Ever heard of shadow people? Yes, they are REAL.

Shadow ghosts and people

Throughout the years paranormal investigators have been asked many questions and have been told numerous stories by people interested in or just plain curious about the paranormal. Shadow ghost, shadow people, phantoms, dark entities, or whatever you choose to call them, seemed to be the hot topic and subject for debate.

Shadow people appear momentarily

There are literally thousands upon thousands of documented “Appearances” of these shadow beings. Almost anyone you speak with will have a story to tell you about an experience they have had involving a sighting. The majority of the information provided is that of seeing a “Dark shadowy figure” just out of the normal field of vision. Everyone describes that once they see the movement in their peripheral vision they turn, and then nothing.

Peripheral vision has less receptor cells than that of the retina and therefore lacks the clarity, focus, and color compared to that of center gaze. The cells present in the peripheral are excellent at detecting movement. In low-light settings certain receptor cells that are used primarily in the retina are rendered ineffective in the peripheral. This causes other type of cells that are predominantly in the peripheral to become more acute.

Shadow People are seen in low-light

Shadow ghosts aka shadow people are seen in low lights
Shadow people are visible in low lights

This may explain why more shadow beings are seen in low-light settings. The peripheral has been improved simply by turning off a light! Peripheral vision is also more sensitive in that of animals. This may also explain why animals seem to be agitated at times and are captivated by things that “Are not there”.

While science continues to provide explanations for some possibilities of “Sightings”, there always seems to be an exception. Researchers have occasionally explained these sightings as normal physiological symptoms for example: Hypnogogia, a condition where a person is between a waking and sleep state of consciousness. Pareidolia is when the brain incorrectly interprets random patterns or shadows and light for something recognizable. While these explanations seem reasonable, they don’t explain reports of people seeing these beings straight on and while fully awake. Many people state that they were actively participating in conversations, watching television, or reading a book when the sightings occurred.

EMF can detect Shadow People

Another explanation of these sightings is that of electromagnetic fields also know as EMF. Electromagnetic fields affect the temporal lobe and therefore can cause either auditory or visual hallucinations. Research to the contrary has also shown that the amount of EMF needed to induce these hallucinations is significant and has only been reproduced in controlled settings.

Several Paranormal Investigations has conducted immense samplings of EMF in regards to day-to-day activities. After numerous years of research, they have not found EMF levels to be high enough to trigger the physiological effects. The fact that the EMF levels needed to induce hallucinations are so high, one can theorize that those levels are not likely to be present in any normal setting. This theory also does not explain why the sightings are so frequent. Almost everyone has had an experience in regards to sightings.

What are Shadow People?

What are shadow ghosts aka shadow people?
Shadow people | Flickr

So what are they? The simple answer is, no one knows. One theory is that shadow beings are inter-dimensional beings, somehow managing to bleed through into our plane of existence. It seems even some scientist contemplate that there are multiple dimensions that exist parallel to our own. Some argue that these different dimensions cross over each other at different times enabling us to catch glimpses or “Shadows” of life on the other side. Could these “Others” have found a way to travel between dimensions?

The belief that such beings exist is wide spread and dates back many years and encompasses numerous cultures as well. Particularly fascinating beliefs of such creatures are those of people from the Middle East and the Gaza Strip. The Djinn or Jinn, as they are known in Islamic mythology, bear a striking resemblance to shadow beings both in appearance and ability to be seen.

The Djinn are described as being creatures whose community is much like that of our own in that they eat, sleep, marry and so forth. They are believed to be responsible for disease and mental impairments in humans. It is interesting that the word “Jinn” is used to describe something that is fleeting, invisible, or concealed. It should also be noted that these creatures have the ability to be seen by humans either on purpose or accidentally.

How shadow people look alike?

Appearance of Shadow ghosts aka shadow people
Shadow people appear in a darker form

Another widely accepted theory among paranormal groups is that shadow beings are actually spirits in a darker form; darker in color, not necessarily in nature. One commonality found during the research was reports that shadow beings appear to be of a male gender. There seems to be other common characteristics that stand out and that is their appearance.

Most reports state that they are either very tall or very short, around 3 ½ ft tall or 6-7ft tall. They can appear as a black mist or a human shaped form, sometimes very defined or just a vague outline. They will have no identifying features or details, like clothing or facial features. Another often reported detail is the manner in which they appear and disappear. Described as stealthy and sneaky, they are not easy to see or capture on camera. In some instances they will disappear quickly into a wall or room, before you have a chance to get a good look.

In almost every report, the person feels as though the being was malicious or demonic. Could this be a natural human physiological reaction to their dark appearance versus an actual negative demeanor from the shadow being itself? When questioned, witnesses typically can not pinpoint exactly why they believe this and state that it is simply the feeling they get. They explain that when these sightings occur, they are almost always left feeling anxious and troubled.

With so many sightings from such a broad range of people, how could they all share the same condition? How can science explain a condition that affects the masses from around the globe? It seems that at this point there are still far too many unanswered questions to make any type of hypothesis. We plan to continue their research while trying to classify each sighting by appearance, conditions, and location.

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