These are 15 Symptoms and Signs of Demonic Possession

symptoms and signs of demonic possession

A theist believes in the existence of God. The existence of dark supernatural powers are as obvious as the existence of negative charges with the positive one. There are many reasons why a ghost, demon or other supernatural entity enters our body, throw our soul out of it and controls our mind. In this paranormal information guide, we will not talk about those reasons but the signs they give once they capture your body. Below are 15 real symptoms and signs of demonic possession.

Signs of Demonic Possession

According to these cases of true demonic possession, below are 15 symptoms and signs of demonic possession. These changes are related to behavioural and cognitive performance of an individual. That do not necessarily indicate a person is demonically possessed and may indicate other health issues too.

Physical signs of demonic possession

  • A person loses control over his visual capacity after being exposed to demonic attack. That may cause a blurry vision, dilation of pupils and vision conflict. A person may even fail to recognise his family and relatives.
  • A possessed person depicts unnatural change to his physical features viz. his body language, gestures and way of representations. For example, many people reflects the primary signs of hysteria. Haven’t you seen one making weird postures?
  • The next physical sign of demonic possession subjects to an abnormal change in voice. Usually a girl features a high pitched voice. But during demonic possession, she may sound manly and speak in a hoarse voice.
  • Apart of voice, there is a sudden change to vocabulary of a person. He/she may speak languages never heard before. In the past exorcism cases, an American girl was heard speaking german while she was never exposed to that language. In addition, their vocabulary may become abnormally profane or abusive.
  • There may be some abrupt change in one’s habit. There may occur an impromptu urge to abuse alcohol and do drugs when you normally don’t do this.
  • Demons are the dark world creatures. They are carriers of Satan’s messages. Taking a note of that, a demon within a person would demand of weird food. A demonic possessed person often has an aberrant craving for raw meat and blood.
  • Because demons usually gather soul for empowering his master, Satan; they look forward to harm people and weaken them slowly until they die. Thus, in a classic case of possession, you may feel a strong desire to cut or hit yourself.
  • A demon tries to fulfil his sexual desires through the possessed body. In connotation, one may develop new deviant compulsions to be hyper sexual or to savage others sexually.

Other symptoms of demonic possession

In demonic possession a person scratches herself

The other symptoms of demonic possession include-

  • You may develop sudden urges to be aggressive. In this case, you may tend to hurt people and animals for no obvious reasons.
  • There is an abnormal changes in personal hygiene. A normally clean person suddenly becomes filthy and putrid.
  • There may be changes in normal routines. A demon sucks blood on a slow interval. This could result in extensive weakness. Suddenly you start feeling dizzy- sleeping all day suddenly. Also, there can be complete lack of appetite or sudden onset of gluttony.
  • An abnormal eat and pass routine can alter. There can be severe constipation as they can make your colon septic and you may be unable to have a bowel movement.
  • A possessed person depicts aversion or hatred when speaking about God and other religious script matters.
  • Victims could get cut marks on their body. Although they can’t remember who scratched them and when did they got those scratches.
  • A person if possessed by both the demon and witch produce a different activity. Normally they speak in an absurd manner that can’t be understood. But if you listen carefully, you find them speaking in an opposite manner. Rearranging their words, one can catch their message.

How to heal from demonic possession

Usually a possessed person will be repulsed by holy water and a crucifix, but if they are controlled by a Diabolical {fallen angel not demon} it may not phase them. This specifies the difference between angel and demon.Taking a short note on demon exorcism, holy water is spread on victim followed by pronunciation of chants from holy books from respective community. More steps are included if demon not easily leaves the body. In some Asian tribes, they fulfill their demands and then demon gets out of victim’s body.

This is to be noted that some of these symptoms are connected to serious illnesses. If you observe someone who has been taken over vs. someone who is diagnosed as schizophrenic or suffering from drug induced psychosis, they may appear to be frighteningly similar to possession.

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9 thoughts on “These are 15 Symptoms and Signs of Demonic Possession”

    1. Hi Jack
      Look up Isaiah Saldivar on You Tube. Specifically his video”You might have a demon if” Check out deliverence ministers.The devil is a liar who comes to kill steal and destroy. Jesus Christ came so we can have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10

      Ruth McGuire

    2. Western Christians believe in possession (inside) and oppression (outside)
      Addictions are an example of oppression.
      Eastern religions believe in Karma. If your ancestors practiced any occult their bad karma gets passed down. Some believe in reincarnation and your karma from what you did in past lives is who you are too. They believe evil people are born from a demonic womb. They advise a vegetarian diet. You can have a big mac for example but without the meat.
      Medical Science has their American Psychiatric handbook. They advise counseling and prescription medications. They also now advise to have faith.
      Scientologists have their handbook. They say 20% of people are anti social and we should not associate with them.
      New age type people don’t believe in the Bible or medical svience. They advise diet, herbs and supplement changes.
      Christians both Catholic and Reformed denominations have their Bible and interpretations. They both agree you cannot be holy for someone else they have to be holding for themselves. In other words there us no hope for the possessed or oppressed. They have to fight their own demons.
      I have studied this from library books and internet books.

  1. I’m under eighteen first of all. When I talk about this many people think I have Multiple Personality Disorder or borderline personality disorder. I know it’s neither of these. The only thing I do have is bipolar disorder and I take medication for that. My family has a deeply religious background. We have a lot of strict Catholic’s and Christian’s in my family.
    Paranormal things have been after me since I was born. My mom would see ghosts and auras around me when I was a baby. When I got slightly older I’d hear entities call my name and see shadows. There was this one particular entity that stuck around. He would desperately try and get my attention.
    When I wouldn’t give him any, he’d scratch me. I’d wake up with fingerprint bruises on me, scratches, and sometimes even hickeys. I, myself, was a very religious kid when I was little, so I’d be the perfect target I assume. Recently he’s started possessing me. My mood completely changes.
    Along with mood changing there’s other things. I crave almost raw meat. Like whenever I’m at restraunts I order extremely rare steak. I’m a very hyperactive person. Whenever this entity takes over I get very dull and quiet. I become hostile to those around me. Whenever this is happening it’s like I’m not in control of my body or actions, but I can see everything he’s doing.
    I am most positive that it’s a demonic force. My voice goes from higher pitch to unnaturally deep for a teenager. People around me sense a demonic dark energy whenever he’s possessing me. I want to make sure I’m not going crazy and get some advice on this manner.

    1. Nathaniel
      Art Montgomery is a deliverence minister. Connect with him on Facebook
      or reach out at for instructions for being delivered from the forces of darkness.The devil is a liar who comes to kill steal and destroy.Jesus Christ came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10

      Ruth McGuire

    2. Thinking about demons attracts them to you so quit thinking about them. Don’t read, watch or hear anything about the demonic or occult practices. Instead focus only on God, try eating a vegetarian diet of natural foods and don’t sin.

  2. I have a sibling who insisted, in both texts and emails, that a classmate of mine was married to his brother’s wife. When I showed my sibling the obituary for my classmate’s grandmother, it proved that my sibling was incorrect. My sister then claims she contacted my classmate about me and that I am creeping out my classmate by doing a search about him online. My sibling will not admit that they told something untrue about my classmate (their spouse). Instead my sibling has sent me both emails and texts saying that I was in the wrong for looking up information about my classmate. The information I looked up about my classmate was meant to show my sibling the correct information. Could my sibling be demonically oppressed? My sibling says they are Christian; but I thought that the Holy Spirit cannot abide with untruths. So this is why I ask. Also, my sibling claims to have bi polar disorder; but I think bi polar is a made up disease (like all mental illness) to use as an excuse for sin.

  3. Helping Hand - And Getting Evil Far From Me

    Hey Nathaniel. You seem pretty chilled about it, so you’re kinda okay as of now (besides the “little trouble” you’ve got). What happens when you try reading the bible? (Doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not now, just go for it). What happens when you sing a prayer for the Creator? Try doing those.

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