The Niggling Saga of Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost in White House

Legend of Abraham Lincoln's ghost

The White House has long had a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in America. Several former presidents have experienced paranormal occurrences during their presidential terms in office. One of the most remarkable and common sightings has been the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. In this story, we will talk about the spooky incidents surrounding Abraham Lincoln. In addition, wade through the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and Willie Lincoln, son of former American president.

Spooky incidents surrounding Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's ghost purportedly haunts the White house
Image Courtesy Joe Campbell

When Abraham Lincoln was in the White House several séances are known to have happened. His son Willie, at the age of only eleven years, died in the Green Room of the White House during his administration. Former president Lincoln and his wife routinely held séances to try to contact the spirit of their son. Lincoln was famous for receiving advice from regular spirit visitors, such as the spectre of the deceased Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster who begged Lincoln to continue with his plan of freeing the slaves.

In 1862 a well renowned medium named Charles Shockley came to the White House and performed levitation. It became such a popular occurrence that Lincoln even ordered members of his cabinet to stand on top of a grand piano that was levitating four feet off the ground. After Abe Lincoln’s assassination his distraught wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, desperately sought contact with him. She performed séances and used several mediums to try and contact the spirit of her deceased husband.

Ghost of Willie Lincoln in White House

Ghost of Willie Lincoln in the White house
Willie Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln

When Ulysses S. Grant and his household moved into the White House they had allegedly seen and spoken with the ghost of 11 year old Willie Lincoln in his old second floor bedroom. There was also a very controversial photo taken with Mary Lincoln and a ghostly apparition standing to her left; however, skeptics claim it was “double exposure.”

Former President Abe Lincoln is probably one of the most well-known and popular presidents of all time. He was also very mystical and able to generate an enormous psychic energy. In 1860 he reportedly told his wife that he saw in a vision his assured second term election and that he would be murdered before he could complete it. After that fatal day in 1865 several people have reported seeing his ghost all over the White House.

The Sightings of Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost

Ghost sightings of Abraham Lincoln's ghost

The first reported person to have seen Abe Lincoln’s ghost was the wife of former president Calvin Coolidge, Grace. She fondly remembers him standing at a window in the Oval Office, staring out over the Potomac with his hands behind his back. She saw his apparition many times during her live in the President’s home.

Lincoln’s ghost is known to have been sighted knocking on doors and walking back and forth through the second floor hallways of the White House. Some later president’s bodyguards were alarmed due to the mysterious footsteps they would hear coming back and forth down the hall.

Another famous account was that of a White House staffer who turned off the chandelier lights in the Lincoln bedroom, only to have them come back on mysteriously. Upon rushing into the bedroom to see the apparition, he was met with an enigmatic icy cold chill in the room, which he believed to be where the ghost of Lincoln had been.

What would you do if you encounter the ex president’s spirit in the White house? Let your views flow in the comments down below. Apart of the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, there are several other real accounts of ghost encounters. Wade through these pure paranormal encounters-

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