3 True Stories of Near Death Experiences for Afterlife Believers

True stories of near death experiences

The controversy on presence of Afterlife has been a continuous discussion. For people like us who never experienced any paranormal happenings, Afterlife does not exist. But there are several people with their Near death experience stories who strongly believe in them. Well, before you get confused, read these true stories of near death experiences that ensures presence of Afterlife.


I had a near death-like experience once. It took place when I fainted. During this time of supposed unconsciousness, I felt some weird incidences. I felt truly like I was floating in a very warm liquid. It was very dark. I imagined myself to be floating in something like molasses. At this time all the pain I had been in prior was completely gone. I felt very happy and peaceful. There were no worries on my mind just peace, warmth, happiness and complete comfort. Then it seems a light shone on my face, and I saw myself smiling. That is when they woke me. I pushed at them saying, “Leave me alone! I don’t want to wake up!”. 

It was actually painful. Coming to felt like trying to “wake up” a limb that has fallen asleep. That is what I remember from the experience. I believe I fainted because I was feeling under the weather and under a lot of stress.


In 2008 I was in a bad car wreck i got knock out. I had lots of injuries and I was in very bad pain. When i gained consciousness, I could realize the experiences I had faced in unconsciousness. In my sleeping stage,I had out of body experiences. i saw a bright light it was peaceful. I thought my life was over but for some  unknown reason i came back.i saw past on families and powerful Jesus like holy creature.

When I gained life, I told it to my known people. No one believes me – not even my dad. I am a christian by religion so i know i just didn’t dream it or it wasn’t just in my head.Like I said it was peaceful light and I saw my dead ancestors.

3. The real Near Death Experience Story

Real near death experience stories

“He’s flat line! Call a code! We need a cardiologist in here stat!” the doctor yelled out! “Code blue in O.R. 4!” blared throughout the hospital. The doctors started CPR and administered meds. The medical orders were flying as fast as the surgeon worked on reviving David. The surgeon had just made the initial incision in David’s abdomen when his heart stopped.

Emergency medical staff started pouring into the operating room taking charge of their specialties. The clock ticked past thirty seconds with no response. While the doctors worked on him trying to save his life, he went on a fantastic journey of his own.

“I was whisked away to a very comfortable place. I could see a beautiful, bright light in the distance. It had the brightest s, palest yellows, lightest blues and all the other colors of the rainbow. Every color was vivid in detail. All of my pain was gone. As I walked toward the light, I saw many other spirits and soles walking toward it, too. I seemed to be surrounded by spirits. We were being bathed in a warm mist that was not only cleansing, but soothing as well.

The spirits that were the greatest distance from the light were bright in the front of their bodies and dark in back. As they approached the light, it started to show through them like an unbelievably, colorful hologram. They all seemed to be as bewildered as me! However, I felt the best I’d ever felt in my life. The only thing I could feel was an incredible feeling of peace and unconditional love. I now understood everything that happened in my life. It all finally made sense.

Moving towards lights

I started running toward the light. I could see a person coming toward me!” He said, ‘Go back! It was my time! Not your time, David! Go back!’ It was my bother, Billy, who passed away in November of 1998. Still, the feeling of ecstasy taking over me was more intense than I could ever describe. Billy repeated, ‘It was my time. It’s not your time! Go back!

“I felt myself being pulled away from the light. Extreme pain in my abdomen started as soon as the bright light disappeared. I looked up and the operating team was surrounding me. The room was filled with faces. I don’t know if they were all living people or not, but they were all around the operating table.”

As he returned from the other side, he heard one of the nurses say that she felt something was different about him. She couldn’t put her finger on what was different, but she was almost positive it wasn’t medical because his vital signs were back within normal range. She thought, “Maybe it was something spiritual and beautiful. He looked like he was at peace when we were working on reviving him.”

It took thirty-eight seconds to revive him!

“David, this is Dr Emanual. Do you know what happened to you?” he asked.

“Yes, I died and my brother sent me back. The pain is really bad, Doc. Please give me something for the pain.” David cried out.

Void of Breathe

real near death experience story

The entire staff, including his doctor, were shocked that he knew he’d stopped breathing. But they were even more shocked by who told him. The only one not shocked by his statement was the nurse who thought something was different about him. She smiled while everyone else looked shocked.

About a half hour later, he woke up feeling sick. He could hardly move and was extremely sick. He strained to roll over on his side as he frantically looked for the call button. Later, he saw it on the edge of the bed and just as he reached for it, it fell on the floor. He started getting really sick and started to dry heave repeatedly, but nothing would come up because he hadn’t eaten any food in over a week. The pain and nausea were getting worse.

While trying to vomit, he was really pushing hard trying to get something to come up. Then, with a final push, he could feel and hear a gushing sound. That did it. He started vomiting, but just mucus was coming out. The pain was intense. The dry heaves went on for what seemed like hours, but was really only a few minutes. Finally the urge to vomit had stopped. 

While he was vomiting, he felt something strange in his stomach. He just thought he pulled a muscle, so he didn’t think it was important enough to mention to the nurse. He looked down on the floor and there was the call button. It seemed to be a million miles away. He couldn’t look at it any more. He was getting frustrated because he wasn’t able to reach it.

A severe Pain

The pain was starting to get more severe. He thought if he could get on his back, he’d feel better. Using every ounce of energy, he finally rolled over. The pain was excruciating. He tried to call out for help, but he was too weak to utter a sound. He lied there sobbing, just waiting for someone to come in the room.

All of a sudden, a peace came over him. The pain was gone. A feeling of complete peace was left where there used to be pain.He looked over at the window and saw a man climbing into his room to help him. The man said, “Don’t worry, David, you will make it through this crisis. For now, please come walk with me.”

This man made him feel safe. As they walked out, David looked back and saw his body still in the bed. He wasn’t afraid though. They walked in a beautiful garden with brilliant colored flowers. Everything around them was vivid and colorful. He could see everything down to the finest detail even without his glasses.

“I’ve never seen things this clearly before or heard such beautiful music in my life. Where are we?” asked David.

The man answered, “We are in our Father’s garden. I am giving you a break from the misery and pain you have been enduring for so long. You will have many encounters during the next few weeks. Learn from them. Identify each event and tell the world about it. There are many paths you can take. I hope you choose a path with our Father. You must return to your body now. I promise you will feel no pain for a while. I will send an angel to watch over you during your next surgery.

Stories to Unleash

There will be many spirits with you as they get their prayers answered. You will live to tell this story.” You must return to your body now. I promise you will feel no pain for a while. I will send an angel to watch over you during your next surgery. There will be many spirits with you as they get their prayers answered. You will live to tell this story.”

In a flash, David was back in his body.

About seven o’clock that morning, as Nancy got off the hospital elevator, she saw David’s nurse. She asked her if he had a good night.

While the X-ray techs were moving David back onto the gurney, David became extremely sick. He started to dry heave and choke. Just as they got him onto the gurney, he turned as as a ghost. He gasped for air a few times then he stopped breathing!

“Code Blue in X-ray CAT Scan Room 2,” blared through the hospital. The emergency teams came running into X-ray from all directions. “What happened?” the first doctor on the scene asked. “We did a CAT scan on his abdomen and when we were transferring him back on the gurney, he crashed,” the radiologist said.

“Get the crash cart, STAT!” the lead doctor said. The entire team was there in less than a minute.

In a journey to Afterlife

True near death experience story

While the doctors and nurses worked on him, David went on another journey! This time life events were flashing by him like a speeding train. Good events on the right side and bad on the left. He could see them all very clearly. On the right side of the train he saw his daughter’s birth, his wedding to Nancy and special times they shared, his graduations from high school and college, getting his two fishing net patents approved and playing with all of his dogs again.

On the left side was his time spent in Vietnam, the deaths of many of his friends, his brother’s and father’s funerals, and the vision of his brother sending him back to Earth the last time. The events span over 50 years. They were a variety of the happiest and sadist moments in his life. The journey was over in the blink of an eye.

At the end of the incredible journey an angel was waiting for him. She reached out her hand and took him to the most beautiful place he had ever seen. When she touched him, all his fear and pain were gone. He was flying over the most beautiful countryside he had ever seen. The closer they came to the final destination, the more David understood why he had lived. He knew all of his questions would be answered soon.They arrived in the most exquisite place. This was not on earth! David knew that for a fact. The angel turned to him and said “He will be here to give you your mission soon.” Then she flew away. 

My real Near death experience stories

Something very warm and comforting is starting to surround me. I feel a sense of peace and love I never thought possible. No worries! Zero pain! No hate! No anger! And none of the words that cause harm. I love you!” David thought, finally realizing that he was surrounded by God. Then he heard a soft, smooth, hypnotic voice.

“I have chosen you for a mission. When you go back to your earthy form, you will tell people about this experience. Some people will not believe you. Some will try to make you believe I do not exist. Others will say you’re not worthy. There are evil ones that will try to harm you. You must believe in yourself and not let an individual or group change your mind. Don’t forge you have been given the test of strength to endure, the worst earthly pain and always called My name for help. You did not give into the promise of false love and freedom of pain.

It’s evident that you believed in My angels and went back into your earthly body to endure terrible pain. “I have chosen many people to convey my words throughout the life cycle of humanity. Many times they were not believed and were ridiculed for passing on My words. Some of My messengers were harmed while performing their services. Many did not pass on My message and failed their mission. They all walk with Me in My home and they are subservient only to themselves. My words are written despite what evils may try to do to prevent them from being heard. Write these words as they will clarify to many souls My true meaning of being in My service.

Communicating with the other world

“Let it be written when you hear about love, compassion, joy, happiness, kindness, pleasure and respect. These are My words. If death, pain, suffering, misery or anguish are used to achieve My words by any individuals they shall not walk with Me. Using any words that will dishonor. My name are tools of the unholy. Do not listen to them. Forgiveness shall only be offered to the confused or ill individual if My policy is violated. Ask for My guidance and I will show you the way. You may ask for My help in your pursuit of caring and providing for your family. Listen for My words in your heart and you shall attain your goals while in My service.

“Let it be known that when you accept Me to your inner being, you shall experience My love and you may accomplish this anywhere, any time and any place. Use your knowledge to spread My words with the tools of your day.

“For the ones that walk in pain while they are on earth will experience ten times the joy and happiness when the walk with me, but they must not inflict the pain on themselves.

“Pay heed to My policies.

“Learn the many ways mortals honor Me. Seek the varieties of truth and you shall share the joys of many heavens.

“Let none of My flock be injured or harmed in any way in My name.

“When harm befalls any of My children in My name it is done as the mark of the unholy and an attempt to disgrace My Name.

“Let it be known that all of humanity are My children.

Holy Learnings

“Never use My Name or “Holy” to justify war as it is only the result of free will and humanity’s greed that will cause flocks to fight and kill.

“Do not use war to defend a piece of Earth in My name claiming it is hallowed ground. As it is known, all of Earth is My hallowed ground. Holy events do not make a place special, they happen to confirm My existence.

“Learn now what you will take with you when you leave your earthly body. Pray for total peace and love. The end of Earth will come when all of humanity totally disregards My doctrine. Let it be known if any mortal cause death, pain, suffering or misery, they will not be brought forth into any kingdom. They shall end.

“My wrath will be felt if My policies are broken.

“You have My words. Go back and let them be written so they may be heard. It will come to pass that The Revelation of David will be written into My doctrines.” God said.

With the end of what God had to say to David, the angel came and took him back to his earthly body. The whole magnificent journey ended with him slipping back into his body!

“He’s back!” the doctor said, “yes, we have a good strong heart beat!”

“David! David! Can you hear me? Do you know what happened?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, I died again and this time God sent me back,” David replied. All of the medical emergency team looked shocked when David made the comment.

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