15 Surprising facts about Dreams you would love to know

surprising facts about dreams

Dreams are mysterious, pleasant and scary. Normally dreams are what we experience in our daily life. But sometimes dreams inform us about the upcoming disaster in our life. Below are 15 facts about dreams you would love to know:

Facts About Dreams

  1. We can’t dream and snore at the same time. 
  2. If someone tell you that they don’t dream, It simply means he/she has forgotten their dreams.
  3. On average, one person experiences 4 dreams in a night and 1460 dreams every year.
  4. One could never remember the starting stage of his dream.
  5. After waking up, you forget half of your dreams and after 10 minutes, this percentage go to 90 percentage.

6. Even Blind People Dream

  • People who lose their visibility in accident see pictures and color in their dreams. 
  • Born-blind people do not see pictures and colors, but they feel different sound, smell and touching sensation in their dreams.

7. We only see faces of known people in our dreams. Our brain doesn’t hold the ability to create an unknown face. We see person encountered in real life or on Television.

8. Colorful dreams are not a subject of everyone’s dreams. Every person does not see colorful dreams. In earlier times, when there was only black and white TV, About 90% of people dreamed black and white. 94% people started to have colorful dreams since color TV came to people’s lives.

9.  Emotions :

Maximum people’s dream contain trouble and worries. Negative emotions have a large share in our dreams.

10.  Animals dream too:

After some research and studies, It is found that animals also eject mental vibrations similar to human species. If you observe a sleeping dog, you may find him shaking his legs as he is chasing someone.

11.  Man and woman dream different things. Nearly 70% man dream of other men while women dream of men, women and shopping.

12. 16th president of America- Abraham Lincoln had shared his dream with her wife before he died, In which he had seen few people crying loud.

13.  We always see our first dream within 90 minutes after falling asleep. One has their longest dream of 30-45 minutes in the morning.

14.  If you see dirty water in your dream, it means you are not healthy.

15.  Our ancient religious Vedas has written in it – This world is nothing but a dream.

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