Vrindavan Society : One of the most haunted places in Thane

Vrindavan society amongst most haunted places in Thane

The eminent Vrindavan Society is located in Western Thane region of the Mumbai City. There are lots of controversies that uplift this place in the contest of top haunted places in Thane. If we talk about its locality, it is surrounded by Eastern express highway, Thane railway station and also facilitates a quick passage to Santa Cruz Airport. The modern amenities could drag you towards this society and you may avail all these facilities only if you are daring enough to live here after knowing that it is one of few top haunted places in Thane.

Located in Thane, in the central West of India, approximately 1400 Kilometers from the capital of New Delhi, you will find the residential area known as Vrindavan Society haunted. What used to be a no-man’s land till the 80s is now a large and cosmopolitan building complex, not to be confused with the town of Vrindavan which lies in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

Vrindavan Society : Amongst the most haunted places in Thane

Apart from Vrindavan Society, Thane has roughly 35 lakes. Therefore the city is known as the City of Lakes. With such a beautiful setting you may be wondering why the city has an area called Vrindavan Society Thane haunted. This is because there are plenty of ghosts there that are haunting the apartments built in that neighbourhood. Whereas most of these apartments are new and luxurious, a few are a bit old and run down, meaning that they are full of dark, shallow shadows.

In the past there was a man who committed suicide here, within building 66B in specific. Since that time there have been numerous reports of paranormal activities taking place there. In one such instance a guard was hurt badly when being slapped by a demon. He actually fell so far away from his chair that people had a difficult time locating him.

Anyone who’s interested in checking out Vrindavan Society should make sure that they take a trip there at night. The guards who patrol the area have plenty of reports to share with you. Many of these instances are strange and inexplicable. Nevertheless, they can all tell you that they’ve had an encounter with the man who’d committed suicide there previously.

Some will even tell you that they’ve been slapped by a spirit that was him. This doesn’t stop the society from still being quite affluent and thus having a lot of people still choosing to live there today nonetheless.

Haunting at the Vrindavan Society

haunted Vrindavan society in Thane

Let’s dig up the past of this society. We recently met with Babusaheb Bali, an old man in his 80s. He still remembers the jovial surrounding of this place that later changed into a creepy hub. Not only Bali but many other inhabitants also blame the incident that brought out the black day in the history of Vrindavan Society. What actually happened … and why the residents of this society live in fear? We have tried to resolve the mystery and provided you true fact and figures in this article.

It was a suicide that did the enormous virtual devastation similar to a tsunami did to the beaches. All these incidents started when a middle aged man committed suicide in a building located on the north side of Vrindavan Society. The possible cause of suicide is said out to be his excessive stress. Previously the noted building 66B started to face paranormal activities. Later these spooky vibes did spread all over the society.

Few days post suicide, people that lived nearby building 66B began to notice terrible things. The tragic experience to see a ghost live is never a fun. Ghost of the man was first seen by a newly married woman that shouted and became unconscious. Later his ghost was frequently seen in the society.

Paranormal happenings at this society

After that incident, many people including residents of the Vrindavan society and the outsiders who come to visit this place complaint to experience many abnormal happenings. One of the guards that patrol during the night had complained of being slapped by an invisible entity.

Later he left the job. Many a residents have felt the hazy appearance near the building where the exact scene took place. Abnormal behaviour of pets inside that building points out about some serious creepy trouble inside the obvious Vrindavan society that is known as the most haunted place in Thane.

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