11 Real Life Horror Stories That Are Super Scary

real life horror stories

The world of paranormal is beyond our thinking. Where the science stops thinking, begin the world of supernatural happenings. There are endless experiences of people with the ghouls and that construct into the ghost confessions. Why keep wandering in the illogical fantasies when you can read the real life horror stories? Let’s begin.

1. The Day I believed in Ghosts

My real life horror story

It was a late night I couldn’t sleep at all, so I got up to get a glass of water. On the couch I saw two children, a girl and a boy. They looked so little compared to me. I ran to my room.

I had left the light on, but it turned off, then on. Again and again. I got the nerve to go and see who was causing it. What I saw was five children playing with the lights, I tried to yell but I couldn’t.

All the children ghouls then came toward me and held hands running around me singing “Ring around the rosie.” I asked who they were, they looked at me with red eyes. Then they spoke and said, “We got buried alive under this house.”

They kept walking toward me and I was right by the stairs. They took one more step and I fell down the stairs. When I woke up ten years later in the hospital after a coma, no-one believed me.

Once I got out of the hospital, I asked some guys I used to know to go with me and dig a hole in my basement. There I saw bones, hair and old clothes from the same children I saw that scary night.

Many people called me crazy, others believe me. Since that day, I believe in ghosts.

2. A Fiery Witch’s Story

This is amongst few real life horror stories that spooks me till date. This incident was told to me by my friend at around 1 am midnight near the library road NIT Trichy. This whole incident took place somewhere in Bihar, the exact location is unknown to me.

It belongs to my friend’s grandfather who was travelling in a car at night. This was from the time when many did not have the luxury of a car, and there were no proper roads.

To reach home early My friend’s grandfather asked the driver to take a detour, a road which was not frequented by people at night because of the rumours of supernatural activities. He, being an educated person did not believe in the rumours and took the logical decision.

After going further for around 20kms, the driver saw a woman asking for the lift. The driver looked at uncle, who ordered him not to stop and continue driving. They passed the woman and continued further.  It was after crossing a certain distance, uncle noticed something outside.

The woman’s face was clearly visible from the window and she was literally running with the speed of the car. She turned her head, looked at the uncle and told him he should have stopped.

However, this shock was unbearable to him and he died of the cardiac arrest. Later, the ghost spared the driver, probably because he was just following the orders.

P.S. This horror story was first told by the driver to my friend’s grandmother. Subsequently, she passed this on to my friend from there.

3. The Lost Way- A Real Horror Story

This is one of some real horror stories my grandfather narrated me. Back in those days, my grandfather used to go to the nearby town from his village for various purposes. He used to leave early in the morning and would returning by late night hours.

The town was about fifteen kilometres from the village. Back then, the rural areas were not much electrified. Through the outskirts and the fields, it was difficult to see the path and he would reach the village during dark night hours.

Being a relatively rich man, he had helped many fellow villagers. One such person was Shankar. Shankar owed a huge debt to my grandpa. Grandpa had lent him a large sum of money for the marriage of Shankar’s only daughter at a time of his dire needs. As a result, he had a great respect for my grandfather.

One day, grandpa got very late while coming back. He couldn’t see the cross road pattern and lost his way. Being the rainy season, he was finding it difficult to reach the village through the puddles. 

After toying with the dark for a while, grandpa got very worried. It was exactly when a familiar voice called him from behind.

It was Shankar with a lamp in his hand. Shankar immediately told grandpa to start walking, as he used the lamp from behind to show the path. He strictly told grandpa not to look back. Not giving it much thought, Grandpa started walking.

Throughout the path he conversed with Shankar, asking how his daughter was doing, and how his crops were coming around. They discussed the roads and the rains and the village, and not once did my grandpa looked back. Soon, they arrived at the brink of the houses.

Shankar left saying he couldn’t go any further inside as he had someplace else to go. Grandpa went on by himself, and kept walking until he observed an assembly of people standing, discussing something.

When they told him what they were discussing about, Grandpa froze. Shankar had passed away that day. It wasn’t someone who had shown him the path. It was something. Shankar had returned from death to acknowledge his debt and provide help to grandpa when he needed it.

4. An Ordinary Day

It started off an ordinary day. I was using my laptop to read ghost stories when I started to hear little girls giggle in my room! I was a little scared but I went on with the stories. Then I heard a thump! I turned around and looked in my closet and there was something staring at me. Everything got FREEZING cold and the ghost left! I ran out screaming!

This was not the only time it happened or the only time I ran into ghosts! One time was really strange. I was used to seeing ghosts by now! A ghost appeared when I was home alone! I was eating a sandwich and I looked over my shoulder and there was an old man, probably in his 60′s, standing right there! I could have sworn I saw him before! He looked all blurry!

He started to cry, so I asked him if he was o.k! (Remember, I was used to seeing ghosts by now, so I was not scared.) He replied with a, “Yes, now I am!” Then he disappeared!

I found history on my house and yes… people have died here!

To really freak you out… there is a man I don’t know watching me right now! He is right next to me!

5. The Homecoming

This is the story my brother had narrated to me. It belongs to the time when he was pursuing his engineering degree. During the first year of his B.E. he started living with his 4 friends in a house situated in Bhopal, India.

One night one of his friends woke up at 2 am. His friend was not feeling sleepy and thought of going over to the nearby station for a smoke and tea. All of them were sleeping in the same room and their belongings were kept in the other, so he went to the other room to change up.

While changing he felt if someone is there at the window. When he looked up he saw a lady figure standing at the window staring right at him. He was scared to hell and ran back to the bedroom. After that, he tried to wake them up but my brother pulled him down and told him to keep quite.

He whispered to my brother that there is a lady at the window of the other room. To this, my brother pointed to the window of that room and asked- “This lady?”.

His friend froze with horror when he saw the same lady standing there as well. A couple of minutes passed and nobody dared to utter a single word.

It was until one of those guys finally gathered some courage and asked out loud- “Is that you, aunty?” (referring to the wife of landlord). The woman however said nothing and vanished in a flash.

All of them were quite frightened and they somehow spent their night at a tea shop near the station. Now when the narration of the event began, they found out that the lady was standing at both the Windows at the same time because my brother was awake and looking at that woman from this window while his friend witnessed her simultaneously in the other room.

They left the flat very next day. Later they found out that the flat was haunted as the first wife of landlord had committed suicide there.

This is amongst few real life horror stories that haunt me till date.

6. A Lifelong Guilt

This horror story belongs to the days when I was going through my medical diploma. Our hostel in the medical school happened to be just opposite of a nursing hostel. As a result, our rooms overlooked the corridors of the nursing hostel.

Needless to say, we guys were quite excited initially. But the excitement disappeared after discovering that it was a senior nursing hostel!

I received a room allocation that used to be in one of the extreme ends of my hostel. From the window, you could see a room at the end of the nursing hostel corridor. There was a store room there. It is needless to say that nobody used to stay there.

One night I came back from my internship. It was a long day, and I was extremely tired. I freshened up and sat by the window sipping some cold drink. It was a hot summer night.

I suddenly noticed that the store room light was on. The clock signalled at 2 AM. The door was closed and so were the windows of the store room.

Nevertheless, I could distinctly visualise the shape of a lady inside the store room. Her shadow appeared to be roaming around in the room.

That was weird. I felt puzzled and wondered about what somebody would do in the store room, specially at that time. But I was too tired to think. Thus, I finished my cold drink and went straight to bed.

The next morning I had my classes as usual. While returning from the class, I found couple of police vehicles parked outside the nursing hostel. I was curious and thus inquired. The officer told me about how last night a nurse had committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan in the store room.

The lady I had seen was actually going to commit suicide.

7. The New Subdivision

My son’s godparents recently purchased a new home in a brand new subdivision. Growing up I’ve always heard true ghost stories but most are based around older homes, I had never heard of a new homes being haunted, especially one that has never been lived in.

After living in their new home with their 17 year old daughter for a couple of weeks strange things started happening. The first one to notice was the mother. One evening when she was in the bathroom, which is towards the back of the house, she heard laughter outside the bathroom window.

She said it sounded like children playing and she thought it could be the children from down the road. 

The funny thing to her though was that it was late and very dark outside. She went to the back of the house to see who it was and no-one was outside.

This happened several times to the mother and the same thing happened every time she went outside to see who or what it was.

She never said anything to anyone because she believed it was the kids from down the street but that they were just being sneaky and playing tricks on her. She said it did make her feel uncomfortable but didn’t make a big deal out of it.

One early morning when it was still dark outside the mother and father had left for work. The daughter was alone and getting ready for school. She was in the bathroom when she heard children giggling at the front door.

It sounded as if they were running back and forth and bouncing a ball. At first she just let it go and didn’t really think anything of it but then the giggling turned into loud laughter. She wasn’t afraid but annoyed!

She stormed out of the bathroom and opened the front door to yell at the kids and when she did no-one was there! Later, she walked to the sidewalk and looked up and down the street. Nothing. It was the strangest feeling. 

She said she felt really scared and the fact that it was still dark out made it creepier. That evening she told her mom what had happened. In short, her mom told her that the same things had happened to her several times.

With the fear being as strong as it was the mother decided to call their priest to come bless the house. After the blessing everything stopped. Still puzzled by the strange happening the mother decided to investigate the land the subdivision was built on.

Furthermore, we come to find out a huge fire happened on the land claiming several children’s lives in the 1960′s.

8. The Harmless Ghoul

This incident is amongst few gruesome real life horror stories. It belongs to the time when I was pursuing my higher education from Shimla. My college was in the middle of the city albeit our hostel was outside a village nearing the town.

We had no permission to go out of campus after 9 pm. The hostel rooms consisted of four occupancy in a single room.

Every night, we noticed a weird phenomenon. Around 12-2 am dogs from the nearby forest used to gather below my room’s window and bark. They used to stare continuously at the windows of mine and my neighbour and cry in a deep tone. The tone itself created a weird feeling in our head and that would keep us awake all night.

Thus, to counter this issue we kept some pebbles on our windows to throw at them whenever they bark. I was the only brahmin in the hostel. I used to wear my holy band. We called it janoi. 

One night my room partner woke up at 3 am. Then he noticed something paranormal. He spectated someone walking in the room. There was this smell of the rotten flesh. He, being a calm and daring person didn’t shout and observed the whole happening quietly. Firstly, he thought of a local thief who had come to steal the utensils and electronic goods.

My room partner noticed the pilferer marching for five to ten minutes. Afterwards, he jumped out from our balcony. He immediately understood that it is an inhuman personality because it was impossible to jump from the third floor of the building without an assistance. He began to shiver and started to utter holy chants.

Next day he narrated the whole incident to us. We all were scared deep within knowing it would happen every night. There were total eight students in two of our rooms. All of us decided unanimously to sleep in one room.

We all kept ourselves in random gossips until the clock struck 12. It was when the dogs started barking again. We threw stones at them so they ran away. We took a look around the premises and finally decided to sleep.

After a couple of hours when all of us were sleeping, I had a feeling if something touched me. When I opened my eyes, I saw my best friend staring at me. I shook him but he didn’t move. He was shivering and extremely terrified. He just said in my ears “he is in the room.”

I took a look around the room but couldn’t see anyone. Although my friend kept on murmuring “he is in the room”. Next morning everyone were quite scared to witness an old male walking in the room.

This incident kept on repeating for a week. I used to mock them as I never witnessed anything as such. It was until a day when my friend suggested me to sleep without my janoi.

I followed his advice. I placed my holy band away, and awaited the paranormal until 1 AM. Due to vigorous thoughts and extreme tiredness, I fell asleep. I didn’t either remember the time or cause when my sleep intervened. But when I woke up, I saw a man walking in our room.

It was like a scary dream and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It scared me a lot. Thus, I immediately stood up and tried to inquire him. Hearing my voice two of my friends woke up too. 

So, with this action, the man walking in our room stopped and turned his face towards us.

At that moment I felt this was our last night. It was one of our fellow classmates’s ghoul. He had gone to this home on an ill-leave. We all knew him and then we realised his death. I cannot describe who he was because he might still exist and turn up again to me reading his name over here or to anyone reading this story.

Days have passed But I still remember that incident which instilled my belief in negative energies. The day after, we bought a hanuman Chalisa, the holy book to ward off evils and started keeping that below our pillows that day onwards. Since then, that incident has never repeated again up till now.

9. Real Horror Story Of an Old Graveyard

It was a dark, stormy night in late October, the night before Halloween. Jagged streaks of lightning shot across the sky, illuminating the old house that stood alone on top of the hill. The wind howled through the tall oaks that surrounded the house.

Falling leaves and heavy raindrops splattered against the paned windows. Inside, in a room lit by the flames of a roaring fireplace and a single lamp, Dana sat alone on the couch. She shivered and drew the blanket she was wrapped in closer to her neck.

But it wasn’t the cold wind or the jagged lightning that had made her shiver. It was the book of short scary stories to tell in the dark that she was reading. 

The story she was reading now had made her blood run cold. It was about a ghost that haunted an old graveyard. One cold night the ghost let out a mournful moan. He missed the house where he had once lived.

The ghost went to the nearby town and searched frantically for his home. He went from house to house, knocking on the doors. But no door opened for him. Until, finally, he saw an old house sitting on a hill.

The ghost began his weary climb up to the house. Dana stopped reading. She put the book down on her lap and searched the dark corners of the room with her eyes. Had she really heard something? Or was it just her imagination getting carried away? She sat very still for several moments. 

All she could hear was the cold wind howling around the house and through the trees. Dana picked up the book and began to read again. But before she could get back into the horror story, she heard a loud rapping sound… a rapping on the front door of the house.

Dana sat very still. She waited, wondering if the rapping would go away. But it didn’t. It came again, louder than before. Whoever was there was not going away. Dana pushed off the blanket and got up from the couch. She hesitated in front of the fireplace, staring into its leaping flames. Should she see who was at the door? It was probably a neighbour. Or maybe it was someone that she knew. 

But maybe, her mind whispered, it was the sad ghost searching for his home. Dana fought off the crazy idea that had just come to her. She walked out of the living room and into the hallway. Without hesitating, she pulled open the door. “Hi,” a timid voice said out of the dark.

Consequently, Dana’s face dropped with disappointment. It was just a boy from a nearby school. He had a pad and pencil in his hand, and he was dripping with water. “I was just wondering,” he said, “If your family might like to buy some candy for our school fund raiser?” “Come on in,” Dana said. 

She opened the door wider for the boy to walk inside the hallway. “I’m Jason,” the boy said. “Would you like to buy some candy?” He asked eagerly. “No!, not exactly,” Dana answered, leading him into the room where she had been reading. “it’s just that I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked, looking around the dimly lit room with its heavy curtains and strange antiques standing in corners. “What I mean,” Dana said, “is that I don’t want to be alone because I’m afraid.’ “Afraid of what?” “Of ghosts,” Dana said in a low voice, almost like a whisper.

Jason’s eyes darted around the room again. Even though he was new in town, he had already heard weird things about this house. It was one of the oldest in the area. Some of the kids in his class had warned him not to come here to try to sell candy.

10. My Real life Horror Story

The headlights offered at best a dim and dingy yellow against this smothering blanket of black. Except for the sporadic and unusual lightning strikes that gave credence to the winding highway and sloping forest ahead, I drove on effectively blind.

Stars had always comforted me and I knew they were up there – somewhere – far above this tarnished and soaked landscape. The storm’s relentless wind and rain hammered at the windshield as I peered between the rapid sloshing of the wiper blades.

The storm felt alive, watching my every move, biding its time, waiting for its opportunity to send my eighteen-wheeler cartwheeling into the abyss far below. 

The engine growled as the rig climbed higher and higher into the Cascade Mountains in central Washington. The year was 1999. Reaching the summit, I kept the rig in the same low gear and began my descent down the mountain all the while keeping a close eye on the highway’s white line that guided and protected me from certain peril.

The diesel made a different sound now – more of a defiant burble as it held the tractor and trailer at a low speed. A foot on the brake while descending this mountain was out of the question as they would surely overheat and fail.

At last, the golden glow of the old town’s streetlights came into view. I took a deep breath and for the first time in a long while relaxed into my seat. Finding my turn, I pulled the rig into the parking area.

The brakes let out a lonesome sigh as I released the air pressure and locked them into place. Consequently, I killed the engine and sat for a moment in the dark cab, rain hammering the roof, hands rubbing my face, my eyes, relieved to have reached my stop for the night.

I was mentally and physically exhausted. After gathering my logbook and overnight bag I made a dash to the old hotel’s lobby. The time was after 11PM and it took three rings of the night bell before it captured the attention of the desk clerk dozing somewhere in a nearby office.

With little exchange of conversation, I signed my name – she handed me a key and I proceeded down a long and dimly lit corridor. The red carpet appeared grey but the lighting did not change the musty smells that came and went, nor did it alter the sudden cold spots as at last I reached room 113.

I thought nothing of the cold spots – after all, I was drenched from my mad dash from the tractor. My body and mind needed rest.

I wasted no time getting out of my wet clothes, completing my logbook and readying myself for a good night’s sleep – the morning would come all too soon. Onward then, into bed, switch off the lamp, total darkness, settle in between the mattress and comforter, a single sigh, relaxation setting in.

My mind’s eye watched a reenactment of the sloshing wiper blades, the white line in the dark night and the storm’s slashing swords of wind and rain against the cab. So, The sound echoed in my ears as I relived the final hours of my drive, remembering and focusing on the worst of it all.

Suddenly, without warning, the opposite side of the bed pitched downward with a force. In the bleak darkness of the hotel room, someone had just taken a seat on the bed. Then, I felt them lay down. I knew I had been rather hasty getting into bed but how… how did I miss this other person in my room?

Were had they been? In the bathroom? No, I used it; it was empty. Were they somewhere else in the room? No, there was no one in my room but here they were, in bed with me. How am I going to handle this?

Somehow, in her groggy state, the desk clerk had double-booked my room. If I move, I’m going to scare… Him? Her? …And then what? I suddenly realised my heart was pounding; breaths labouring to keep quiet; my skin crawling. I dare not speak.

A minute ticked by. It seemed like an hour. “Can’t just lie here all night” I thought. “I have to do something.” So, I threw back the covers, spun myself off the bed and fumbled for the lamp switch. Fumbled… Fumbled… Switched it on. And the bed was empty. How can that be empty?

I stood in the lamp’s glow, bewildered, mind numb. What just happened here? I crept to the bathroom, switched on the light. “Hello?” Nothing. Someone had gotten in bed with me; that was an undeniable fact. …And had the room gotten colder or was it just my imagination? My brain tried to rationalise but my heart somehow knew the truth.

Call the front desk? No. Just… Just crank up the heater and go back to bed. And I did just that, sleeping with one eye open. In the morning I chose not to mention the episode as I checked out – I just wanted away from there.

Stepping outside into the freshness of that spring morning, I was grateful for the sun’s rays that streaked over the mountains. …And I knew, the stars were still there, somewhere beyond the pale blue. As I pushed the starter button and fired up the diesel I realised this was not a continuation of my journey; rather, I had just begun a new one.

11. True Horror Story From Savannah

My friend recently moved house in a new town about three hours away from where she lived before. Her parents are big enthusiasts on buying broken down old houses and fixing them up into gorgeous houses, they live in them for a while then sell them off. My friend hates it because she is very superstitious and is terrified that one of her houses in Savannah is haunted

Well unfortunately for her, her new house is haunted. So, she called me yesterday and told me all about it, this is what she said had happened after just a month of moving into there. Firstly, It was built in the early 1900′s. Additionally, It had a lot of history with it. She did some research in the house and found out that 3 of the 5 previous owners had died from falling down the stairs, dating back to the 1950′s. 

Then before that an elderly lady had been murdered in the home in the 1930′s, the case had never been solved. Besides that rather disturbing news heaps of odd things had been happening. Clothes that had been packed away were found strewn all over the floor. Pictures hanging on the wall were thrown across the room.

In addition, at night the stairs creak as if somebody was constantly walking up and down them all night giving the family no sleep at all. My friend told me that the other day her family tried to get to the bottom of things and held a summoning for the ghost.

They tried for an hour but nothing happened they gave up thinking that the ghost must not want to talk. They headed up the stairs to bed. My friend was still very disturbed about the whole thing so in the middle of the night she went to get a drink from down stairs.

She had reached the top of the stairs when she heard a horrible voice from her side. “You want to know what happened to me lovey, you want to know how I died, here let me show you.” And then she was pushed down the stairs. 

Thankfully she only broke her leg. Now the family only uses the bottom half of the house and are saving up for a new house. While my friend and I were chatting however throughout the whole conversation I could here faint moaning and whispering coming from the other side of the phone, when I questioned my friend about it the phone went dead.

This was the first part of our series of real life horror stories. In addition to this, please subscribe to us for other scary stuffs on the way.

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