Child Ghost Story: Seeing a child ghost in my locality

True child ghost story

This scary child ghost story belongs to a boy who lived near a haunted house in his locality. Unaware of this fact, he did not believed on the supernatural occurrences that much. One day, while playing the game, his ball accidentally slipped into the haunted house. What happened next? Read the horror story that will creep you out.

True Child Ghost Story

When I was 10, I used to sometimes go with my friends to a playground which was far away from our houses, may be 2-3 blocks away.There was an abandoned house in front of it. Some times while playing cricket, accidentally the ball would be shot in the house. No one would dare to enter the house, as everybody was either warned by their parents not to or they had heard strange stories about it. People believed that there used to live a family which had only one child. He was very much loved by them as he was the only male child of the family. Once while he was flying kite, it stuck on the high tension wire running across his house. He used iron rod to pull down the kite and died due to electric shock.

After this incidence, his parents were deeply struck by sorrow and his mother passed away due to prolonged illness after 6 months. His father moved to different city after the demise of his kings.

Since we were kids, losing a single ball would mean losing complete wealth. Hence, we had decided that the one, who hits the ball in house, will be declared out and he has to get the ball back from house.So playing offside was a huge risk and everybody had now become experts in playing leg side.

Once while we were playing, one of my friends gave me a loose ball and I couldn’t control it and I hit it offside. The ball straight away went inside the house.

That was it.

Interaction with the Ghoul

With all the courage I had inside me, I went inside the house to look for the ball. The house was full of dried leaves and dust. I couldn’t find the ball even after looking for more than 10 minutes. Suddenly I heard someone laughing. It was a giggle and I felt like someone was standing behind me. I turned back instantly but I could see no one. When I turned back again, the ball came rolling towards me and touched my feet. At that moment, I screamed the hell out of myself and ran straight out of the house. I was in deep shock for three days and had caught high fever due to fear.

Now when I think about it, I can see that it could have been my friends giggling outside the door and the wind would be blown away the ball.

However, the coldness I felt inside the house, still sometimes haunts me.

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