YES, These are the spookiest ghost stories from Cambridge

ghost stories from Cambridge

There are several haunted places in Cambridge. Having said that, these places of notable public importances add up to numerous private owned properties to produce numerous ghost stories from Cambridge. These stories are account of real paranormal experiences of the inhabitants of Cambridge.

Treasure Guardian – Ghost story from Cambridge

(Mr. W.M from Huntingdon)

Several years ago I tried my hand at metal detecting. I never actually found much just the odd Victorian coin and a bag full of ring tabs and silver paper. One day along with a friend we decided to try out some local woods that I had often visited as youngster. The wood in question is quite small but has a mysterious background. Amongst the trees is a moat but no one seemed to know what had once stood in the middle on the island.

Prepared with metal detector and trowel my friend and myself entered the woods and spent some time scanning around and picking up nothing but junk. My friend got a bit bored and wandered off to explore while I continued to detect the ground in the hope of some worthwhile finds.

I eventually picked up a signal at the base of one of the trees but however much I dug into the soil I could not find the metallic source that had given me the signal. After several minutes digging I was tapped on the shoulder. ” There is something here but I cant find it” I said without looking up. The tap on the shoulder was repeated. Turning around and looking up expecting to see my friend behind me I was shocked to find know one at all there.

Looking around a bit confused I noticed my friend in front of me some 20 yards or so ahead amongst the trees. I called him over and explained what had happened. Feeling a little spooked about the invisible shoulder tapping I was just thinking about returning to the hole that I had made at the base of the tree when I felt a forceful blow to my back between the shoulder blades. That was enough for me it was time to get out of there. We made a rapid exit.

I never did return. If there was anything worth finding at the base of the tree I decided that it was probably best left alone.

Journey Home- Spooky story from Cambridge

(Mr.M.J from Cambridge)

I am not even sure if this was a ghost I saw but it is still an event that has stuck in my mind over the years. I was working in Peterborough at the time, several years ago and after work I had to make the bus journey home. This was at the time when the old bus station once stood close to what is now the theatre. I remember well that it was a dark and dreary evening. I sat under one of the old wooden bus shelters to keep out of the rain while I waited for my bus to turn up. It was relatively busy with other commuters waiting to go home.

As I sat on the bench an old chap came and sat down beside me and asked me if his bus had arrived yet. I was unsure what bus he was actually looking for as there where already several in the station. The conversation was quiet brief about the dismal weather and looking forward to getting home. I thought I saw my bus coming in and stood up to leave but I was mistaken so sat down again. The old man who was sitting next to me had gone.

I thought maybe he had walked off with out me seeing him go but I was sure I would have noticed him go. Eventually my bus arrived and I headed off home. As I looked out of the window into the darkness we pulled beside another bus and in the window opposite me was the old man smiling to him self and gazing out of his window. At least he managed to catch his bus home I thought. What struck me as strange was that the old chap seemed to be bathed in a bright light, which made him stand out from the other passengers and illuminated him in the darkness.

I can’t honestly say it was a ghost I saw he seemed very real at the time but it’s an event that has always stuck in my mind as being unusual.

Strange Feelings

(Ms.A.B from Cambridge)

In my Mother’s house in Norwich before modernisation (say from 1984-1986/7) we heard what appeared to be footsteps going across the main bedroom. They were so realistic that as children we used to be hit for being in the room when we had not.

After modernisation (when the room was altered and a bathroom added) the noises stopped. We believed an old woman had died there (although we have no idea where this idea came from). When we were modernised subsidence was found, so serious in fact that we were moved out.

This could be responsible for the sounds (although the fact that the sounds were in one room only seems odd) and work done to stop it could have resulted in sounds stopping, or ‘ghostly’ activity could have been stopped by the building work.On balance it probably was just subsidence but those footsteps sounded very real…

I was working at Val Dal Shoe Factory, Norwich in 1993. It was still light (7pm ish). A white figure glided past the ground floor window. At first I thought it was Danny, a co-worker going past on a bike.

A few minutes later I realised that it was odd that I could not see any facial features or hear any noise and went outside to look. There I realised that the ground was lower than I realised so to even have been a chance of being him he would have had to be standing on top of the bike in which case it could not have moved as it did.

A few weeks later my supervisor mentioned that the building was haunted, although no details were given. I wonder if anyone else saw the same thing? It could have been Danny in a white top if he pedalled fast then coasted standing on pedals (although ground was rough and not conducive to this, there was no noise and I saw no face). It seemed rather high to be him. My gut feeling is that it was the ‘ghost’ although I am not 100% sure.

Cambridge Central Library 2nd floor Bib unit 1997-8- I hated being in it alone. There were very uncomfortable feelings of NOT being alone. It was also very cold. Other people said they felt the unhappiness of ex staff was impregnated on the atmosphere. Additionally one staff member (male) admitted to having seen ghosts on the back stairs (date unknown) and mezzanine (late 1999, a young girl whom he thought was a co-worker but when he turned to speak to her she disappeared).

The Bib unit has since been converted into a temperature controlled store and I have felt no uneasiness since. Imagination or presence? I am still unsure , although I tend to feel it was a presence or impregnated atmosphere.

Cambridge at Home 1997/8ish- I saw a dark figure standing in front of the curtains by the bed. My fiance was the only other person in flat and he was in bed beside me. It could have been reflection of a shirt on a weight bench, although I feel the angle was wrong, the figure seemed to have substance, and using the bench I was unable to replicate the effect and never saw it again. I am still undecided as to what it was.

Cambridge Bus stop near Sainsbury’s, Coldham Lane, by a bit of water. I always feel very uneasy whether it is light or dark, regardless of weather if I am near it. I have the feeling that a young person or child died there, possibly murdered or possibly hit by a vehicle.imagination or something there? I have no idea but I am always acutely uncomfortable there.

The White Lady- Ghost story from Cambridge

(from David S.)

In 1978 my parents younger brother and I moved into a new home in Terrington St Clements .It was a fairly remote from the village down a road called Hay Green .My brother being the youngest was allowed to choose the room he wanted as his own .A couple of nights after moving in my brother kept waking up screaming about a white lady in his room .First off my parents paid it no mind as he was only 6 at the time .This however carried on for some time .

Then some time later my mother had a couple of experiences .First time she woke up to see something standing at the bottom of her bed . Then she heard a child crying one night., she woke up thinking it was myself or my brother but then realised it was the cry of a baby (myself being 12 at the time and my brother 6 ).My mother then saw the image of a young woman crying at the end of the bed .

Another time some friends of ours who had been trying for a baby for some years became proud parents .They sent us a photo of their baby boy which my parents displayed on a cabinet in the dinning room .The picture disappeared one day and my brother and myself got the blame .About 2 years later the picture turned up in the same spot .

On another occasion we had some friends staying with us .In the evening the male friend was coming down stairs and he passed my parents room and the door was ajar ,as he passed he saw a woman in the room and said hi to whom he thought was my mother .He then went straight down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mother was talking to his wife .”How did you get down here without passing me ” he said .”Oh you’ve seen our friendly ghost ” my mother said .They never did come to stay again

Childhood Visions- Scary Story from Cambridge

(from Melody .D)

My first son who is now nearly 12, was a fluent speaker at the age of 2 and he used to refer to some one who he called Eruc, we used to correct him and say Eric but he was adamant that he was correct already. As time went on he used to say he was playing with Eruc and at the age of about 3, he told us that Eruc had died after a parachute jump in world war 2, after jumping successfully he was shot on the ground.

We also heard that his brother had been having an affair with his wife and she was now pregnant and that he had another brother who was gay but his family were ashamed to tell anyone. He was only 3 and wouldn’t have known about the sorts of things he was talking about at the time, he never saw anything more harmless than sesame street.

Matthew was also born with a strawberry mark which also faded over time as they do, the mark was a little to the left of his stomach and he had an identical one in the same place on his back. He also claimed that Eruc was shot around that area when he was showing us. For the best part we tried not to let it bother us, but when Matthew was 5 my partner was on night shifts and had left that night on an argument.

About 3.30 in the morning I heard the front door and pretended to stay asleep cos I didn’t want to talk to him, I heard him walk down the hall and as I heard him go into Matthew’s bedroom the door shut and Matthew woke up screaming (he wasn’t crying) just screaming like something had scared him. he said Eruc was there.

I went in the front room to get my partner but he wasn’t in the flat, he came home a couple of hours later from work as usual. Matthew never mentioned Eruc again after that night. Can you tell us if you think this is weird, it really was very spooky, but glad it no longer happens.

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