These 10 Horror Movies Based On True Stories Will Give You Creeps

list of horror movies based on true stories

Human beings have the capacity to feel the maximum and a we are provided a brain supreme to think beyond. We are distinguished with different lifestyle but united by the way we feel. Like I say, If you are put in front of a theater where scary movies do play, you would get scared. Since we talk about horror movies based on true stories many of us do like to watch, you need to know about few differences before you start reading this post.

From story and casting to direction and cinematography, Directors work hard to craft Scary Movies. The root of a good horror movie is its story. Writers take their imagination beyond a certain level to maximize the spookiness of the dish. While many of horror movies speak fake imagination, there are few horror movies based on actual incidents too. With this article, we will torch on the later one.

1. The Conjuring

This movie is webbed around the story of a family when they moved in a colonial house. When demons started capturing the soul of their young daughters, they did hire a couple of paranormal investigators to take control of the situation.If you take a look at its poster, it proclaims to be based on a true case file of warrens. The character played by Vera and Patrick is inspired by real life paranormal investigators who found the New England society of Psychic research in 1952. Among 11000 cases solved by warrens, there exist a case that became base of “The conjuring”. In real, Roger Perron along with his wife and their 5 daughters moved to their colonial house where cases of true demonic possession begin to take place.

2. The Exorcist

This movie was released in 1973 and was first of its kind to show scary movies on real cases. Though it is a classic scary movie but it holds a respect among top scary movies. Beautifully directed, Exorcist is based on a real life story of a 12 year old who is possessed by a demon. Later in the movie, her mother takes help of two priests to get her child back to the normal stage. In 1949, Roland Doe was demonically possessed. Later, two priest were called to perform exorcism and he was cured to live a normal life. There are two basic changes – first, In actual scenario Roland Doe was the guy replaced by girl in the story. And his case was not as drastic as the movie portrays.

3. Silence of the Lambs

Plot of this thriller matches the reality. Thomas Harris seems to be inspired by Ed Gein who would skin the victims. Did you know this terrific cinema is based on bad famed killer Ted Bundy? If you take a look on life of Ted and Ed, you will find many similarities out there. Bundy’s relationship with Robert keppel, a criminal profiled professor looks similar to Clarice’s relationship with Hannibal. It’s a pure fiction – true as well.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Released in 2005, this movie is based on the incident of a German Girl. The girl Anneliese Michel was possessed by demons and she started acting weird. Being sure enough, the church permitted for her exorcism procedure. In 1976 two catholic priests performed an intensive exorcism that continued for months. However they did not taste the drink of success as few months later she died due to starvation. This movie is quite disturbing and produce chills as you go further.

5. The Amityville Horror

The Amityville horror is a movie based on true stories.

One of the top scary movies, It is filmed on Lutz’ family. This family is said to witness strange paranormal activities in their new home at New York. Later they come to know that a family was brutally murdered there. It is believed that their soul still wander at that place. Although there are many added scenes based on imagination but still it narrate actual incidences.

6. A Nightmare on Elm street

Released in 1984, this movie rotates around the Freddy Krueger, a murderer who stalks the victims in their dreams and use to kill them. This may sound funny but it is usually based on a true incident. In LA Times there was published a series of articles which talked about men who died in middle of their nightmare. Due to gruesome incidences, it is considered amongst one of few horror movies based on true stories.

7. Annabelle: Creation is amongst the Real Horror Movies

Although the physical Annabelle doll is far different from the reel Annabelle, the former offers a real spooky vibes. It finds a place in the Warrens’ occult museum in Monroe under the tag of “positively do not open”.

According to Warren lore, the doll began the chain of its creepy shows during 1970’s after a woman bought it from the hobby store. Who knew the absolute love of a mother to gift her daughter a doll would be a nightmare for her. However, we got a new horror movie based on true stories.

8. The Serpent and the Rainbow

The story goes to 1985 when an American graduate Wade Davis published his original works. The title of his book was quite long though eye-catching. Through his book, “The serpent and the rainbow: A Harvard scientist’s astonishing journey into the secret societies of Haitian Voodoo, zombies and magic, he did talk about a weird phenomenon.

In his aforementioned book, he claims about his discovery of secret society’s modus operandi. In his claim, he accused societies of using tetrodotoxin, a chemical found in puffer fish. This drug tricks people’s senses and make them believe they were dead. When they wake up, they would think they are zombies.

While scientists call it a premeditated case of scientific fraud, the whole story seemed to allure Wes Craven, a horror filmmaker. When you already have a film now, go watch and see and decide yourself whether it deserves to be in this list of horror movies based on true stories or not.

9. The Haunting in Connecticut

character of a horror movie

The Haunting in Connecticut depicts the real ghost experiences of Ed and Lorraine warren with the Snedeker family. Mr. and Mrs. Snedeker claimed how they experienced paranormal in their rented house in Connecticut. What’s most bizarre is the fact that the resident demons had raped both of them.

Later Warrens, the ghost hunter couple helped the Snedeker family to get rid of those demons. After this incident, Warrens hired Ray Garton who published this story with the title “In a dark place: The story of a true haunting”. However amidst the claims that the story is partly true and the tag non-fiction is obsolete, the real horror story is engraved within the brains of Warrens, Snedeker and The God.

10. Nosferatu

In 1897, Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula describes a mystical creature feeding off the livings for the pursuit of its power. The Dracula would usually pull the blood off his prey’s neck using his incisors. Many people believe that Stoker drove his main character from Vlad the impaler, a Romanian ruler. In his drafts, Stoker referred the Dracula to a demon.

Two decades later, German filmmakers tried to fetch permission from Stoker regarding the copyrights to make a movie on his novel. However, Stoker’s denial led them to make an unauthorized version of his novel with few changes. Their continuous efforts led the making of the movie “Nosferatu: A symphony of horror” in 1922.

This is our exclusive list of 10 horror movies based on true stories. Which amongst the aforementioned films spooked you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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