41 Real Ghost Images of Ghosts and their Petrifying Stories

Scary ghost pictures of real ghost

There is an old proverb – “seeing is believing”. And when we come across photographs that clearly ‘show’ these inexplicable entities…sometimes formless and sometimes very much in their human form, we find it hard to hold onto our skepticism and disbelief regarding the existence of ghosts. Today, however in this world of digital manipulation you might find it hard to believe in this proverb. But the ghost images we are going to show you today mostly date back to the era prior to digital re-mastering of photographs and are thus, thought to be genuine images of the unexplained.

Ghosts, Demons, Witches and Angels are all a part of our dream. This is a part of our mythology and urban tales when science had not developed its technological wings and with time, the urbanisation of stuff, environment and the revolving inner planet the believers have hardly decreased. So, what does it mean? Does it mean that everything from American halloween to Chinese ghost festival is nothing but a conspiracy that can not be believed? Well, this was and shall be a matter of debate. In conclusion, one needs proof to verify the truth and here we are offering you a collection of scary ghost ghost pictures of real ghost caught on camera that shows the paranormal:

Faces of Belmez

Faces of Belmez- real ghost images

This incident dates back to August 23, 1971. In the small village on Belmez, Maria Gõmez Pereira noticed a strange phenomenon on her kitchen floor. She saw an image which looked like a human face. Maria had no explanation for it.

She primarily thought that it must be something paranormal. Thus, she tried to get rid of it. She got a new cement floor laid. Few days later another face appeared at exactly the same spot.

Word soon spread about the face and she was inundated by people who were anxious to see the unusual image. The Pereira family wanted to destroy the face again, but the Mayor ordered that it be preserved. They removed the face from the floor and hung on the wall.

This time the floor was dug up. It was surmised that whatever was causing the images must be under the floor, and it was known that this village was built over an area that once held a graveyard. Sure enough, nine feet under the floor, human remains were discovered.

A new floor was put down. Two weeks later, another male face appeared. After a couple of weeks, a female face appeared, this time with numerous smaller faces around it – fifteen of them to be precise. This time, their emergence was observed by experts who watched the shapes take form.

Many more faces formed, some quickly and then disappearing just as quickly – sometimes in a single day. Over time, the expressions appeared to change and get older. Almost everyone who saw them saw something slightly different in the features.

Investigation of the Faces

Numerous faces formed one after another in Belmez

Some saw fear, others saw shock, despair, or happiness. Investigators made tape recordings while the house was empty and locked. When they were played back, the tapes contained sounds of human wailing, whispering and crying.

Efforts to eradicate the faces inevitably failed. The floor was ripped up many times. Cleansers and scrubbing seemed to do nothing but change the expressions and widen the eyes. Eventually, each face disappeared in its own time.

It is unclear as to what actual pigments, paint or dyes were used to create the faces. Chemists were unable to detect any elements in the faces that were not present in concrete and could not explain the existence of the faces by any explanation currently known to science.

Toys R US Store

Sunnyvale, CA

Ghost picture caught in Toys R US store in Sunnyville, CA

This picture was taken in the popularly haunted Toys R Us store in Sunnyvale, CA. This location has been featured in many publications and on television programs. Employees at the store reported all types of activity, such as items falling off shelves, cold spots, inexplicable voices, and general feelings of unease.

A show called That’s Incredible! documented a seance held her with psychic Sylvia Brown. During the seance, this image was captured on infrared film. A picture was taken at the same time with another camera using high speed film and the image did not appear on that print!

The ghost was said to be that of Johnny Johnston, who was a worker on the farm that once occupied the site of the Toys R Us. He bled to death after he was accidentally hit with an axe.

Basilica of Le Bois-Chenu

Domremy, France

Ghost picture taken in Basilica of Le Bois-Chenu, Domremy France

This church is dedicated to the memory of Joan of Arc and is located, appropriately, near her hometown of Doremy, France. Two women were visiting the church in 1925 and one of them, a Miss Townsend, asked her companion, Lady Palmer, to take her photo. The two figures in white that appear at the left of Miss Townsend, were not visible to either of the ladies when the photo was taken.

Wem Town Hall

Shropshire, England

Ghost pictures taken in the Wem Town hall, Shropshire

This photo was taken by a local resident of the town, Tony O’Rahilly, as the nearly 100 year old building burned to the ground. No one recalls having seen anyone standing in that place during the fire.

Mr. O’Rahilly gave the photo to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena which, in turn, presented it for analysis to Dr. Vernon Harrison, a photographic expert and former president of the Royal Photographic Society. Mr. Harrison concluded that the photo was not tampered with or manipulated and appeared to be genuine.

This is not the first big fire in Wem. There was a devastating fire in 1677, which leveled most of the town, since at that time most of the homes were constructed of wood. Legend has it that the horrible fire of 1677 was started accidentally by a serving girl named Jane Chum, who had been careless with a candle and set the thatched roof of her home on fire. Many people of the town have reported seeing her ghost in the years since 1677. Residents believe this photo taken in 1995 to be her.

Eastry Church Ghost

Sandwich, Kent, England

Ghost picture taken in the Eastry Church, Sandwich, Kent

This photo was taken by a Mr. Bootman in 1956. The only other person in the church at the time was the cleaning lady. When the photo was developed, Mr. Bootman noticed what seemed to be the clear image of a vicar sitting in the pew in front of him. We are unsure if there is any record of a haunting in this church, but the image is an intriguing likeness of a vicar!

St. Mary the Virgin Church

Woodford, Northamptonshire, England

St. Mary the virgin ghost picture

One more ghost picture was taken at the church of Eastry. This time, Gordon Carroll of Northampton, England, captured this picture in 1964. The church was empty at the time this photograph was taken and the kneeling figure that appears in the photo was not visible.

Raynham’s hall brown Lady Ghost

Raynham hall brown lady ghost pictures

In 1936, an avid traveller and photographer by profession Tim Brown noticed a weird phenomenon during his visit to Raynham Hall. Located in Norfolk, England, he was hovering around his camera to take photographs until the camera captured few ghost pictures on the staircase. It clearly shows a woman wearing booted brown clothes.

She is suspected to be lady Dorothy who was the second wife of Mr. Townshend. She was locked in her room for cheating her husband and later died under mysterious circumstances. Her ghost was obvious to the visitors out there and her visitors included George V. Finally her real ghost pictures caught on camera were provided to the Life magazine that shocked the non believers and atheists.

Ferguson’s Real Ghost Images

Ferguson real ghost pictures

This disturbing picture belongs to 1968 when Robert A. Ferguson, an eminent writer and psychologist was giving a speech in a spiritualist meeting held in Los Angeles. During the seminar, photographers were put on their job until a scary image was snapped.

One of the cameraman clicked a shadow beside the philosopher himself. Later, Robert accepted that image was of his brother Walter who had died during second world war. This was one of the most real ghost pictures caught on camera ever and created a buzz among paranormal lovers and skeptics.

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Madonna of the bachelor grove cemetery

haunted bachelor grove cemetery ghost

The bachelor grove cemetery near Chicago is regarded as one of the real haunted locations in the world. In 1991, the Ghost Research Society (GRS) was investigating this place where one member was taking photographs of a place where some anomalies were experienced. When developed, one such picture showed a woman, dressed in white and looking lonely sitting on a tombstone. The members of the research society were sure that there was no one else in the graveyard that day.

In the world of horror and psychology, it is considered one of the scariest real ghost pictures caught on camera.

Lady Ghost of the Worstead Church

Worstead church ghost pictures

This picture belonged to 1975 and shows a glittering white shadow behind a lady named Rosy Berth-lot. During that time, she was morbid and treated with a high dose of antibiotics. The couple used to visit the church everyday.

One day while Miss Berthlot was praying, her husband clicked a couple of pictures of her wife. When the negatives got developed, a white lady was seen sitting behind Mrs. Berthlot. During those days, a legend has it whoever bends during prayer faces that gentle spirit behind them.

The lady ghost was not gruesome but the captured scenario gave world a new reason to believe upon Paranormal- thanks to the real ghost images of this lady ghost in the Worstead church.

Disabel hotel’s spirit Photos


To explore the next picture in our “real images of ghosts caught on camera” series, we need to move to Romania. The picture you see above belongs to one of the oldest hotel of the country. People believe that this hotel stands over an ancient treasure and a black shadow protects this precious repertory. This story later proved out to be real when Victoria Ivan, an American photographer snapped this black shadowed woman.

The Farm Ghost

Real pictures of ghost at the Farm

There are very few moments when we feel otherworldly entities in a crowded place. Paranormal experts believe that souls like to remain outstation and do not prefer dense surroundings. This assumption was proven wrong by Neel Sandbank, an event cameraman who captured this photograph during a night ceremony. It was of a pre wedding location, a farmhouse in Hertfordshire.

When Neel analysed these images, he felt awestruck to encounter a shining spirit of a children while that place was null at that moment. Later, when the locals were asked about his ghost, they suspected him to be one of the many people who were killed in a police skirmish. Be whatever it is, Neel’s real ghost images gave world a new reason to believe in the supernatural creatures.

The Railroad Crossing Real Ghost Images

Railroad crossing scary ghost picture

Among these scary ghost images of real ghosts caught on camera, this image depicts a line of controversy drawn in the critics. It features a middle aged woman wearing night gown. Well, let me make you clear that this picture was captured in Texas and is of a rail crossing turn.

This crossing has its own ferocious tale including an incident when a group of children were cut to death. If you visit this place, you may catch the woman’s ghost with a teddy in her hand. There are few people who had reported to encounter a dog’s spirit along with the lady ghost.

Child Ghost Image

There are very few real ghost images that show a true emotion. If you take a look over books on the afterlife experiences, you would find people encounter their deceased ones or, make a conversation with them. Here, we have a real world example.

This story belongs to Queensland’s graveyard from Australia where a mother was regularly paying a visit to her infant’s sepulchre. In the year 1946 or 1947, Mrs. Andrews visited the grave of her daughter in a cemetery. Her daughter had died about a year ago and Mrs. Andrews wanted to click a snap of the cenotaph.

However, upon developing this photo, she saw a small child sitting happily on grave and staring directly at the camera. Mrs. Andrews later claimed that there was no child that day at the cemetery and that it was not the ghost of her daughter when she was a child. And when Australian paranormal researcher Tony Healy visited the church late in the year 1990s he located the grave of two infant girls near the one of Mrs. Andrews’ daughter Sheol.

The Sefton Church Real Ghost Images

The sefton church ghost pictures

What the psychologists believe is completely different from the modern science. In psychic world, no place is spiritless. Having said that, even a church consists spirits and if you believe demonologists, a church contains far more souls than that of a cemetery. The Sefton church is located in the great Britain and a devotee captured a real ghost picture describing a black shadowed ghost in his camera. Amazed hun ?

Photos of the Grandfather’s Ghost

Pictures of grandfather ghost

Love is evergreen, boundless and lasts forever. If you read Shakespeare or the Romeo-Juliet tale, it would get you immersed within the selfless ecstasy. Here, we have a photograph delineating the true bond. It is of a picnic hangout when Denis Russell was having fun with her grandchildren.

Among many photographs taken, this picture shows her husband’s ghoul. Few years later, Mrs. Russell passed away. In 2000, ghost of this couple were seen in her family album photographs taken during Christmas. This is by far, one of the rarest ghost photo caught of camera that shows a ghost couple.

The Newby Church Ghost

North Yorkshire, England

In North Yorkshire, one 9 feet tall ghost was captured. This picture was taken by K.F. Lord in 1963. He claimed that spot vacant while he was snapping this photograph. Although, no disturbances or paranormal activity was ever experienced in the New Bay church itself.

When we talked with the related authority, the church management neglected the past appointments of such a tall priest. In conclusion, this was among the most real ghost pictures caught on camera and shows the transparency of a mysterious shadow.

Real Ghost Pictures of the Dual Ghoul, Chicago

real pictures of ghost of man and animal

As evident from the picture, you can see a content mother and her cheerful son posing for a picture outside their new house. They purchased this new house and were unaware of its possession. The husband clicked this picture. Furthermore, he was amazed to see the apparition of an old lady with her bulldog looking out of the window.

Locals assume it to be the apparition of the preceding owner and her pet who might have neglected to enter afterlife. Though the picture is not as heart wrenching as the other entries in this article but, it indeed is among one of the top scary ghost pictures you will ever see.

The Cooper family poltergeist Images

Texas, USA

The cooper family poltergeist pictures

This picture gets creepier after you come to know about its realism. It was clicked decades ago in Texas in 1954. The story goes as the cooper family buy a second home and moves in there. Correspondingly, their new journey goes through the fresh excitement of owning a house mixed with the sense of eeriness the house preserved.

One fine noon, they decide to take a picture of their family in a moment of celebration. Very little did they know about a perturbing guest that was interested in their jiffy of joy. This is said to be one of the most peculiar and real ghost pictures caught on camera ever. The presence of the hanging ghost troubled the Coopers’ enough to force them leave the house they had vested so much money in.

The Oak Grove ghost Images

The oak grove cemetery ghost photos

The oak grove in Kentucky hosts a terrible female spirit that keeps wandering around the haunted bridge listed among top haunted places in Kentucky. In view of the stories, this ghost lady was the wife of a soldier who threw her off the bridge after he assumed her role in an extra marital affair.

The trespassers have claimed to see her floating body on several nights around the bridge. One of the mysterious things about this place is, if you switch your car off here- you will be unable to switch on your vehicle until you push it off the bridge. By the same token, this ghost lady may haunt you if you cross this bridge on a halloween night.

The Union cemetery spirit Photos

The union cemetery real ghost pictures

Known as one of the spookiest cemeteries in the United states, the union cemetery is famous for  delivering the paranormal factor to the ghost investigators. In the past years, there have been many a ghost apparitions caught on camera by the researchers but, this snap is different and seems more realistic.

Here you can clearly visualise a white lady’s spirit with long black hair wearing a nightgown and a bonnet. She was rumoured to killed by a fireman’s vehicle who accidentally hit her. Undoubtedly, this image deserves to be in this list of scary ghost images of real ghosts where you can spectate the phantom and its energies.

The White Lady Phantom of Haigh Hall

The white lady phantom of Haigh hall pictures

The white lady of Haigh Hall is Lady Mabel’s spirit who was once wife of the knight Mr. William Bradshaigh. In 1315, William fled the country for a reason and didn’t return for a couple of years.

Unaware of the actual causes, Mrs. Bradshaigh remarried to an Anglo Spanish guy. Eventually William returned back and killed his wife’s new master and resumed living at the Haigh manor mansion. He kept Lady Mabel like a slave and thus, her later half life was quite unhappy.

Her ghost looks really creepy. Henceforth, we suggest you not to look at her emotionless cruel face. The Royal society of supernatural investigation considers this picture one of the scariest real ghost images.

The Black demon pictures

The black demon pictures

Here you can clearly figure out a terrific entity standing on the patient’s body. Well, this picture was the centre of attraction for ghost enthusiasts after a surveillance camera captured it in an unknown hospital.

“This mystical figure is of a demon that usually appears hours before a certain death.” says Janet Williamson. In this context, it seems true because of the patient’s death few hours after the demon was hovering around the mortal.

The Courthouse Poltergeist Image

Corrolton, Alabama, USA

The courthouse poltergeist pictures

This image was taken in the Pickens county courthouse in Carrollton, Alabama. As you can see, there is an apparition of a human face stuck very close to window staring out. Coupled with the sources, it can be sighted round the clock standing fixed at the window.

The local tales blame Henry Well, a former slave to put a fire in the courthouse. The furious crowd was after him and out of fear, he hid on third floor of the courthouse. While he was looking out of the window, lightening struck him and burnt him throughout. Since then, his face continues to remain in its static posture, peering down from the window.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost Images

The story revolves around the times when there was no vaccination available to treat Tuberculosis and it was on its peak. The Sanitarium treated people through many therapies including few ferocious rural methods. Moreover, this process was tedious, painful and resulted in numerous death every month. The authority secretly used to dump the corpses in an underground tunnel.

In the light of time, the deceased spirits began to haunt the Waverly Hills Sanitarium. The parallel story involved Mary Lee who worked as a nurse and had an affair with a doctor. Eventually she got pregnant. After her lover refused to marry her, she hanged herself to death in room number 502. Her ghost frequently wanders around the sanitarium. Tom captured her picture, known as one of the very few scary ghost pictures of real ghost.

Image of Lord Combermere’s Ghost

Ghost images of Lord Combermere
Image of Lord Combermere’s ghost on chair

This photograph taken in 1891 had the purpose of shooting the Combermere Abbey library. However, in the chair to the left, you can see a very faint figure. Most prominent parts of that faint figure are his head, collar and right arm. The photo is that of Lord Combermere.  The curious thing about this photo is – when this photograph was taken, Lord Combermere’s funeral was being held about four miles away.

Ghost of the seven Gables

Massachusetts, USA

House of the seven Gables, Massachusetts
House of the seven Gables

Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts is a historic house where American author Nathaniel Hawthorne was born. One of the tourists Lisa B took this snap which shows the image of a boy peering over the wooden fence. Upon research Lisa found out that Hawthorne’s five-year-old son, Julian had a striking resemblance with this phantom.

The Ghost of Boothill Cemetery

Ghost of the Boothill Cemetery

This photo was taken to capture the Old-West Cowboy feel with the man in front dressed up accordingly. When developed the picture showed something else altogether. Shot in Boothill Graveyard, the picture shows another man wearing a hat just to the right. Clanton, who shot this picture was sure that there was no one else in the graveyard and that this picture completely changed his opinion on ghost photos.

Ghost of the Choir Loft

Ghost of the choir loft

This photograph was shot to capture the interior of London’s St. Botolph’s Church in the year 1982. However, when the film was developed at the upper right hand loft a transparent figure of a woman can be seen. The photographer, Chris Brackley states that there were three people in the church at that time and none of them were in the loft.

The Backseat Ghost

the backseat ghost image
This ghost image started image blur vs. paranormal debate

In the year 1959, Mrs. Mabel Chinnery took several photographs of the gravesite where she had gone to visit the grave of her mother. She took photo of her husband too who was waiting in the car alone.

However, when the film was developed a figure wearing glasses was found sitting on the backseat of the car. Mrs. Chinnery swears that the woman bears a striking resemblance to her mother.

This photo has also been examined by various photography experts who could offer no explanation for the anomaly, other than to say that the image is not the result of a reflection or a double exposure.  And a photographic expert was even ready to stake his reputation on the fact that this photograph was real.

Tulip’s Staircase Ghost

The Queen’s House, Greenwich, England

Image of Tulip's staircase ghost, the Queen's House ghost

Reverend and Mrs. R.W. Hardy took this picture while on a vacation in England. They visited the Queen’s House, now a museum, during normal operating hours. At around 5 p.m. , the Reverend took some photos of the interior, including one of the beautiful staircase. The pictures taken before and after the staircase one show other parts of the Queen’s House, but nothing like the hooded figure visible on the staircase.

Mrs. hardy had been standing with her husband as he took the photos, and she swore that nothing could have gotten into the frame without her noticing. She also stated that they had tried to go up the staircase themselves, but the staircase was blocked by a “No Admittance” sign on a rope barrier.

Kodak examined this picture and said that the negative was not manipulated or tampered with in any way. The only other explanation is that there had been someone on the stairs. However, the Hardys swear there was none on the stairs, and the museum staff are very strict about not allowing visitors on the staircase.

It seems that someone, a visitor or staff member would certainly remember people going up the stairs, especially since they would dress in robes with hoods!

When you first see the picture, it looks like a single figure with a very long right hand reaching out ahead. If you look closer, you can see that BOTH hands are LEFT hands, and Both show a ring on the marriage finger!

Other visitors and staff have reported seeing shadowy figures in the area of the staircase. They heard to mysterious footsteps as well.

Investigating the Queen House Ghost

Investigating the real ghost picture taken in Queen House, Greenwich

Recently, another incident at this 400 year old house was reported by a Gallery Assistant who was talking about a tea break with two other staff members. He claims he saw one of the doors to the Brdige Room close by itself. At first, he dismissed it as one of the lecturers, but then he saw a woman glide across the balcony and disappear through the wall on the west balcony.

The three colleagues ran to the area above the room she had passed from (Queen’s Presence Room) and looked down towards the one she should be in(Queen’s Bedroom). They looked on in amazement as they saw her pass through the ante-room and out through the wall. They described her as a ;ady dressed in a white-grey crinoline type dress.

Other mysterious phenomena that have been reported here are the disembodied chanting of a group of children, a pale woman wiping up blood at the bottom of the Tulip Staircase, slamming doors, and people being pinched by invisible hands.

The blood at the bottom of the staircase is attributed to an incident that happened about three centuries ago when a maid either jumped or was thrown over the highest banister and fell 50 feet to her death.

Freddy Jackson’s Ghost Image

HMS Daedalus, WW I RAF Squadron

This is an intriguing group photograph of Sir Victor Goddard’s squadron. They had served in World War I. An extra ghostly face appears in the top row. It is the face of Freddy Jackson who was an air mechanic. He was killed only two days earlier by an airplane propeller. In fact, his funeral was taking place at the time this picture was clicked.

Vacation Party Ghost

Maurach, Austria

In 1988, a group of friends clicked the aforementioned pictures at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Maurach, Austria. It happened when numerous vacationers gathered at the hotel farewell party and decided to take a group photo. At a nearby table, Mr. Todd set up his Canon film camera and pointed it towards the group. He set the camera on timer and hurried back to join the rest of the group.

The camera clicked but the flash did not fire. Mr. Todd set the camera for the second time and this time the flash fired. Later when the photos were being viewed, an extra blurry head appears in the non-flash photograph.

No one could recognize the woman and the photographic department of Leicester University, Royal Photographic Society, and the Society for Psychical Research ruled out any chances of double exposure.

Godfather’s Pizza Ghost

Godfather's pizza ghost pictures

In the year 1999-2000, several poltergeist activities and unnerving incidents were taking place at the Godfather’s Pizza Restaurant in Ogden, Utah! This prompted the Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research (UPER) to carry out a paranormal investigation.

During the investigation, they discovered that this restaurant stands on old pauper’s field – a cemetery for the poor. During the investigation, they took the above photograph as well. In fact, this misty figure was actually viewed for a few seconds with the naked eye after which it vanished.

Ghost Images at the Manila Trip

Photo by Anomalies

In the year 2000, This photo was taken in Manila – Republic of Philippines. As per “The Ghost Research Society”, these photos were taken during a night walk. Two girlfriends asked a passing stranger to click a photograph of them on their mobile phone camera. The picture shows a ghostly and firm grip on one of the girls by a transparent figure.

This figure doesn’t claim 100% authenticity and could be a result of ’processing’ with any image software. However, if this photo is genuine, this could prove out to be one of the best ghost pictures ever taken – undoubtedly!

Haunted Bureau Ghost Images

haunted bureau ghost images

This one is an early 20th century photo of a beautiful bureau in the Queen Anne style. This photograph was taken by Montague Cooper – a well known photographer of the day at the request of a furniture dealer. However, when the photograph came out – Cooper could not explain the transparent white hand that appears on top of the bureau.

The Watcher

Taken at Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1959 this picture show a transparent human form wearing a long white dress or cloak. And the figure seems to be holding something like a camera or binoculars. There are several different speculations around this picture. Some it a result of a double exposure while others believe it is a spirit. If we consider the former assumption true, how is it holding a camera or a binocular? And then there are some who think it to be the image of a time traveler or an inter-dimensional being.

The Phantom Pilot

When Mrs. Sayers and her friends were visiting the Fleet Air Arm Station in Yelverton, England; the friends thought that it would be a cute picture if Mrs. Sayers could pose in the seat of the retired helicopter. And although she confirms that no one else was sitting beside her the picture clearly shows a man in white shirt sitting beside her. Mrs. Sayers however clearly remembers having a rather cold feeling when sitting on this worn helicopter they once used in the Falkland War.

The Pink Lady of GreenCastle

Guy Winters and his friends investigated the O’Hare mansion in GreenCastle, Indiana. The team in fact spent a few days and nights in the castle armed with video cameras and similar other stuff looking for paranormal activities. The above picture was a result when Guy took a picture of the upstairs window.

Guy says the figure was not present at the time he took the snap but the vaporous pink ghostly woman is rather clear in the picture. Even the negative of this picture shows the presence of this figure and post the digital enhancement, a skull like projection can be seen clearly.

The Black Abbot

Near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

Real ghost picture taken in Presbury cemetery- Image Source

This photo is said to have captured the image of the Black Abbot, long rumoured to have haunted the churchyard here. Derek Stafford took this picture on November 22, 1990 while photographing gravestones in the churchyard.

The Myrtle Plantation Apparition

Louisiana, USA

Known as one of the most haunted houses in Louisiana, the Myrtle plantation is located in St. FrancisVile and is known as the 12 ghost mansion. The most evident and cruel amongst all is the spirit of Chloe, the slave of Woodruffs.

Once they caught her listening to the personal conversation of her master and as a punishment, they did cut one of her two ears. She set up a revenge plan and  mixed poisonous oleander leaves in the baked cake. From the consumption, Mrs. Woodruffs and her both daughters died instantly.

Later, Chloe was hanged to death and thrown in the Mississippi river. But, she chose not to enter afterlife and her soul can be seen wandering around the structure wearing a green turban.

How did you find these Real Ghost Images?

These were top scary ghost images of real ghost along with with their tales. Whether these pictures are solid evidences of the paranormal is up for debate but one thing is for sure – they do make you think and they do stir something inside you. In case, creepy stories are what fascinates you, you would definitely like to have a look at these –

Happy Haunting.

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