Scary Dolls Stories- 6 Real World Haunted Dolls Stories

Real haunted dolls stories scary doll stories

Pediophobia is a phobia belonging to the specific category of “automantophobia” in which people are usually afraid of seeing dolls around them. There could be several reasons to it. Firstly, it originates within the subconscious mind. In addition, there could be a range of factors which could trigger it and make it worse. Talking about the triggers, few people do link it with popular cultures like voodoo magic and victorian rituals, while others may have a traumatic even that gives them goosebumps when they see a doll. Whatsoever be the issue and causes triggering it, here we are talking about few unordinary dolls. These are some real haunted dolls that can give phobia to even a normal soul.

What makes a Doll haunted?

Generally speaking, dolls can’t be evil or good. They are just objects. There are several discussions on how some dolls are haunted ones. While some paranormal believers store faith in this fact that evil spirits haunt objects. In this demeanour, there have been reports of haunted dolls associated with ghouls. Having said that, some dolls are haunted following a curse. In ancient culture, dark world rituals like the voodoo magic is also performed on dolls. As a result, they become a house of spirits. In this post, you will know few real creepy dolls in this world and know the scary stories associated with it.

The Scary Story of the Annabelle Doll

True story of Annabelle doll
Read the true story of Annabelle doll.

Annabelle is an infamous doll featured in the likes of creepy movies like the Conjuring and the Annabelle. Today It is housed at the museum of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. However, these dolls didn’t belong to him at the first place. There is a long scary story attached to it

This story belongs to years ago when a mother bought a rugged doll named Ann from a hobby store. She intended to gift this doll to her daughter Donna who was a college student back then. Very little did they know about the hidden characteristics of that sober looking doll. Sometimes later, the doll began to depict her paranormal vibes.

Talking about the early disturbances, Donna would often find her doll shifting its places. She did also hear mysterious whispers, footsteps and giggles during midnight hours. As the time evolved, she also noticed blood dipping out from the Annabelle doll.

It is widely believed that there is a demon which haunts the Annabelle doll. After the paranormal occurrences, the family handed over the doll to the Warrens. In case, you want to see how a possessed doll looks like, the doors of Warren’s occult museum is always open to you. Just a spare 169 USD and spend four long hours with one of the scariest dolls in the world.


Haunted Robert the doll story

Otto’s devilish doll is the next in this list of most creepy dolls available today. The story belongs to the victorian era. Usually there was a firm influence of black magic and voodoo and people made use of it to influence other people. The story says that Ottos had several servants and caretakers. One Haitian servant also enjoyed her service up there. Ottos had a habit of mistreating their servants and one such stern behaviour with the Haitian servant changed the whole story.

The Haitian woman got hurt and before leaving the place, he handed over a Doll to Robert, the youngest children in the Otto family. He named the doll after himself. However, the doll was invested with several voodoo tantrums and otherworldly rituals which began showing the impact. Soon, a series of paranormal occurrences begun happening around.

At first, Robert started talking with his devilish doll but the incidences escalated when the doll killed many members of his family. Trespassers heard creepy giggles when they would pass through the house. In some cases, neighbours would get slapped by some unknown entity. Due to a chain of paranormal activities, locals left going towards that house.

Read in detail about Robert the doll and know why people call it Devil infant doll.

The Joliet Doll

Joliet is a doll known to curse the family she is in. This is a fact believed and carried forward in this family of Anna. In Anna’s family, her three generations had to face the wrath of the doll. In Anna’s words,

My great grandmother was gifted this haunted doll by her jealous friend when she was pregnant with her second child. As soon as she gave birth to her second children, a boy, he died three days later. After then, the same story got repeated in every generation. My grandmother had a daughter and same does my mother. Even there is a similar case with me. No single baby boy could survive in our family and we believe that Joliet only loves females all around. This doll is passed on to me in a similar way it is passed on to my mother and I will pass it on to my daughter.

Anna believes that each baby boy who was killed by this doll remains within it. During night hours, disembodied cries and giggles are heard coming from that doll. As all the spirits of the deceased of her family is trapped within Joliet, they take care of the doll and don’t abandon it. Many psychic mediums and paranormal investigators have investigated the doll till date. However, some of them deny it to be haunted while others gives a nod to Anna’s beliefs. Be whatever the reason it, we get the creepy vibes from the Joliet, Don’t we?

The Creepy Dolls of Karla

Creepy Dolls of Karla story

The world is full of awesome creatures, places and happenings that drives us crazy. Some of those phenomenon appear to be pleasant while some seem surprising and strange. Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about none of the aforementioned things. Here we are going to talk about the haunted dolls that left everyone horrified and awestruck.

It was the late evening when Mac and his friends were roaming in a not so crowded cemetery in Baja California. Roaming down the graveyard, they saw few dolls lying on a gravestone. It didn’t surprise them as many of them had already seen toys atop of the graves of deceased children.

While they were moving ahead, Jones- Mac’s friend, intentionally picked one of those dolls and started playing with it on the go. It took him few steps to reach the face of the doll when he found something was fishy. The facial skin of the doll seemed rotten. He smelled it and was extremely horrified to sense that it smelled like the rotten flesh. He fainted thinking if there was an evil spirit in it like the Annabelle’s doll does. The ultimate fear of possession ceased his senses for a while.

How were they named Karla’s Dolls?

After knowing the whole incident, Mac’s group reported the incidents to the locals and the dolls were picked by an ex-forensic person. He placed a chemical test and the results were quite frightening. Not only the facial skin but the hair of the dolls were of human. Except the duo, everything else was of porcelain build and normal.

A group of paranormal experts investigated the Mexican cemetery. They discovered those dolls were kept on the gravestone of Karla Gonzales Pascual. No other traces were found after that and thus, those dolls were named “Karla’s Dolls”.

While the whole incident has created a fear amongst the locals, it has emerged as a subject of investigation amongst the researchers. Whether the skin atop of the face of those dolls are Karla’s or, Karla herself used someone else’s skin to complete the doll is still a mystery. What do you think about it?

Island of Haunted Dolls

story of Mexico doll Island

The whole story about the Island of dolls revolve around a man made island near the canals of Xochimiko in Mexico city. Home to thousands of decaying girls, the Island of Mexico is said to be haunted by the spirit of a girl who drowned at an early age. The Island consists of numerous frightening dolls which create lots of ghastly phenomenon.

The credit of this vast doll collection goes to Don Julian Santana. He lived his last fifty years alone. People believe that the ghoul of the girl who drowned here possessed him. She also used him as a medium to collect thousands of dolls and place them for the show at the Island. Years later, he was found dead in the same canals where the girl’s body was found.

There are whole lots of paranormal activities going at that creepy Island. You can read our detailed story of Mexico Doll Island- the creepy Island of Dolls.

Patty Reed’s Creepy Doll

Before you know about the Reed’s haunted doll, you should know about Patty Reed. Martha Jain Patty Reed Lewis was a Donner party survivor. Donner party was a group of American pioneers who spent the winters of 1847 snowbound in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Evidences suggest the Donner party members were cannibals and they did eat fleshes and bones of their family dogs, pigs and when there was a shortage, they killed their group members and survived on their fleshes as well.

After a complete year, Donner party survivors returned California. However, there was one thing constant with them who saw all the struggles and hardship. It was Patty Reed’s doll. It isn’t exactly haunted but you can’t deny its creepiness. The first look at this spooky doll gives you a feeling as if it is hiding a lot of weird past and memories within itself. In case you want to revisit the Donner party gory and its creepy past, the doll is currently on display in Sutter’s fort museum in California. Moreover, you can purchase copies of Patty reed’s doll along with other artefacts from the Donner’s party, which is easily available across many platforms.

If you like going through these haunted dolls stories, also tell us which of the aforementioned dolls creeped you the most? In case, you want to read other real stories, we suggest you to go through these 11 real life horror stories to start with.

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