11 True Ghost Stories Derived From Real life experiences

Real life true ghost stories

Many of us have gone through paranormal experiences we did not want to have. Some of us have scary ghost experiences while others do not. Well, This article include few true ghost stories that would make you believe in spirits. Completely based on real people’s experiences, these true ghost stories would make you aware of the real paranormal. We request you to submit your true ghost stories as to keep this thread going. Rest assured about your identity for we keep the identities anonymous. Let’s start.


I was sitting downstairs minding my own business when my sister yells down for me to come up stairs, I argue back for her to come down and stop being lazy. This goes on for around two minutes and I am highly irritated. All of a sudden I go cold and realise, my sister is in America for travel. But it was her exact voice.

So at this point I am freaking out and I grab and knife and go upstairs, walk into my sisters room and the rain on the window was dripping down except for one circle around the size of a plate, which the rain was not touching but drizzling around the edges. So very strange. I called my sister and she confirmed she was fine and had no idea what it was upstairs.


About a year ago, my husband and I were spending the day with another couple shopping in the antique stores in Alton, Illinois. In the course of the day, we found ourselves walking into a store at the back of the Mineral Springs Hotel. The entrance is on the outside of the building, toward the back, which puts the store on a basement level in the building.

I had been in the store before, but had never felt any qualms about going in. This time, I felt a mild “flight” instinct kick in when I walked through the door. I ignored it since it seemed totally irrational and I was with friends who wanted to check the place out. We all split up and I walked directly to the back of the store and started perusing items in the far corner. Ten minutes later, I had worked my way up to an area near where a table had been set up for the employees.

The moment I walked into this area, I felt something I had never encountered before. I felt like I was bouncing around within my own skin, floating in water. I looked at my hands which I thought were shaking violently, but they were as steady as normal. I’m not sure how to describe it except that I felt unconnected to my own body. I thought I was having a heart attack or something and looked around the room for my husband. He was about 40 feet away in another area of the store.

As I walked toward him and out of the area, the sensation stopped immediately. I stopped in my tracks and it occurred to me that we were in the Mineral Springs Hotel, pool level, and that it was known for hauntings. I thought that it was either my imagination, that there was some kind of gas in the building which caused the reaction, or that I had experienced an empathic episode of some sort.

I looked into the area and there were 3 other people walking around in it seemingly unconcerned. I walked over to my husband and asked him to walk into the area and tell me if he felt anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t tell him what I had felt or make any suggestion that it might be associated with the Hotel being haunted. He reluctantly did so, and returned to me within a minute or two with his eyes wide open.

He described in his own words exactly what I had felt. He said he definitely felt as though he was under water and that his consciousness was detached from his physical body. We returned to the spot the following day to take EMF readings and some ghost photos, but we could no longer feel anything unusual.


I had a patient one night who was mentally disabled. She was a young, dark-skinned black woman with these huge eyes. I don’t know if she always looked like that or if she was just genuinely spooked, but they were open wide. 

The first thing she said to me when I walked in the room was “She is dead. That lady is dead”, nodding her head at the woman in the next bed. The woman in the next bed had apparently been dealing with this all day and was fed up. “I’m not dead!”, she yelled. I tried to calm her down, to no avail. The day shift nurse told me she’d been doing that all day. I felt so bad for her room mate. I considered trying to transfer her, but that would just put someone else in the room to put up with it. She did this all night. She would even put her call light on to tell me her roommate was dead.

So this was creepy on its own, but guess who died the next day? It wasn’t an expected death either. I don’t believe in the supernatural, but damn, that was quite a coincidence.


My mother was a teenager. She had a dream where my uncle, Doug, was banging on some large doors while laying down. He was trying to yell something but was injured badly. My mother says what woke her was the pounding noise on the door. She wakes up and runs to my grandparent’s room crying, “Doug is in trouble! He is hurt!” She tries to explain her dream and they comfort her back into bed.

Not long later my mother wakes up again, but this time the knocks are real. My grandfather opens the door to two policemen. They tell my family that Doug had been stabbed in a parking lot at a local bar and was at the hospital.

Apparently my uncle Doug had some words with four other guys in the bar about his girlfriend. They went to leave and the four guys jumped him at the back of the bar. He yelled for his girlfriend to drive off and get help. So she did. But after the assault he was found by one of the employees at the back of the bar, knocking with his little amount of strength on his stomach. They narrowly missed a main artery, too. He still had visible scars he showed me as a kid.

Take what you will from this true ghost story, but it still creeps me out a bit.


I had a patient who was CMO and quite obviously very close to dying. The week before, my best buddy-cat Pippin died. I was quite hurt with this incident. Having said that, I walked into her room. She said, “Oh, you brought your kitty with you!” I blink at her and say, “What?”

Mind you, this was the first time I’d had that patient and I hadn’t discussed my cat with her, having cats or even liking them. Her reply, “Your kitty. It’s right by your foot.” I get that frisson, that momentary shiver in my soul and ask, just for kicks, “Yeah? What color’s the kitty?” She says, “Black with some white.”

Pippin was a black tuxedo cat with white paws and a white bib. And the patient died that night.

My True Ghost Story

When I was an undergraduate student, I met with my classmate. He used to believe deep in paranormal facts and true ghost stories. Out of curiosity I asked her the reason, what she narrated freaked out my mind :

We belong to a rural place. For the study purpose we moved to a nearby city. Rent was too high to pay. Soon a landlord agreed to give his floor at very cheap rate. In the start we were amazed but soon we realized the cause.

In childhood, I used to hear real life ghost stories but then I felt its all real. We started hearing unknown noises. In night the empty roof produce sound as if somebody is running hard. Very often we feel sensation like something has crossed behind us. Eventually I see ghost of that girl which wanders inside my house. We did a detailed query and found out that girl had an affair with landlord’s son. Landlord did not afford loss of his dignity and sent his son abroad. Girl did suicide and remains active at this place. Whenever landlord visit at his house, that spirit does not let his family in peace. They get slapped, pushed and feel disturbing noises.

One day while I was clicking a picture, something amazed me. I could see her apparition clear behind me – sticking to wall. From that time, I started believing in ghosts. However ghost of this girl does not disturb us.

That Halloween Night

halloween night a ghost story

On a Halloween night, four young girls were walking down a lonely street, when they passed by an old church. There was a man standing outside the church. He was dressed in a clown costume. He asked the girls if they had seen his puppy. When they said that they had not seen it, the man asked them to help him find the lost dog.

The girls agreed to help in the search and the man in the clown costume led them into the old church.As soon as they went through the door, the man locked it behind him, trapping them in the old building. The girls realized that they had been tricked. However, it was too late. They tried to flee, but he was too fast for them.

The man tied the girls up and kept them in the old church for hours. He did unspeakable things to them and their screams echoed off the marbled walls, the wooden rafters and the ornate ceiling. After he had his fun, the poor unfortunate girls thought he would let them go.

But they were wrong. He killed them one by one and then escaped into the night. People who saw the clown walking down the street did not think anything of it, because it was Halloween night and many people were wearing costumes. If only they had known that his clown costume was red because it was covered in blood.

The next morning, the local priest was surprised to find the church doors were unlocked. He went inside and, in the darkness, he heard a mysterious dripping sound. As he walked down the aisle, he saw a pool of blood lying on the altar. Henceforth, he quickly turned on all the lights in the church and gasped in horror at the terrifying sight that met his eyes.

The dripping sound was coming from the headless bodies of four young girls that were hanging upside-down from the rafters. Their blood was dripping down from the bloody stumps of their necks and forming a pool on the altar.

But worse was yet to come. The girls’ bodies were buried in the small cemetery behind the church. Just a few weeks later, their parents received four mysterious packages in the mail. When their parents unwrapped the packages and opened the boxes, they recoiled in horror. The boxes contained the severed heads of their dead daughters.

Some people say that if you visit that old church on Halloween night, you will see the ghosts of the four young girls standing on the altar. According to the legend, you can still hear their screams echoing in the darkness. To this day, the man who murdered the girls has never been found.

True Ghost stories: Illusion or Reality

It was during the night at around 8 pm. I was going upstairs to my room on the 1st floor. The stairs leading to the first floor were well lit by the bulb but the ones going to the terrace(2nd floor) were dark. I was climbing the stairs. I had just climbed a few steps when I saw two small dots of red color coming from the top of the stairs which finished on the 2nd floor. At first I thought I was just imagining them and I turned my head down. Then after a couple of steps more I looked up once again and saw those same red dots only this time they appeared to glow brighter and seemed like someones eyes staring me.

I thought my brother was playing a prank on me. So I shouted his name telling him to stop. However, I got no response. Hence, I climbed further upstairs to get closer to him. As I moved further up I started to see a figure around those eyes, it appeared to have black fur and then suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of its blue hands with pointed nails and I screamed for my life and went running downstairs alerting everyone in the house. I started to cry and tell my mother what I saw. She consoled me and scolded me for watching horror movies and supernatural t.v. shows at night.

She thought it was an illusion. In addition, she told me to forget about it. This time after eating my dinner I went to my room very quickly without even looking upwards once while climbing the stairs. I locked my door and lay on my bed. I thought maybe mom was right. Thus, I decided to pretermit this incident. So, I switched on the T.V and started watching comedy shows. After an hour I felt sleepy and had almost forgotten about the incident. I switched off the T.V. My eyes transfixed on the blank t.v. screen. I couldn’t move my body and my heart started to pump out of my chest. Those red dots were on the screen too only this time I could feel somebody’s hand on my shoulder.

The Ghost and Man

This is one of the true ghost stories my grandfather shared with me. When i was a kid my grandpa told me his experience as a young man. He was once on his way home (my family is from rural San Luis posit, its all mountains and Mountain Rancheria) on his bike and on his way home he met up with another “person” on the trail to our rancho. He said it was a full moon night. They walked together. My grandpa made small talk, only getting very minimal responses. He was still a ways from his house when he decides to speed it up to get home.

Now all this time he hasn’t seen this persons face as he is wearing a hooded poncho, its a cold night he thinks nothing of it, he casually says good night and as he begins to pedal away a gust of wind kicks up, he is still side by side and the wind ruffles the persons poncho up, my grandpa notices there are no legs.

That’s when my grandpa guns it he jumps off his bike and runs the rest of the way, he says he ran like he has never ran in his life, he nearly kicks down the door, and as he is in my grandma sees hes with fear. My grandma says he slept by the door. I got goosebumps as he told me this story, because i know there was no lying in this man.

Little Boys

One night, I got home early. My girls found this statue outside in my trash. They liked it so they put it inside the house. I didn’t think nothing of it until like 2 days later. I was walking by them and I moved it out of the way. Later, I got a strange feeling like the little boy was looking at me. I felt him mad and with a mean face. You could feel his eyes following you wherever you went. It wasn’t only me that felt like that. Everyone that went inside and saw them said the same thing. 

I told my brother to trow it away cause the little boy was scary and I didn’t like the feeling it gave me. He told me he was going to adopt them so I told him to keep them in his room out of my view. He always puts things in their tray and when they have candies n money you can feel them happy but as soon as my brother empties that tray to put new things you feel the bad vibes from the little boy. Up too this day I have no idea how it got to my trash but my brother keeps them happy.

The Malevolent Ghost at the house

Once, I was at my sister’s house while they were knocking a wall down ~ they just moved in. My sister lived in Utah. At that time, I was the age of 8 and studied in third grade. The exact date was October 13, 2008. My birthday was on the 14th. Anyways, me, my cousin and my nephew (age 5 then but age 7 now) were sitting on the stairs. We were watching the men working on the wall and my sister was taking pictures of it. The 15th, after my birthday, we had to color Halloween things for the homework. 

I was at my aunt’s place because she had invited all of the relatives over because she hired a fortune teller for the adults. Amber (my sister) was looking through the pictures that she took while at the house. While she was, she came across a picture of the wall with a ghost figure with his face all twisted. When we had seen it, we were all in shock. So, it was Amber’s turn to go in and the fortune teller had told her something about “Wall Walkers” or something. Meanwhile, I just continued with my coloring. 

That night I was in my bed, and I felt really funny. I began crying because I was scared. I went in my mom’s room and told her. After that, I just got a drink and went back to bed. A couple months later, (About late December or early January) Amber did some research about her house. There was a man who died there. But, he had always wanted his walls in that house torn down, but, he never got to. Amber told us that. 

In the summer, me, my best friend Taylor, her little brother Preston, and my nephew and Preston’s best friend Joey were playing outside on Joey’s blow up water slide. Forgetting about the spirit, me and Taylor went inside to get some chips and Pepsi. We heard a huge thump and a soft cry, so, we ran outside to tell our parents and Amber. We didn’t want to tell the little boys then because they were only 6 and we didn’t wanna scare them. 

Our parents didn’t believe us. But Amber didn’t say anything. Later that day when Taylor had left, Joey, Amber, and my mom were outside while I was watching TV. I felt someone was watching me, and then I glanced to the stairs, and I saw that same figure running up the stairs. In about September, me and one of my best friends Hailee were upstairs in Amber’s house and we heard a huge plate crash in that room but nothing fell. 

Then, I glanced over to her glass dresser and seen that same figure behind us. When I turned around, I saw nobody there. One day in January, me and Joey were watching a picture slide show on Joey’s Nintendo Wii. The picture came up as the spirit, Joey asked me and Amber what it was, we both said smoke, because that’s what it looked like and Amber smokes. Ever since then I’ve been kind of creeped out. But research shows he is a good man.

This was the list of 11 true ghost stories. In case you are checking on to find other scary content, have a look at these 32 short scary stories to tell in the dark.


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  1. I have a true scary story. Idk if it’s scary for others but for me, it was HORRIBLE.
    So I was in the guest room playing Roblox on my Ipad. I have this thing that whenever someone or something is coming towards me, I get a gut feeling. Anyways, I heard footsteps on the stairs and I got a VERY strong gut feeling. The gut was so strong, that I was sweating and my heart was beating too fast. I turned off my Ipad and checked the stairs. No one was there. I went back to playing Roblox. Then I heard my mom calling my name. I yelled “what?!” and my mom made a creepy muffling noise. I went down stairs and saw a white figure. I ran up to my room, got books, and threw them at the figure. Then the figure was gone. Every night I hear creepy muffled noises now…

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