What are Elementals? Beware, they hunt on children and vulnerable

what are elementals?

What are Elementals? Talk to anyone in the paranormal field and you will probably hear many different stories yielded by a throng of investigators. Over the millennium they have been referred to as Nymph’s, Troll’s, Elf’s, Dryad’s, Dwarf’s, Faun’s, Poltergeists, Undine’s and a host of other names. In fact the 13th century, philosopher Paracelsus explained Elementals as a group of nature spirits derived from natural elements.

Elementals- Traits and Physical appearance

Elementals- traits and physical appearance

These spirits are much more inclined to malevolence or mischief, however they can be down right 
dangerous. Elementals are supposed to be only visible to those people possessing 2nd sight and are held responsible for trickery, cheating, and general discord between humans. The belief is they are part animal, part human, part demon. Many times people will describe them as a freakish looking clown like creature or children will say they see something like a shark or wolf in their room. One thing we hear all the time is that they have shark teeth. 

They are reported to be short with pencil thin arms and legs, but don’t let that frail appearance fool you they are extremely strong. They may at times manifest themselves as a floating orb often being seen in family pictures seeming to follow the family or the person they are attached to everywhere they go. They will usually prey on the weak link in a family such as a child or elderly person. In typical demon fashion they hide in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to create havoc within the family unit.

Some believe they can tear a family apart by creating discord among the members. Children will have constant nightmares many times not willing to sleep alone and for very good reason. If the Elemental is in your child’s life chances are they are being tormented by them especially at night when they are most vulnerable. Once the Elemental begins to speak to an individual they can drive them mad. You have to deal with them firmly right from the start.

Elementals feed on fear

If they sense any fear in you the attachment will begin. It is believed some people and families have life long attachments. You may live with these entity around you and not even know it. We don’t know why some people are effected and some are not. One thing for sure is that once they come into your life they are very difficult if not impossible to get rid of. 

How do we handle this being when they come into our lives? There are a few tips and warning signs we can offer. We have found that families who have constant turmoil within are prime candidates for the Elemental. 

There is usually one person who becomes the main target. In true demon fashion they usually pick on the most vulnerable person in the group. Sometimes voices will be heard or shadows will be seen, but these are tame happenings compared to what some families go through. These beings sometimes referred to as Poltergeists can become downright nasty.

There are many out there that believe the Elemental can be controlled to do their bidding both good and bad. If you follow the Wiccan/Pagan belief system then you will be able to control the Elemental. There is a belief that the Elemental comes from these elements, earth, water, air and fire. The dark side of Pagen belief will tell you they come into your life through witchcraft or a curse. Could this be true?

Elementals bring bad luck

Elementals bring bad luck

Families controlled by an Elemental often have bad luck and tragedy that follows them. So is it a curse or is the Elemental already there from the beginning eating away at the fabric of these families? Do they follow one generation after another creating havoc? You would almost have to believe so. How many times do we see families who from one generation to the next are constantly trying to find themselves, but can’t quite get a handle on what’s going on around them.

Their lives are out of control yet no one can step forward and put a stop to the insanity. This is where the Elemental is at its best destroying the very fabric that bonds families together forever changing all involved. Amazingly sounds just like a demon. Is that what an Elemental is? A demon. It would seem so since they do all the things we relate to the devil. They are described as being inhuman. If the belief is they are a demon then can they possess us or take our soul when we die. Some believe they can. Although this would be a contradiction in terms.

Elementals are Manipulative

Our belief system tells us that the devil is the one who can possess our souls. Then how can an entity who is believed to be made up of man different components have that ability. How can an  entity who is believed to possess human qualities possibly be able to possess another human. They can’t.

They can however manipulate and use the energy of souls that are trapped here on earth. The human soul who doesn’t choose to move on into the light when they die are prime candidates for the Elemental. It’s not a possession of the soul, but manipulation. The trapped souls no longer know how to move on or for that matter they may not even know they are dead.

They are trapped in this sort of limbo state not knowing how they got there, but living a nightmare that they can’t escape. They need the help of clergy or family to let them know that they do not have to allow themselves to be controlled by the Elemental. They have a choice. Their choice is to accept the fact that they are dead and move on to the next realm. It’s their right in front of them, but they have to acknowledge the fact that they have passed on first.


The belief is the Elemental is part demon, part animal, part human. How could this possibly be true. How could one entity be comprised of so many different parts. There’s no answer for that question that we’re aware of. We’ve found through our religious practices that we can weaken them, but trying to get rid of them altogether is another thing. Even though we have weakened them to the point where they no longer harass the person they are attached to they still show up in pictures of the person usually in orb form.

Should the person who has the attachment be concerned. If you listen to a Shaman the answer would be yes. Shaman call them Windago’s or soul stealers. A Shaman is a native American who is well versed on the subject of Elementals. One would have to think this can’t be a good thing come judgement day. Is this creature going to steal our soul once we die? We have a number of photos that we have collected that show when these being’s enter a room they are always followed by orbs or points of light. Could these be the trapped soul or spirit we are talking about?


Elementals cause mental confusion and schizophrenia
Elementals create mental chaos | Flickr

The Elemental creates chaos. Most families don’t even know what is going on around them. They know their lives are in turmoil, but for the life of them they can’t figure the cause. Most of the time an Elemental will target one person within the family breaking them down so that they are a shell of what they used to be. The victims many times are diagnosed as being schizophrenic.

They have anger issues and can no longer communicate with others. If their married divorce is usually not far off. It all begins so slowly, so methodically. The Elemental has nothing but time on its hands and will break down the family unit which makes it easier to do its dirty work. We have witnessed this scenario so many times now we know exactly what the cause is.

Creating awareness within the family that these things truly exist is the start of the battle in taking your lives and your home back. A family that accepts the fact that they are under attack by an Elemental has a very good fighting chance at recovery. If they continue to live in denial chances are the family will fall apart.


Elementals possess children

Unfortunately children are the main targets of the Elemental. These demons have no conscious. They will target the weak link in a family and that is usually our children. Children are so innocent and so vulnerable that they make the perfect victim for this being. Night terrors are a common problem with children under attack. The children are in such a state of terror that parents have difficulty waking them from their dreams. Age holds no barriers for them.

One of the signature complaints from children are either seeing or dreaming about animal ghost or monsters having shark teeth. If there is one thing that the Elemental can’t hide is that sinister grin. A huge gaping smile with a mouth full of serrated or shark teeth. If this coward of a being is ever going to manifest it will be to a child. There are adults who see them, but for the most part it is the young who suffer.

Parents will often find their child sleeping behind furniture throughout the home. They think they have a problem child. A child who is severely overactive. A child who sleep- walk’s, has nightmare’s, and claims to see monsters in their bedroom. What they have is a child doing everything they possibly can to exist in their bizarre world. If an Elemental is in your child’s life it’s probably talking to them. They usually come in the middle of the night. When your children are most vulnerable.

Just think how hard it must be for a youngster trying to comprehend what is going on around them
They can’t articulate what it is that they are seeing because their brain is trying to protect them by blocking out what is impossible to comprehend. They can’t reach out for help because they don’t know how. It’s a living hell.

Even though we fully understand a parents frustration feeling like they can’t do anything to help their child you should never confront an Elemental. This is best left to the professionals. When your the dad your job is to protect your family at all cost and do anything it takes to be sure they are safe from harm. Your first instinct is to go into attack mode by calling out whatever is scaring your child. This is the biggest mistake you could make. The Elemental is a coward and is much more likely to take out your aggression on the children. 

ELEMENTALS  & Multiple Paranormal Phenomenon

When an Elemental has a foothold you will think the gates of hell have opened and released all of its venom. Multiple Paranormal Phenomenon is something that is a constant in these hauntings. Paranormal investigators often have trouble trying to figure out what is going on around them.

Many times they will call in psychic’s and medium’s to see if they can get a handle on the paranormal activity yet walk away even more confused. These beings are different then your run of the mill spirit. The belief with the Elemental is that they can trap spirits with them and manipulate them to do their bidding.

An Elemental Fights Back

Elementals are made up of several component.
Components of Elemental | Flickr

Those familiar with the Elemental will tell you they are not a true demon. The belief is that it is the sum of many parts. Part human, part demon, part animal and part of the element from which it comes from. The elements involved are fire, water, air and the earth. No one really knows exactly where or how these beings got here, but one thing we can tell you is that they are here and they don’t want to leave. When an Elemental is attached to a person or family those individuals lives are usually filled with bad luck, illness and a sense of dread. 

When you enter a home that is haunted by an Elemental you will immediately feel what can only be described as oppression. The presence of these beings is so negative that even those who are not sensitive to the paranormal can feel it. You have to find the source of their existence to defeat them. These demons are dangerous, but are susceptible to our religious practices. Just like an animal it will attack with a vengeance once cornered and could seriously injure someone. This is not for the faint at heart. This battle will have to be fought on many fronts.

It is very rare to banish an Elemental the first time out. For the demon hunter it will usually take many return visits to defeat it. You will need the absolute full cooperation of everyone involved. We incorrectly refer to it as a haunting, but it is more of an attachment. 

Elementals and Missing Objects

It seems that when we have an Elemental haunting objects do tend to disappear. Now we haven’t been able to prove any of this, but it is worth mentioning. We have had a number of cases where objects have disappeared only to reappear in the same spot they went missing from. It seems that someone is playing a joke. Could it be the Elemental?

We have never told anyone about this phenomenon prior to conducting any of our investigations, but we have been notified by clients about objects missing and then reappearing. This is just another part to this strange story that can’t be explained. 

Elementals and Native Americans

Elementals- fact or fiction?

Native American’s have a cautious respect for the Windago or as we call it Elemental. They call them soul stealers. A Shaman would tell you to stay clear of the Windago.

Having them attached to you can only mean one thing and that is when you die your soul will be stolen for eternity. Most Shaman will stay clear of hauntings involving the Windago. Their respect comes from eons of stories passed down by their elders. 

I believe that true Shaman are of great value on paranormal investigations. Even with the abuse of the term Shaman on the internet there are some that possess unique abilities that are quite amazing. They are in tune with the elements. They can tell you when nature is not in sync. This ability to tune in to nature allows them to sense when the Windago is present. 

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