My Creepy Experience in the Forest Bungalow in Purulia, West Bengal

haunted bungalow in Purulia District West Bengal experience

This is my true ghost experience that I did face while living in the haunted forest bungalow in the Purulia district of West Bengal. Before that, I had never believed in the world of paranormal, i.e., poltergeists, black magic and all. Even today, when I remember those days, it still gives me goosebumps.

The Haunted Forest Bungalow in Purulia, West Bengal

That terrible experience that I gained before years when I was 18 years old only and I went to visit Purulia District (a district of West Bengal) with my college friends. We had booked a forest bungalow from Calcutta, but when we reached at Purulia Station then it was evening.

We hired a Tata Sumo car to reach at our forest bungalow. But driver told us that the road, through which we have to go, was not good at all, especially in night. We asked him it’s real cause, but he didn’t say anything and after requesting repeatedly, he agreed at last. To convince him we offered him double charge, also.

The road was really not good, no electric lamppost here and there, it was too dark and we could see nobody here and there. One time it seemed to us that about 1 hour over, but why we still couldn’t reach at our destination?

We asked our driver about that and he also became very confused and told us surprisingly that he knew the road well but probably he made mistake the right direction in dark.

Meanwhile, we were very worried that the place was really unknown to us. Thus, it was not safe for us to stay at night outside.

Our Creepy Experience in Purulia

Just at that critical moment we saw a lady, who was not so far from our car, walking along through the dark road. We thought that the lady was probably a local inhabitant.

We couldn’t see the lady’s face because she had covered her face by her white cloth and we could see only her back.

So, we called her loudly “Hey Madam, can you tell us which was the right way to go to forest bungalow, please?” 

At that the lady stopped her walking, but didn’t look at us, nor replied anything. We thought that she couldn’t hear our question. So we again asked her same. After a while she just extended her right hand silently, to the right side of the jungle.

We thanked her and driver changed the way to the right side of the jungle. At that time our one friend suddenly shouted out–“Look, look, see the lady!”

We all looked back and saw that that mysterious lady had been drifting in the air. She was about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. Seeing this, we shouted out loudly and the driver had driven the car at high speed. As fast as he could.

The Creepy Past of the Road

When we reached at bungalow at last and told about scary experience, the maids and hotel boys told us that the road was really haunted and no one had been walked through that road at night. Because many rural maids had been murdered there while returning home from their workplace. So ladies of their village, even men, never had been walk through the road at night. In addition, they haunt the bungalow as well.

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