises was a mystery because even she didn’t know what had happened.

Next week when i returned back to India, My cousin called me and told me about his breakup with Lisa because of her behaving weirdly. I didn’t pay much attention about it until i heard from my cousin again about Lisa’s death. I was baffled that time and linked it to that night. Her post mortem reported suicide. However, I know there was some supernatural in association with her death. I feel very sad about it and that day I promised myself of not doing such a stupid thing ever again. It is not fun people. After death, there is an another world out there and we should not fiddle with it.

Our True Horror Experiences with Ghosts

people's experiences with ghosts

It happened five years ago, when I was in college. I was living in a private mess of six students. Let me tell you about the surroundings before I start. Our building was single storey one. The right side plot was vacant. On the left side there were two other buildings. In the last building a widow was living with her three sons. To the left of that building there was a large pond & a graveyard and a small hill nearby. On the back side of our building there was a thick teak forest.

It was one Saturday. Four members of our mess went to their home. so only me and my one friend Sushil was there. At that time there was no laptop or TV in our mess. So after dinner we got bored & started gossiping. It topic was cricket, girls etc. I didn’t know when it became 1:30 a.m. Suddenly dogs started barking. We ignored it. Because it’s not a extraordinary thing in our locality. A lot of stray dogs were out there.

After 10 minutes both me and my friend heard the sound of the anklet of a woman along with Bangles. It was a very silent night. So we could here it clearly. The source of the sound was not far from 1 feet from our right wall toward the vacant plot. The gap between our wall & the boundary of vacant plot was merely 1 feet. Practically it was inaccessible. Because it was full of thorny trees.

We both were engineering students. So we didn’t panic & started thinking logically. I reminded that we locked our main gate at 9 p.m. The gate of the vacant plot was not open from more than a year. So there was no possibility of anyone to enter except cats, dogs or thief (man definitely). It was impossible for a woman to enter in our plot.

Besides why a woman was walking in such a late. hour? The sound continued for more than 20 seconds. So we decided to go outside & take a look. When we came outside, there was nothing near the source of sound. Now we both were trembling with fear. That night I didn’t sleep. I spent more than a week in our building before, but never experienced such a creepy feeling. This time I was not alone.

We told all of our friend about the incident when they returned. They laughed at us. After a month to that incident it was one weekend. Five members of mess went to our home including me. So only a friend named Sujit was there. As he was alone, he did call an old friend (from another mess) to come and live. To my surprise they also experienced the same as us.

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