10 Weird Facts That are Amazing because they are true

10 weird facts that are interesting and true

In everyday life, we make plethora of explorations and discover a variety of things which add to our knowledge tanks. The endless journey to think, experience and manifest gets us all moving with the acquisition of facts, beliefs, tales and ideas that have their own share of surprise element. Having said that, what’s the weirdest fact you have come across till date? Be whatever they are, we bet it is not as strange and true as any of these 10 weird facts. Wade through them and tell us if you already knew a fact more appealing than these.

The Blue Fugates

The Blue Fugates of Kentucky
None of the blue Fugates are alive today.

In 1800s, a Kentucky family came in limelight for their zombie-like skin color. Their epidermis was blue in colour due to an unusual medical condition called “Methemoglobinemia”, which limits oxygen in body’s tissues. Due to their appearance, they are commonly known as the “Blue Fugates” or the “Blue people of Kentucky.” The Fugates enjoyed a good health despite having the skin disease, and some reportedly lived into their 90’s. Sad to say that there aren’t any blue-skin Fugates alive today.

Ancient Indians Knew the Science of Fertilization

Varamurtheeswarar temple in Tamilnadu has the paintings of stages of embryo.
Varamurtheeswarar temple in Tamilnadu has the paintings of stages of embryo.

Presented as the “land of snake charmers”, Lord Macaulay brought the english education system to India, destroying its old Sanatana cultivations. Recently, a 6000 years old “Varamurtheeswarar” temple at Ariyathurai, Tamilnadu has drawn attention of scientists all across the world. The Kala Bhairav Natha temple boasts of multiple drawings which illustrate the sculpture of human embryo in various stages. To the rest of the world, the ultrasound (To look at the embryo development) was invented in 1956.

Rise of the Dead

Tamerlane curse
Did Tamerlane’s rise devastated soviet union?

During the archeological excavations, the soviet scientists exhumed the body of Tamerlane, an infamous and cruel Turco-Mongol Conquerer in the 14th century. They discovered a cryptic text in his tomb which translated into “When I rise from the dead, the responsible shall tremble” After a couple of days, Nazi monopolist Hitler invaded Russia, killing more than lakhs of its soldiers and civilian.

How about keeping “The Secret” ?

Only three secrets have been solved yet.

An urban legend has its firm belief in the fact that a 1982 book named “The Secret (Treasure Hunt)” contains 12 images and similar number of cryptic verses which, if decoded can reveal the locations of twelve treasure boxes. According to popular belief, these giant boxes were buried all across the United States and Canada by its author Byron Preiss. He was killed in a car accident in 2005. Off late, three of the treasure boxes have been recovered in Chicago, Cleveland and Boston respectively; while the remaining nine is yet to be found. Having enough brains to decode it?

We all are zero

Blindfolded people always move in circles.

Zero, discovered by Indian mathematician and renowned astronomer Aryabhatta has a uniform presence in major unconscious things. It includes the shape of various celestial objects like Sun and planets. In recent studies, it has been found that humans can not walk in a straight line without a visual conscious. When blindfolded, you will gradually walk in a circle. Don’t believe us? Go check yourself.

A Dragon worth rushing for

Dragon hole in south China Sea
When are you going for a dive?

Unlike the mythological creature, the Dragon hole aka Sansha Yongle Blue hole is the deepest blue hole in the world. It is more than 300 metres deep, located in the south china sea. This beautiful sea hole is shaped like a ballet dancer’s shoe, while its entrance boasts the shape of a comma.

The Loyalest creature in the world

Hachiko, a Japanese Akita Dog is the loyalest creature on earth
Hachiko and professor Ueno united after death

Hachiko, one of the 30 purebred Japanese Akita dog is in everyone’s memory for his remarkable loyalty and affection for his owner. After the death of his owner professor Hidesaburō Ueno; Hachiko opted to wait for his master’s return for 9 years. Everyday, he continued to show up near the entrance of the park where he would greet master everyday after work. Hachiko died in 1935 at the age of 11.

“Hachiko and Professor Ueno followed a routine religiously. In the morning professor would walk to the Shibuya station with his dog, take his train to work and return by 3 pm where Hachiko awaited him for a walk back home. This jolly togetherness interrupted in 1925 when professor died from a brain haemorrhage.

An unsolved rock mystery

Al Naslaa an unsolved rock mystery
The Al Naslaa is halved with laser cut precision

In Saudi Arabia, there is a 4000 years old rock named Al Naslaa which is known for its laser guided partition. It is a huge rock that has been cut into two equal pieces with utmost precision. The surprising fact is- we didn’t have a laser back those times and also, no other technology could cut this rock with such precision and edge to edge partition. The locals believe that Ancient civilisations were more advanced than ours would ever become.

Would you mind bagging some for your book store?

Iraq book market lay vacant in night
Knowledge can get you wealth unlike its vice-versa.

In Iraq, a majority of articles, including books, artefacts, daily use materials are sold in street markets. While the remaining shops close, the book market remains open during the night- all evacuated and deserted. When asked about the theft, the Iraqi booksellers say, “The Reader doesn’t steal and a Thief doesn’t Read.”

A Tree that sings, Rings and Tings

Panopticons are also known as the singing ringing tree.
Rejoice. DJ nature is in the town.

There is a musical sculpture called called the Panopticons or, “The Singing Ringing Tree” in England. Built atop the Penine hill near Burnley, this 3 meter tall wind powered mechanical tree creates an eerie, musical hum when the wind blows through the pipes.

Made of galvanised steel pipes, It attracts a majority of sightseers everyday. The melodious and harmonic tone output of the tree were generated by tuning the pipes through making holes in a uniform proportionality. In case you visit there, it may creep you during the night hours with its slightly discordant and penetrating choral sound.

Looking forward to more weird facts and amazing stories? Meanwhile when we are working on it, why don’t you drop by a comment with the story/fact you want us to cover? In other case, if you want us to accumulate your share of weird facts in this story, let us know.

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