5 Real Halloween stories for Children

real halloween stories for kids

Halloween is the favourite time to have fun with the spooky creativity and to personalise your horror choices. Literature add spices to these wonderful times, especially when it comes to children. Having said that, wade through the following collection of some real and scary halloween stories for children.

Grandma’s House

By Demarcus Harper

I know that any one reading this is going to think that I’m crazy but who cares because it’s a true story…I swear!!!

When I was about 6yrs old me and my family went to visit my grandmother and by the time we had got home it was really late, we were going to stay the night but my older brother and sister both had to go to summer school the next morning. Anyway, I think it was about 12:30am by the time we had initially made it home. The house was pitch black I was tired but not sleepy (we had a bomb time over grannies that night).

When I was younger I used to pretend like I was sleep simply so I could hear my mother say, “Oh he’s so precious”, which is what I was doing that night. She carried me to my room and laid me down on the bed and left the door open when she had departed from me.

(I know you guys won’t believe me but I swear to you this is true!!!)

All lights in the house remained off and the heavy curtains let very little moon light into the room but for some strange reason at the blink of an eye the room became even colder and darker as if someone had covered it with a heavy cloth. As a matter of fact I don’t remember any light at all. I began to get scared of the fact that the room had transformed like that so I began to chant a song that usually gave me comfort in times such as those “Jesus loves the little children…all of the children of the world…”.

(Oh my God my eyes are watering even now thinking about it.)

And then slowly from the corner of the room emerged this ugly, skeleton looking thing I don’t know what else to call it. It was dark but I could still see the features, it stood about 7ft tall. I tried shield myself with the cover in hopes that it would protect me but to my surprise I was slowly lifted off of the bed and up into the air. I could feel boney fingers (of which were larger than a normal humans would be) on my back and thighs so I know it wasn’t a dream. When I realized this was for real I tried to scream but nothing came out. My voice simply cracked and was gone from me.

I was scared and there was no hope so I began to cry with my eyes transfixed on this hideous creature…with no sound, just tears and then this freak of nature, abomination. Hideous monster dropped me back down on the bed tuned away from me and faded into the darkness.

I stayed up all night and didn’t mention a word of it for 12yrs with the fear embedded in me that if I said something it would return and I would simply be branded crazy.

When I told my mother about it she informed me that some people in our family blood line were given visions that they partake in, visions that signify something that we as humans cannot explain. I was very frightened and wanted to cry in relief, relief that I wasn’t the only one that this had happened to. She then began to tell me about two of the encounters that she had

I have had a total of 3 encounters of that type throughout my life. They are for real and I am only telling them now because now I know that it’s okay if they return and begin again because they can’t hurt me or anything like that.

South Hills

By Stacy Bradford

It was early January in South Hills, Maine, and the time was nearing for the nightmare to begin.

“Somethin’s a brewin’, Dwight,” Bob said in his mysterious voice that he was always using. “Here we go again,” Dwight replied, “What are you trying to pull this….” “No, I’m serious this time, ” Bob interrupted, “look over at the eastern sky.” “Now that looks like something out of a Stephen King novel.”

The sky on the east side looked of a bluegrass color, but not a natural blue gray. There was a heavy fog slowly rolling in, and the clouds were unexplainably different. “Ah well, the boss doesn’t pay us to stand around staring at the clouds, we’d better get these boats pulled in before somethin’ really does happen.” Dwight lazily mumbled.

Later on that night, Maggie Brown – a sad, old widow – was washing dishes while humming that song about Dixie, when she heard something at the window just in front of her head. She looked into the dark night air and saw nothing. So she continued to hum along to herself, washing dishes. All of a sudden, she dropped one, “Jesus, lord, can’t you do anything?” she scolded to herself.

She picked up the broke pieces and threw them into the garbage can. As she stood up, she saw a face in the window. She gasped in horror as the strange face of a man smiled ghastly at her. She rubbed her eyes, looked again, the man was gone.

After she was done with her dishes, she swung around to put a plate away, only to come face-to-face with the same man. “What do you want from me?” she cried out in a shrill voice.

“We all have skeletons in our closet, now, I’m just giving you a fresh start.” the man replied in a gravelly voice. There was a scream, then dead silence.

The next day, Dwight didn’t show up for work, nor did lots of other people. All anybody knew was that they were dead, for all the sins that they had committed. They had all received a visit from the man the night before.

The real questions was, did that man come from heaven or hell and was he ever coming back?

Flanagan Woods

By Heidi Clark

Deep in the bowels of flanagan woods there lay a small bed of rare and mushy peat moss. This moss was generally found in one place only, the rainforest of South America, but this particular patch was rumored to exist in the strange remote northern Indiana woods, and in face it did. Folks didn’t talk about it a whole lot however, as they knew it was bad luck. And the only people who knew for certain that it existed had never returned from the woods, and their remains were never found.

Legend had it that the spirits of local townspeople who had participated in the mass destruction of the rainforest in the past haunted flanagan woods, their souls doomed to scare off lumberjacks and foremen who dared to cut down the trees for wood. Jerry Wiggins was the only person in town who did not fear the spirits of the woods. A money mongering fiend of a man, his brutal manner scared off all but the toughest workers. He blatantly disregarded the law when it came to lumbering for profit.

He particularly enjoyed exploiting the resources of flanagan woods and would send his men to cut down trees during all hours of the day and night, just to ensure that his profits wouldn’t dwindle. Jerry Wiggins was not at all interested in the rumors of the spirits, and was not the least bit concerned when his workers did not return from the woods after a long day of work. He would just hire new ones. The foreman’s standards were very high and it seemed that none of his workers could meet up to his expectations. Finally the day came when there were no more workers to be sent into the woods.

They had either quit or had been sent to flanagan woods, never to return. He would have to go himself into the woods to cut his lumber, something he was not particularly looking forward to; getting up at 5:00am in the morning to begin a 12 hour shift of tree cutting. He arose a half hour earlier the next day, a strange chill jolting him out of a deep but disturbed sleep.

Remnants of a dream lingered in his mind. Images of moss that would not stop growing troubled his thoughts. Dismissing the disturbance as foolishness, he prepared to head out to the woods. Staring blankly at the entranceway he thought nothing of the lumpy brush that carpeted the forest’s floor. Like a green blanket swaddling the contents of the thick underbelly, the moss seemed to have taken over the entire area. Walking was impossible.

He decided to crawl through the forbidding opening. Overgrowth threatened every move. And what were all of these lumps! They were… but no, it was impossible… the shape of men? Not just men but men who were actually screaming. Wiggins could make out the shapes of their mouths by now. And as he pushed deeper into the brushy overgrowth it was as though the dirt from the ground defined their flesh, their skin color rosying in front of his eyes.

He continued deeper until he heard a sound. “Wiggins…” it seemed to call out his name, “come closer Wiggins…” It must have been one of his workers, he figured, Brians or maybe Finney, out cutting wood, looking to make a good impression so they could get their job back. “We’ll see about that, “ Wiggins gruffed aloud. As he drew closer to the center of the woods he realized that something was very wrong. He could no longer hear the birds singing and for that matter it was just too still altogether. And then he saw the moss, the core of the brown and green mass, and it was growing a new layer over the layers that were already there. “Wiggins, come closer…”

A bossy tone of voice for a former employee. He would fix that. “Wiggins, touch the moss.” The voice was commanding. Touch the moss!! What the hell did he think he was touching now, petunias??? If that was Brians he would show him what moss was for! Shoving down people’s throats! It was impossible to move by his own volition yet an external force seemed to be pulling him closer. “Wiggins, it is time…” Slowly his body drew into the moss, congealing and osmosing with every inch. “Yes, Wiggins, we are one…”

The moss was growing faster, forming a new layer over the old moss, claiming the body little by little. A wrenching cry, then limp. Wiggins was dead. The moss continued to grow until his body could no longer be seen. He now resembled the 38 other bodies. The moss continued until it enveloped the entire area, it growth encasing the woods in an embryo of death.

The Haunting

By Gareth Barsby

It was an unclouded Saturday morning and the SM:TV Live crew were doing their show, SM:TV Live (the new CITV Saturday morning show.) But meanwhile, in Hell, The Devil was watching what was happening. The Devil was red all over. He had yellow horns and a black cape and shoes.

“Huh,” he mumbled, “What a feeble-minded show!” Then he shouted, “SEND IN MY THREE BEST DEMONS!!!!!!!” In came three demons which were black as shadows, had wide white eyes and large mouths with teeth as sharp as knives.

“You called us, boss?”one of the demons growled.
“Well yeah!”explained The Devil, “This SM:TV Live thing is ruined my plan to bring perpetual wretchedness to children all over the globe! Now, go forth demons to beyond the shadow of a doubt ruin this SM:TV Live so I can take over. Heh heh heh……” The Devil’s eyes glowed an eerie yellow.
“No problem, boss!” the three demons said together.
“Good.” said The Devil, “You go and completely sabotage the show, and I,The Devil,Prince of Liars and King of Evil, will do the rest.” So with that, the three malicious demons flew out of Hell.
“This is a very evil mission we have to accomplish!” said one of the demons.

“Yeah,”said a smaller demon, “This SM:TV Live thing can have children happy for an infinity!” Then the demons came across the ITV studio. There was a sign near the door reading: ‘NOW FILMING: SM:TV LIVE’
“This looks like the place!” said the tallest of the demons, “Let’s get to work!”

Inside the ITV studio, the three demons floated through the halls, hoping to find the SM:TV Live room. Seven minutes later, they found a door with the words, ‘SM:TV Live’. The demons didn’t open the door, they just went through the wall. Inside, the three people were at a desk talking, when suddenly, one of the demons popped out of nowhere and groaned a spine-chilling moan followed by some evil laughter.

The two other demons floated into the background and breathed fire causing a television in the background to be nothing more but a pile of burning rubble. All three demons poured water into the cameras causing them to blow up. Some fire came into the scene and when the fire disappeared, there was The Devil himself. The devil tied up the people who hosted SM:TV Live.

“I am The Devil,”explained The Devil, “And in my plan to bring eternal misery to kids worldwide, I will tie you up and replace the time ITV shows are meant to be on with my special horror films that are to scary even for over eighteens FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!”

“Excuse me Mr.Lucifer,sir,”said one of the host, “Could you stop it,please! Bringing misery to grown ups is bad but for children, it’s DIABOLICAL!”

“Diabolical is all I’m about!” replied The Devil, “And don’t call me MR.LUCIFER!”

The SM:TV Live hosts moved towards the telephone.
“PHONE CALLS WON’T DO ANY GOOD!!!!!”shouted the devil ferociously. The hosts phoned the Tricky residence. At the Tricky residence, Perdy was resting. She’d had the whole place to herself ever since Tricky had gone to the retirement home. Perdy answered the phone after it had actually rang.

“Tricky hotline!”she answered.
“Help! Help!”shouted the hosts through the phone, “The Devil is taking over SM:TV Live!!!!” The phone suddenly hung up.

“Looks like it’s up to me!” Perdy said to herself. She flew out of the house towards the ITV studios.
Meanwhile,at the ITV studios,The Devil had set up some cameras of his own. The cameras all faced The Devil.

“Listen up!!!!” shouted The Devil, “I am The Devil! And now that I and my demons have sabotaged SM:TV Live, I will show Horror Films that are even too scary for over eighteens FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!” Then everyone watching ITV noticed that their normal viewing was interuppted by The Devil’s horror films. Just then,Perdy came into the act.

“Not so fast!” shouted Perdy to The Devil.

“What a little brat!” laughed The Devil, “Ooooooooo, I’m so scared. He might defeat me!” The Devil laughed so much he breathed fire. Perdy suddenly bit The Devil’s foot. “AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”screamed The Devil. Perdy chewed up a bit of The Devil’s cape. “AAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!! My favorite cape!!!!!!” Just then, Perdy untied the SM:TV Live hosts and used the rope to tie up The Devil and the three demons. Then, Perdy threw the four of them out of the roof. Perdy destroyed The Devil’s cameras and flew off out of the studio. It was lucky that the SM:TV Live cameramen had some spare cameras. Perdy had phoned up the retirement home so she can talk to Tricky. She told him what had happened today and about her fight with The Devil.

After Perdy had finished talking to Tricky on the phone, Tricky sat down muttering, “First, a guy called Dr.I.Bawl and some weirdos, then, an evil turkey, now, The Devil!!!!! What next?”

True Halloween Story

By Jamie

OK here is a true story it might not be as scary as a made up one but it is really true. I was on a workshop in Austin, Texas. we were staying in the Hilton North Towers (I think thats the name of the place). I can’t remember the room number. I kept seeing a shadow at night walking around the room.

It wasn’t just a normal shadow it was 3d with flecks of light inside of it. It was much darker than the night surrounding it. I had strange dreams and had strange images pop into my head when i was lying in bed awake at night. i saw a horse wild eyed with fright like it was about to bolt with its teeth showing in a grimace. I saw a tall man in a buckskin outfit with an old flintlock gun and a wide brim hat.

These popped into my head like an image on a movie screen. it was like a dream but i was awake. then i noticed in the day i could see it too walking around just not as easy to see. in the day time it was just a shimmery shape of a man very light walking around, you had to look very hard to see it but it was there.

I didn’t say anything thinking everyone would think i was crazy. Then my ex, who was with me at the time and i were walking back to the hotel from the movie theatre not far from the hotel. she jumped and grabbed my arm hard scared of something. She didn’t want to tell me what. I goaded her into telling me. She said she saw a shadow of a man running at her. So then i told her what i had seen. My account had been verified by an independent witness who hadn’t even known what i saw. Thats my story its all true it really happened. The ghost is probably still there.

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