Terrifying tales of 5 haunted houses in Massachusetts

most haunted houses in Massachusetts

Massachusetts boasts of some top spooky places, including some absolutely macabre houses that are filled with ghosts. In this story, we have published true accounts of people who have experienced these creepy experiences living in these most haunted houses in Massachusetts. So, without further ado, wade through these thrilling tales-

Haunted Old Home, Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts

Located at Eight Ventura Street in Springfield, Massachusetts was a large, stately old home that Jim’s parents owned for a short period of time in the 1960s. Jim was born in this house.  The home was very large, boasting three floors with 26 rooms, the third floor having eight bedrooms and was unused by the family. There was also no electricity or heating on the third floor, but still had long unused victorian era gas lights on the walls.

Apparitions and Anomalies in the house

Among the apparitions seen in this house included:

A very small form undetermined in shape. Playful and harmless, it took delight in lifting Jim from his crib and would often stay close by him. This apparition was fondly named “Puff”, by the family.

A blonde haired Swedish-looking man, dressed in work clothes who would be seen in the basement, puttering around as if doing some work. It is believed he was a handyman at one time.

An elderly woman who dressed in the period of the early 1900s. Grey haired, tall and thin, the family members who saw her claimed that her eyes emitted a stare that was beyond dead, something that made everyone very uncomfortable. She was often seen drifting down the grand staircase in the main foyer of the house.

The ghost of a dead soldier, whom Jim’s family nicknamed “soldier boy.” The previous occupant of the house lost a son in the Korean War, and sold the house a few years after the son’s death. It was obvious that he had returned home in spirit form, looking for his mother and familiar surroundings. Sometimes he would be seen in his uniform, bloody and torn from the wounds that had killed him. Other times he would be seen in the uniform, bearing no wounds. 

The ghost of a 1930s traveling Hobo once came to the door, asking Jim’s grandmother if she had something to eat. The woman graciously complied, giving him a bowl of homemade soup and bread, which he ate on the front porch steps. When the hobo finished eating, he thanked Jim’s grandmother and disappeared into thin air.

On the third floor of the home was a bedroom that had been located at the far side of the house, as if it had been forgotten. In this room is what Jim’s parents felt what housed “The family shame.” At the turn of the century and earlier, it was common for families who had a mentally ill or mentally challenged relative to shut that family member  into a room where no one would bother with them. 

This room, while empty, housed a bed frame that was built into the wall, with ropes instead of bed slats. On each post of this old oak bed frame were embedded large metal rings. None of Jim’s family ever went into the room after that first visit, since they always sensed a horrible, frightening presence of something evil. The room was always cold, even on the hottest of summer days. 

In 1968, Jim’s parents sold the house to a church who had plans to demolish it and make a parking lot. The day the legal papers were signed giving ownership to the church and payment was made to Jim’s parents, the entire house went up in flames.

Naturally, a full arson investigation was conducted, Jim’s family was interviewed and dismissed of any wrongdoing. The fire was thought to have been started in the never-used third floor, and an exact cause could never be determined, so it was concluded that the fire must have been electrical. Very odd since there was never any electrical wiring on that floor at all. 

For years after the fire, a chain link fence was constructed around the vacant property.

Haunted Old Home, Massachusetts

Dudley, Massachusetts

In 1983, my late ex-husband Bob and I had been renting a house from a friend of his.

Located on West Main Street, the house had been built in 1839 and research showed it to be one of the oldest homes in Dudley, MA. Originally a Greek Revival design on the outside, the front of the house had been remodeled many times over the years. We rented that house for six months. The owner of the house knew it was haunted but never elaborated on the things that went on.

Paranormal happenings in the house

During our six month stay at this house, we witnessed and heard the following:

Hearing the muted sounds of men and women talking very rapidly, coming from the basement. If we investigated the basement, the voices would stop until we were back upstairs, then start again. Bob also heard the sound of a man speaking when I was in another room.

Bob being roughly pushed on the shoulder by unseen hands as he was standing at the entrance to the basement stairs.

Our dog refusing to go into the basement, standing at the top of the stairs, barking furiously at something no one else could see.

My son, two years old at the time, lying on the floor with his face next to an old-fashioned heating grate, talking to someone in the basement below. He insisted that there was a man down there. When I went down to investigate, I found nothing. My son also claimed to see four men sitting at a table playing cards.

Both Bob and I witnessed the fleeting sight of a bright illuminated shape in the kitchen, which fled into the bathroom. When we followed it, we watched it disappear into the bathroom wall. 

Hearing the sounds of shuffling feet following me from room to room.

The sounds of a rocking chair creaking, and the sad wails of a baby crying, coming from the second floor. These rooms upstairs were unused except for storage.

While in bed, Bob would often feel the blankets being tugged at the foot of the bed, as if a child were begging for attention. We were told a baby had died an upstairs bedroom, but we don’t know when this happened.

The house had many cold spots, even when there was no air conditioning turned on, or the heat was set at a good, warm temperature. 

We would hear loud crashing noises coming from nowhere, heavy footsteps pounding throughout the dining room and kitchen. Freinds of ours would visit and often feel very uneasy while in the house, for reasons they could not understand. 

We moved from the house in July of 1983. It was sold soon after, and since then had been sold several times over, mostly within months of new people moving in. 

Bob and I had often wondered if any of the owners had experienced paranormal occurances like we did. Unfortunately, Bob passed over to the other side in 2001, but I would still  love to know !

Haunted Ranch Style Home, Massachusetts

Holly Street, Oxford, MA

From 1983 until 2002, I had owned, along with my late ex – husband Bob Wunsch, a small but comfortable ranch style home in Oxford. The house was located on a quiet cul-de-sac.

Although Bob and I had just moved from a house in Dudley, Massachusetts that was a hotbed of paranormal activity, we had joked about the possibility of ghosts following us to this house. We moved into the Holly Street home in September 1983.

All was quiet until January 1984 when we both began to hear noises in the house, like the sound of footsteps in the hallways, kitchen and livingroom. Doors that were tightly shut would open by themselves. On rare occasions we would hear the soft whispering voices of a male and female.

In all the years we had lived in this house together, we never once felt frightened or threatened by paranormal activity, in fact we used to joke about it.

We didn’t need to do any research on the house, since Bob was the original owner of the newly built home in 1977, and the area in which the housing development had once been a thickly wooded area. However, Oxford history documented Native American tribes living in that area during the 17th century, so maybe the former woods were a ‘pass through’ for restless spirits.

In 1999, Bob and I decided to separate, but stayed very close, best freinds, often visiting eachother and calling eachother every other day on the phone. In 2001, Bob died suddenly.

Although Bob had contacted me after his death through Jim, and I had seen fleeting images of his spirit at Jim’s house, I wondered if he had gone back to the home he had loved for so many years.

Not long after Bob passed away, I contacted the bank and began foreclosure and auction proceedings on the house, which remained empty for many months. It was not long after this that my former next-door neighbor called to tell me something.

She had been outside cooking on her grill when she heard Bob’s calling out “What are you burning tonight for supper?”…something he had often teased her about while he was alive. She would also hear his voice over the fence, saying “What’s the temperature in the pool?”
I have also been told that during the time that the house was empty, a dim light would be seen inside the home, and a figure that closely resembled Bob could be seen through the kitchen and livingroom windows.

I often wonder if the new owners of that house on Holly Street have ever experienced anything of a paranormal nature. Since Bob’s untimely death in 2001, our beloved home has gone through three owners. If you find this site and have encountered anything “strange”, be sure and write to let me know!

Haunted Spooner House, Massachusetts

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Haunted spooner house in Massachusetts

The spooner house in plymouth, MA is infamous due to the frequent appearances of the ghost of a girl named Abigail. According to reports, Abigail was killed in that house and her soul still wanders in search of eternity. Disembodied voices, screams and murmurs are some of the signs which signal towards the evilness of this house.

Go through this complete story of haunted Spooner house in Plymouth to unleash what happened with the poor Abigail.

Haunted Lakefront Home, Massachusetts

Palmer, Massachusetts

Jim and I had owned a lakefront home in Palmer, Massachusetts that had been in his family since 1927. The home had originally been a small summer cottage, converted into a year-round home in 1980.

When I met Jim in 1999, I was told that his house was often visited by the spirits of his late grandparents, and of his late pet, a Saint Bernard named Heidi.

I first became acquainted with Heidi a month after I had met Jim. I had felt a large furry tail brush up against my leg, when there was nothing there to be seen. Heidi would make her invisible presence known several times over the years after that. I once heard a low, rough grumbling sound late one night when I was alone in the house. This was Heidi’s way of letting me know that she was protecting me in her own way.

In February of 2000 I first saw the appartition of Jim’s maternal grandfather, staring a me through a livingroom window. There was absolutely no way this person could have been standing outside that window since there was no ledge, and the ground below was a 30 foot drop.

Jim later commented that it was the first time his maternal grandfather had ever been seen in spirit form.

I once caught the faint scent of flowers in the livingroom one night while alone. I checked around the house but it stayed near the area of where I had been sitting. The aroma became so strong that I actually had trouble breathing.

I remembered what Jim had told me…his grandmother used to wear a flowery perfume while alive, and this was how she made her presence known. She obviously didn’t know who I was, and why I was living in her former home. I then said aloud, “I’m Jim’s partner, my name is Mina, and I know that you’re curious as to who I am. I don’t mind you visiting with me tonight, but since I have asthma and your perfume is making me wheeze, could you please sit someplace else in the room? You are still welcome to stay if you like.”

A few minutes later, the scent dissipated.

Jim’s paternal grandfather supposedly made his presence known by the odor of his cigars, and according to the family, he presented a nasty paranormal presence. I never smelled the cigars or found out what was meant by a “nasty” presence. However, I did see a glimpse of him late one night. I saw the faint image of the lower half of a torso wearing a Scottish kilt, and white knee socks, which quickly faded once I gave the image my full attention. Jim told me that his grandfather used to play the bagpipes in a local Scottish band, would often practice while wearing his regalia.

When Jim decided to put the old homestead up for sale in May of 2002 in preparation for our move to Texas, the spirits really started acting up. It was as if they were angry at us, for wanting to sell.

We experienced the sounds of someone pounding on the door, at 4 AM. Pounding so severe that the entire door shook. It stopped as soon as Jim threw open that door.

The doorbell would ring on many an occasion. Nobody was ever there. Conducting many checks of the wiring to the bell, Jim concluded there were no ‘shorts’ in the system.

I had been pushed from behind a few times while alone in the house…I heard the hurried whispers of a woman’s voice next to my ear once, and coming up from the empty basement, I heard the sounds of bagpipe music playing…so loudly that I felt the vibrations on the floorboards.

Jim saw the very clear image of his grandfather in the basement one night, and also saw the fleeting image of a black-cloaked figure rushing through that basement past Jim, and out through the door.

We used to wonder if the new owner ever experienced anything paranormal. I guess we will never know, unless she finds this website and contacts us!

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