These Scary stories for kids bring suspense and real spookiness

scary stories for kids

Kids love nothing better than a good scare at bedtime and this is where we got inspired to write scary stories for kids. These scary stories for kids pack a real scary punch – even for older ones. These top 10 scary stories for kids bring suspense, interest and real spookiness. So, Little friends out there, here are top 10 scary stories for kids.

Rahila’s scary story for kids

Rahila was nine years old when she first started sleepwalking. Between 2-3 am she would get up from her bed and would go and sit in the dirty store room upstairs in the chill of the night until her mother or father would go get her. When her elder brother once opened the door of the store room, he complained about it smelling hellishly bad and said that Rahila was sitting on the floor staring blankly at the ceiling.

Her parents avoid asking her anything about it because they didn’t wanted these things take over her mind as she was very young. But they were always curious and terrified when she said that a tall man with long matted hair would stand at the foot of her bed every night and stare right at her.

When Rahila was 12, she didn’t saw the man anymore neither would she sleepwalk. Instead she started crying at night and would complain about someone pull her from one leg and dragging her down the bed. Her parents were beyond terrified but whenever they asked her if she wanted to sleep with them she simply dissed them and said that she doesn’t need their help.

When Rahila was 16

By the time she was 16, she heard voices, whispers, footsteps, smelled jasmine fragrance and would utter words in her sleep which roughly sounded like “…here..” and concluded with “never leave…….without you”. Rahila started overreacting over small things and her behaviour towards her family became outrageous. She started yelling and screaming at her mother angrily for any reason she could find and most of the time she would stay in her room. She eventually cut off herself from the outside world. Whenever her mother prayed in the house she would say ” God can’t help you” and with raging eyes growl words like “stop interfering” “I hate you” “stay away from me” etc etc.

At 20, when things got too overwhelming to handle such as talking to one self, frequent chest pain with no rational medical explanation, sleepwalking again, seeing scary figures and faces. She began to show various signs of demonic possession. Then, her family considered seeing a Maulvi (Muslim priest). When Rahila found out she lost it. She threw stuff around, scratch her own face which left bloody marks, slice the skin of her arms with blades and would bark and roar in a hound’s voice when anyone tried to come close or stop her. The session with the maulvi was no less of a madness she displayed: death threats, kicking and punching, growling and barking. When she got tired she said to the priest in a hoarse manly Wolf alike voice “take the riches and gold for life and leave…and never try to come back or help this girl”

After a few hours of intense drama, she passed out. Maulvi told the family that a Jinn has fallen in love with their daughter and won’t let her go. He won’t let her marry or share her with anyone in the world. He is obsessed and powerful.

Maulvi promised them to come back tomorrow and perform an exorcism to rid Rahila of her misery.

When the priest left her parents heard that he had an accident but luckily survived it with minor injuries.

Rahila’s Exorcism

Next day after the exorcism Maulvi told Rahila’s parents that the jinn has agreed to never trouble her life and family and would let her marry only on one condition: Rahila will be marrying in a green dress not red and every Thursday would go to meet the jinn alone in her green wedding dress.

Age 24, she married the guy her parents recommended. In a green dress. Her husband found about her troubles from her parents before they got married. He said he will marry her and won’t be a coward to leave her in her misery.

Every Thursday Rahila would dress up as a bride and would go alone in a room as per the deal with the devil. When she came out she had absolutely no memory whatsoever of what happened in there. Apart from that her married life was nice and was never troubled in any other way by the jinn.

The Haunted Bike Scary Story

This story is based on a true incident in the year 1996-97. This incident took place in a village known as Pali (Rajasthan, India). There was a guy called Om Bana. He had brought a bike as he was very fond of them. He used to roam across the whole village and the periphery of the city and the highway. 

One evening he went out on a ride and was hit by a lorry on the highway and he was thrown away and came and collided with a tree. He was dead and his bike too was totally damaged. Only his close relatives knew about his death. Rest of the villagers didn’t know about his death. Police came and investigated on the spot. They took his bike along with them to their police station. The next day the bike was missing and after some time the police had acknowledged that the bike was found near the same tree where it had collided. Police considered it to be prank by someone. 

When police asked the localites about OM Bana , they said that they had seen him riding his bike and they too were amazed to discover about his death. The police had now tied the bike and kept it and the same thing happened with them. The bike was found missing. So, what people did was that they built a temple beside the same tree where Om Bana had died. It is said that the bike is worshiped similarly as God and it is also been said that whenever you cross that tree, you need to blow horn twice else the person will meet with an accident ahead of that tree.

A True confession

What I’m going to tell you is completely real and happened to my roommates and me in October, this year. It was 4:50am in the morning. My roommates and I were going to sleep, after studying for tests and assignments. We had switched off the lights. As I was going to the cupboard to take out my retainer, I felt something near my legs, and shocked, I hopped on the bed. Later, when we were trying to sleep the same night, we had our backs towards each other, the first roommate and me. 

We both slept on beds next to each other, the 3rd one was already sleeping. I suddenly felt a dark mass staring right into my face. I was checking things out on my mobile, like people usually do before sleeping and she was listening to songs with headphones. Thus, I switched on my flash. She turned back, because at the same moment she felt someone standing at the exact same spot at I was. I feel it was too much of a coincidence. Later, the 3rd roommate felt the presence behind the curtains. Other activities like doors of cupboards opening on their own, cold air being felt when it had no purpose to, for example from behind the head post of the bed, or unknown presence and wires tossing became a routine thing. 

We started lighting diyas daily and praying. Thankfully I now do not sense it as much. I feel what we encountered was a “shadow person”. It has scared the shit out of us. After a few days of not praying, the activities start all over again.

The creepy Ghoul

Scary ghost stories for kids

My now ex-husband and I had just moved into a beautiful new three-bedroom home. We had to upgrade because we had just gotten custody of his two children, our son was ten and our daughter was eight when they came to us. We did not allow smoking in our home because of them, so we went out back to the patio to smoke.

One night, about eleven pm, I came into the house from the back door. When you walk into the backdoor, you can see straight through our bedroom, into the kitchen and through to the living room. It was a school night, and I had sent the kids to bed hours before. The TV was on in the living room, and I could clearly see both of the kids sitting in the dark kitchen, watching TV from the kitchen table!

I took a few steps in, intending to ask what they were doing up, and realized something was wrong. For one, the little girl’s hair was not the curly mop that our little one’s was, it was straight as a pin and tied back with a blue bow. For another, the boy was much smaller than our son, and his hair was also straight and dark brown, not bright red. I froze, no sound coming out of my mouth as I stood there, taking them in.

Finding her

They wore old fashioned clothes, her a blue polka dot dress with a apron over it and he, short pants and a collared shirt. After a minute, they turned their heads and stared at me in unison, not speaking or smiling or anything.

I couldn’t take those stares and ran to the other side of my room, calling for my husband in a low voice so as not to wake up the actual, living children in their rooms. He came in and found me curled up in a corner, shaking. I asked if he had seen them, the dead kids, when he came into the kitchen and he said no, of course not. They were gone when we went to investigate, and as far as I know, he never saw them, and I never saw them again.

There were a few other instances of shadow people and banging doors, but that was the most vivid instance of supernatural activity in that house.

Scary Stories for Kids- The Story of Sean

It was the end of October and a young boy named Sean was in hospital. He should have been picking out a Halloween costume and enjoying himself with his friends, but instead, he was stuck in a hospital, waiting to have his tonsils removed.

His parents spoke to the receptionist and a nurse led them down the hallway to the room where Sean was going to be staying. The lime-green walls were all decorated with orange and black streamers, skulls and paper cut-out pumpkin heads.

When they reached the hospital room, they heard a big commotion. There was a boy lying in one of the beds and he was screaming “I’m not Martin! I’m not Martin! ”

Two other nurses were trying to calm him down. One held a big syringe and the other prepared his arm to give him an injection. They pulled the curtains around his bed.

The screaming gradually stopped and when the nurses opened the curtains again, the boy was lying unconscious in his bed.

Sean was curious and asked the nurse what was wrong with the boy.

“He’s having his left leg amputated in the morning,” she said. “The poor boy is so nervous about it that he is trying to convince us that he’s not himself. He thinks if he says he’s not Martin, he won’t have to have the operation.”

“Are you sure you have the right person?” Sean asked.

“Of course,” replied the nurse. “His name’s Martin. It’s right there on his chart.”

Sean’s parents left and he sat on the edge of his bed, reading a book. Another nurse came around with a trolley to serve dinner, but he could only stoach a few mouthfuls. The hospital food was disgusting.

He lay on the bed for a while, staring at the ceiling. He was bored out of his mind. Just then, he noticed that Martin was waking up.

“Hey Martin,” he said, “My name’s Sean. I’m your new roommate.”

“I am not Martin,” the boy groaned as he rubbed his head.

Sean tried to have a conversation with him, but the boy was irritated and did not want to talk. He just sat there, silently brooding.

At 10 o’clock, a nurse came in and told them it was time to go to sleep. She said goodnight to them and turned off the lights. Just before the lights went out, Sean noticed the other boy staring at him with an odd look on his face.

He soon dozed off, but his sleep was haunted by strange dreams.

When Sean woke up the next morning, there were two doctors leaning over his bed.

“Let’s go, Martin,” said one of them. “It’s time for your surgery.”

Sean was confused. “What? But I’m not Martin,” he replied.

“The nurses warned us about you,” the other doctor replied. “They told us you’d say that.”

“You’re making a big mistake,” Sean insisted. “I’m telling you, I’m not Martin!”

One doctor reached out and checked the medical chart at the end of his bed.

“Of course you are,” he replied. “It says so right here on your chart.”

“That’s not right,” Sean screamed. “Somebody must have switched them!”

He started to struggle, but the doctors held him down and put him in a straight-jacket. As they placed him in a wheelchair and took him away, Sean was still screaming, “I’m not Martin! I’m not Martin!”

The last thing he saw as they wheeled him out the door was the smiling face of the real Martin.

A Shortcut

This is a story of a girl named Poonam she was strong and fearless. One day she was returning from her school to her house then suddenly she thought of trying a shortcut and go from the bridge . She walked somewhat 3 miles away from her school. At the last she reached near the bridge. On the bridge she saw one fully black dressed man who had killed one girl. At that time she was vey scared while that man was busy on drinking that girl’s blood.

Poonam quietly passed nearby that man and she passed that bridge. She was very tired when she reached her house. She switched on her Television. It was creepy to see the same man on TV. The news channel person asked that man “Why you killed only this girl you did not get any other girl to kill”?

Then the black dressed men replied “I saw one girl passing besides me but one more person was with her”. Poonam became afraid after hearing this reply. Then she switched of her T.V and went to the kitchen to her mother and said whatever happened with her then suddenly her mother’s face turned, her eyes became red and her both hand and legs turned to her opposite side and her face became like the black dressed man and Poonam died by heart attack.

The Strange Man

A scary story of the strange man

In the midst of night (around 12:45 pm), I was waiting for my brother at rendezvous point to meet him. He had to give me my knapsack which I needed at hospital for night shift. As it was midnight, the air was cool and I wasn’t alone at the spot. There was a strange man, with strange look and nervous expression besides me. He seemed like he had some severe anxiety attack. I asked him is he is alright. He said that he’s afraid of the night because he has heard all evil spirits roam during midnight. Little surprised at his answer, I asked him who told him but he didn’t replied. As it was getting late and I got a call from hospital about a new dead body’s arrival, I called my brother to get my items ASAP.

Thinking about the strange man’s answer, I thought I should ask him about his belief in detailed, but to my surprise, he wasn’t there. I thought he left but I’d have seen him leaving if he left. I was very confused. After receiving my bag, I went to hospital to postmortem the dead. Upon reaching the hospital and looking at the body, there was nothing in the world that could have prepared me for the scenario. It was same man, same person’s dead body was with me earlier. I didn’t know what to say. Was it a coincidence or just my hallucination, only God knows.

Curse of the Beggar

Sometimes we cant differentiate between imagination and reality. The incident i am telling about happened to a friend, Ankur, a few months ago. I told him to post here but he was hesitant, so i am doing it.

One evening, he was returning home from college. There he saw a very old beggar at roadside who begged to him. But Ankur didn’t had change so he ignored him. The beggar cursed a few words but Ankur couldn’t understand and didn’t respond and kept going. That night, there was no electricity. He went to sleep. It was summer, and he started sweating because of the heat. The ceiling fan was moving very slowly once in a while making loud creaking noise. He was not able to sleep and praying for the electricity to come back. It was very dark. He started to imagine figures in the dark. He knew he was imagining, so he closed his eyes. Suddenly the air became heavy, and he started having problem in breathing. 

He opened his eyes, but was not able to move. He tried hard and got up, he took his mobile, and in its light he walked towards the door, looking for fresh air, but when he set his foot out of the door, he slipped and felt hard on his head. Suddenly he found himself back on his bed. He was wet in sweat. He felt everything light and cool. In addition, he was too tired to do anything and didn’t know when he went back to sleep. Next day he spent the whole day trying to figure out what happened last night. While going back home that evening, he suddenly remembered the beggar from the last day, but found him nowhere on his way.

What happened due to the curse?

That night he kept the light on and started reading a book as he couldn’t sleep. He unknowingly went to sleep. Suddenly he started breathing heavily and thought, not again. He wasn’t able to open his eyes. He was praying hard to god to save him. In addition, he smelled something like dirty socks and then he heard the sound of coins falling on the floor. He thought his heartbeat is going to stop. He remembered the beggar, and then he apologized while crying in his heart.

Then he felt something on his hand and screamed out loud. He saw his father was trying to wake him up and hugged him tight. Next day he told his parents everything and they went to Haridwar to take a dip in Ganges river and cleanse his soul. Then he used to sleep with his father for a few days. And slowly everything got normal.

We still argue about the incident. Was it really something supernatural or just his guilty nightmare?

The Missing Girl

A few hours past midnight. Aftermath 6 hours of continuous raining, the sky is clear pouring the moonlight into the dark room where I am. Everything is clearly visible now, all in a mixture of blue and grey. The regular ticking of the clock and occasional sound of the wind chimes is what that breaks the eerie silence of the night. They won’t let me sleep. It scares me but I can’t go anywhere else. This place is spooky!

As soon as I sleep the whispering starts; as if someone is crying, begging to die. Every night is a living nightmare. I could her nail scratching behind the doors of my closet. I can feel the cold breathing behind my neck, as if it is peeping into while I am writing this Diary. Turning around to see isn’t a good option here, is it?? I have nothing to do but to write and wait till the sunrise. The ticking of the clock has gone. It fell down and broke or I should say, Smashed to the ground. 

We can hear small giggles. Suddenly everything feels so empty. The night is becoming endless. To write is the only way to stay sane. I just went for a glass of water and there it was, I saw it lurking from behind the curtains. Bloodshot eyes and an evil grin; it was the face of the shadow. It went right past me and then crawled under my bed. I know that the only way to survive is to Ignore as If nothing is wrong with this place. It is only a matter of time the sun will rise till than I have to survive any how. The candle is about to die. Wish me luck.

*These are Extracts from Diary of a girl who went abroad for studies in Italy(Name and exact location remains classified).

SEPTEMBER 09, 1992

The girl’s parents reported her missing. After two months of investigation the police found her dead body floating on a lake nearby the Apartment. The locals said that it just appeared out of nowhere.

The True Sleep Paralysis Story

True sleep paralysis story

There was a time in my life where i had experienced sleep paralysis for 3 days in a row. First night, I remember sleeping at around 2:30 am. Since I was exhausted I probably fell asleep within 10 minutes. After awhile I couldn’t move my whole body while I was awake. I tried to fight it but then suddenly I saw a figure who was wearing a black cloak. It was coming near me. I tried so hard to move but when I did, my jaw started hurting. It felt like my teeth were grinding against each other.

It was very painful. Suddenly, I could see the figure’s hand coming near me. It had long sharp nails. I could literally feel it scratching my face. Somehow I controlled myself and started telling myself to calm down. After few moments, I was able to move my body. I woke up real quick. It was exactly 3:15 am. I slept after some time. The next morning I started thinking that if I was able to tell myself to calm down last night, why not try it again the next time? The second night was Saturday. Apparently that night, I felt that i couldn’t move my my body again.

At first i got so scared because someone was dragging me down the water. It was holding my feet really tight that when i try to let go i could not. I remember what i had planned the morning and i again told myself to calm down it’s nothing. Then i tried to change what was happening to me. I thought of why not kick the person that is dragging me down and so i did.

Controlling my sleep paralysis

I don’t know what happened but I was able to change what was happening to me in the middle of paralysis. Third night, it wasn’t that bad anymore. I had searched stuffs about sleep paralysis. Also, I compared it with lucid dreaming. To be honest i still don’t know the difference. Anyways, the third night when it started, I began to not be able to move my body again. But my mind was conscious. That night instead of being scared I knew how to deal with it.

I started to make myself go to different places, from a paradise to a complete green forest. Then I didn’t know what happened. Suddenly I found myself in a dark place where there is only one door. The figure I have seen from the first night was there waiting for me. This time I saw the face with red eyes. I tried to escape but I could not. 

The figure was coming near me. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Then I decided to recite Our Father. As the figure come near me it was fading. A white light seemed to have emerged from no where. Since then, I never suffered from sleep paralysis.

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