Haunting of the Spooky Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire

Haunted Minsden chapel in Hertfordshire

Situated in the shanty town of Hertfordshire in England, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities lies the famous Minsden chapel, a little distance from the town of Hinchin. Even today the chapel is a little secluded from the passerby’s view through a rich growth of bushes and copse. A small walk from Hertfordshire through the bridleway leads to the chapel. In this story, we will talk about the creepy past and hauntings of the haunted Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire, UK.

Hauntings and Past of the haunted Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire

History of the Haunted Minsden Chapel

History of the haunted Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire

The chapel was built in the early fourteenth century to ease the passage of pilgrims passing to Saint Albans Abbey. This chapel would provide them shelter and replenishments. However, by the later part of 17th century, the chapel due to disrepair and lack of proper maintenance reached a crumbling state.

In the later years, the quiet and serene environment had led to its popularity as one of the most sought after places for weddings and was regarded by many as one of the most romantic locations on the countryside. In due course, the chapel started becoming more popular up until the lack of maintenance caused a lump of masonry in the ceiling to fall off and hit the priests hand during the wedding ceremony of Mary Horn and Enoch West. This incident in seventeen hundred and thirty four caused the chapel’s shutdown and later an abandoned state.

Reginald Hine’s Warning

Historian Reignald Hine's memorandum

In the twentieth century Reginald Hine, a historian who was deeply in love with the site gained its lifetime lease from the vicars of Hitchin. So possessive was he about the property concerned that to keep away bystanders and trespassers he put a sign which said, “trespassers and sacrilegious persons take warning, for I will proceed against them with the utmost rigour of the law, and, after my death and burial, I will endeavour, in all ghostly ways, to protect and haunt its hallowed walls”. There is a seeming confusion regarding where he was buried. Some say that his body belies beneath the thick wedge in the chapel ruins. On the other hand, others believe that he was cremated in London.

The Haunting of the Monk

Ghost of a monk wanders at the haunted Minsden Chapel in Hertfordshire

Rumors of the place being haunted started sometime in 1907. It was when a friend of Hine’s took a picture of a ghostly monk. In this picture, the monk could be seen walking and climbing stairs on Halloween nights around the North-east corner. In addition, the tinkling and tolling of chapel bells added to the paranormal happenings inside the chapel walls. People say that the occurrence of the phantom monk is always accompanied by tolling of stolen bells with solemn sound of music being played. Furthermore, suspicions of a lady being murdered within the ruins also adds to the spookiness. A glowing cross is also seen at times on the church wall.

Several writers like Eugene O’Donnell and Reginald Hine have written about the chapel. These writings contradict each other’s stories and data that they have collected. Even so, the sinister happenings at the chapel can’t be exempted completely due to scarce evidences. It goes without saying that whatever be the truth the history of Minsden Chapel is definitely a creepy story.

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